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20+ Most Hacked Password in 2013

Most hacked passwordsAn internet is a very helpful thing for users who use the computer, mobile, tablet PC and other IT devices. Online Payment Processors and banks are use internet for transferring their data’s such as accounts info, payment transactions and for more things. Many private companies are done their business deals by using internet. Online forex trading is also running on internet.

For performing these activities, you need to make a strongest password for saving yourself from hackers. If you are using easy keywords for your pass-code then hackers can easily access your online accounts and they will steal your information’s and also your money from your online bank accounts.

A password management company named “Splash Data” is issued a list of most hacked password in 2013, these are easily cracked because of simple and easy keywords.

Here is the list of Most Hacked Passwords of 2013

Alphabets Keywords:

1.   password

2.   qwerty

3.   letmein

4.   photoshop

5.   iloveyou

6.   admin

7.   princess

8.   sunshine

9.   shadow

10.   monkey

11.   azerty

Numerical Keywords:

1.  1234

2.  12345

3.   123456

4.   1234567

5.   12345678

6.   123456789

7.   1234567890

8.   000000

9.   111111

Alphabets and Numerical Keywords:

1.   abc123

2.   123123

3.   password1

4.   trustno1

As you can see the above keywords for passwords are very simple and the combination of keywords is so simple, so that is why these are easily hacked.

Tips to choose keywords for creating a strongest password?

1. Always use minimum 8 words for your secret key.

2. Use at least 1 lower case word i.e; g, e, s, x, v.

3. Use at least 1 upper case word i.e; A, T, B, H, V.

4. Use numbers between your pass-code i.e; 2,3,41,690,743.

5. Use symbols between password i.e; @, ~, >, <.

Tips to Safe yourself from Hackers?

1. Never use real your name or nickname.

2. Never use your birthday date or birthday day.

3. Never use phone number and email ID address.

4. Never use any application name like vlc, chrome, etc.

5. Never use any dictionary words because initially scammers are use dictionary keywords.

We hope this article will help you to securing yourself from hackers and also making a secure password for your online credentials. If you have any question or tips to improving this article better then feel free to write in comments sections. We will appreciate your feed backs and please share this article on social sites for promoting this website.

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