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25 Most Hacked Passwords of 2014 by SplashData

Shopping through online stores is become a trend and quite easy. We can purchase anything from online stores while sitting at home/office or anywhere else by using internet connected devices as a computer, smart phones and tablets. Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Walmart and Groupon are some of the most popular online stores for buying goods. When we shop online commonly used method to pay payments are online payment processors and credit cards. PayPal is one of the largest online payment processor which is used for paying payments to online stores. PayPal serve their services up to 203 countries with 26 currencies.

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It’s essential to create strong passwords to protect yourself from hackers. You must create powerful passwords for your online payment processors, personal account such as emails, social accounts or any account which is access by means of internet. You may know over 117,000 cyber attacks were launched every day in 2014 and an individual computer suffers 10,000+ cyber attacks daily. Anyway, don’t tell or show your passwords to any un-trusted person. It is good practice to change your passwords after few months regularly. As I know some banks highly implement this rule on their customers who uses internet banking services. Here in this article I will show 25 Most Hacked/Worst Passwords of 2014 discover by Splash Data security company. You should check out these most worst password, if you also created your passwords like these then I highly recommend please change your passwords to protect yourself from hackers.

List of Most Hacked/Worst Passwords of 2014

1          123456

2          password

3          12345

4          12345678

5          qwerty

6          123456789

7          1234

8          baseball

9          dragon

10       football

11       1234567

12       monkey

13       letmein

14       abc123

15       111111

16       mustang

17       access

18       shadow

19       master

20       michael

21       superman

22       696969

23       123123

24       batman

25       trustno1

How I can Create Strong and Powerful Password?

Well, here I will suggest you some tips to create strong passwords for your online accounts. You must follow these guidelines for better password.

  • Always use a proper and complex combination of mixed characters
  • Don’t use your date of birth like in passwords 1995, 2001
  • Choose at least 8 characters for your password
  • Always choose at least one uppercase and lowercase letter
  • Use numbers in your passwords like 2, 74, 904 etc
  • You must use symbols to make your password more powerful such as %, $, &, ?
  • Don’t use same username and passwords for different websites(In case if one account get hacked and your all other accounts have the same password/usernames, it may possible they will also get hacked)

I hope this list of most worst passwords of 2014 will help you to create strong and powerful passwords. Please don’t ever choose above mentioned worst passwords, otherwise may you get hacked.

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