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5 Long Shadow Free Icons Set for Designers

Want to design new plugin, projects or widget for your website? then check out these Long Shadow free icons. I hope you will love these icons. However you can use these free resources in your personal projects and else where you want. These freebies are picked from vecteezy and if you like it, don’t forget to say thanks to its author. They deserve it because designing icons is not an easy job, it takes a lot of time to create every single icon.

These free resources are available in mixed format like .EPS and .AI, You can download and redesign any icon as you wish.

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5 Long Shadow Free Icons Set for Developers

Here is a list of 5 pack of free icons, just download and start working with these.

Long Shadow Free Icons Set #1

You can use these free icons for creating plugins and widgets. Also in android and iOS apps.



 General Icons Set #2

In my point of view this is general pack which contain icons that can be use in plugins, widgets, website and where you want 🙂



Mobiles and Web Icons Set#3

This pack can be use for many purpose. For example; first icons be use be use for newsletter, shopping icon for locating shopping mall etc.

Long Shadow Icons 3


Wireless Icons Set #4

This pack is dedicated for wireless devices such as wireless tower, router, phones, dongles, cloud, mobiles and satellites.



Social Media Icons Set #5

Another free resource which include youtube, rss, vube, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, paypal, twitter, linkedin, apple, wordpress, skype and much more icons as you can see in below image.



I hope you will like this collection of free icons. Feel free to download and use them in your personal projects and website. Don’t forget to share with others, may someone looking for such icons.

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