Arvixe Black Friday Discount 2023 [Cyber Monday Deals]

Arvixe Black Friday Discount 2023 [Cyber Monday Deals]

Note: I don’t recommend Arvixe if you’re looking for high performance and fast-speed hosting then you must choose SiteGround (75% off) or A2Hosting (67% off). Both hosts provide outstanding quality with top-notch customer/technical support.

Arvixe is a hosting company located in the USA. Hosting makes it possible for users to access your website over the internet. Arvixe offers its customers both types of plans for Linux and Windows.

They are providing web hosting services since 2003. Nowadays they are offering a free domain for the lifetime with the purchasing of any Hosting plan.

Along with this Arvixe Black Friday, Cyber Monday Discount Deals are also now available for buying their hosting or other products.

They are providing cheap rates for the hosting plan for this event. You can find most of the people praising their services. So it’s time, they are offering a 50% discount on their all hosting plans on this Arvixe Black Friday deal. Don’t waste the time Grab the deal and start developing your site.

Arvixe Black Friday Cyber Monday Discount and Deals

So here are the key points for making the crucial decision either to purchase their hosting or not:

Hosting Packages: Arvixe is offering different types of plans named Personal, Business, Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated. In their Personal class plan, they offer unlimited space, bandwidth and you can host six domains. While in GoDaddy you can host only 1 domain in their most basic plan.

Business Class plan: In this, they will provide you with a free SSL security certificate for a lifetime. So in the aspect of hosting plans, they are offering quite competitive plans at competitive prices. But the issue is they allow to host only 6 domains in the business class plan. Business class plans are expensive than a personal class because the company decreases the number of users on a server.

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Arvixe Black Friday hosting

Arvixe Hosting Features

You can get the following core features within all the plans. However, more features come with higher class plans.

cPanel: The version of cPanel using by the Arvixe is almost has everything, and it fulfills the industry standards. In the file manager tab, you can manage your files like removing, editing, etc. No superior skills needed for operating the cPanel it is user-friendly.

Hosting Uptime: The uptime of Arvixe is quite impressive as they are fulfilling their claim 99.9% uptime. They will refund you in case they failed to provide you the stated uptime. Also, they guarantee 100% uptime on the dedicated servers.

Security: One of the primary concerns of customers is security while purchasing Hosting. Arvixe is offering plenty of security features like firewalls, security updates, networking monitoring, etc. To secure your data, they offer a daily R1Soft Backups feature. Also in their business, reseller, and VPS hosting plans, free SSL certificates for a lifetime included too.

Support Services: Arvixe uses all the basic channels which are used by the other well-known hosting companies like submitting a ticket, live chat. Also, users can get help from the Arvixe blog or the knowledge base support. The support services are available 24/7. I found them as a good customer support provider but sometimes there is a bit more delay. The time varies, but they provide quality support services as many of the companies.

Refund: Arvixe offers 60 days money-back guarantee. Many of the hosting companies provide only 30 days to inspect the product after that no amount will refund.

Reseller Hosting: In reseller, the company manages the servers on its own and let the user focus on their business it starts from $20 to $50/month.

Hosting Plan and Prices

Their hosting plans come with Linux and Windows operating systems at different prices. Prices vary on the packages you pick.

PersonalClass Plan:

  • Available in both Linux and Windows
  • Start from $4 to $7/month(Linux) and $5 to $8/month(Windows)
  • Unlimited data storage and transfer
  • Infinite Email accounts
  • 6~unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Domain Name for Life
  • 100$ for Google and Bing Ads (US & CA only)
  • Many more

BusinessClass Plan:

  • Available in both Linux and Windows
  • Start from $22 to $35/month(Linux) and $27 to $40/month(Windows)
  • Unlimited data storage and transfer
  • Infinite Email accounts
  • 6~unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free SSL for life
  • Free Domain Name for Life
  • 100$ for Google and Bing Ads (US & CA only)

VPSClass Plan:

  • Available in both Linux and Windows
  • Start at $20, 40$ and $70/month(for Linux)
  • Strat at $30, 60$ and $100/month(for Windows)
  • 1GB to 3GB RAM
  • 20GB to 100GB dedicated storage space
  • 2 Core to 8 Core CPU’s
  • 1~2 IP addresses
  • 100$ for Google and Bing Ads (US & CA only)
  • Many more

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DedicatedClass Plan:

Available in 2 configuration plans

  • Single Processor Servers $175/month

Processors: Single CPU Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1230v2, E3-1270v2
Usage: Economical servers for low traffic websites, emails, databases, and online file storage.

  • Multi-Processor Servers $359/month

Processors: Dual CPU Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2620
Usage: High-performance servers for high traffic websites, email, and database hosting. Mission critical applications.

Cloud Hosting Plan:

They also sell cloud hosting with different plans such as Basic 108$/mo, Pro $129/mo, and Premium $149/mo.

  • Available in Windows and Linux
  • Fully managed with CentOS 6.5 and Windows R2
  • 150 GB to 300 GB disk space
  • 4 GB to 8GB RAM
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 8 to 26 CPU’s

 Reseller Hosting Plan:

Reseller plans are also served by the company that starts from $20 to $50 per month with following configs;

  • 50 to 200 GB disk space
  • Monthly 500GB to 2000GB data transfer
  • Free Domain Name for life
  • Free SSL certificate for life
  • Unlimited hosting accounts
  • $100 Bing and Adwords Ads
  • Unlimited Subdomain and Emails


Arvixe stands well in its competitors. They use the 60-days money back guarantee policy because they are confident about their services. Their support services and security protocols are also good. And they provide free SSL certificate (except personal and dedicated class) and domain name for life.

Also, they offer free instant set-up free website transfer which differentiates the company from its competitors. Moreover, the company has an excellent reputation and fulfilling industry standards. It’s the time to purchase hosting package on this Arvixe Black Friday offer and save 50% OFF. So, buy it NOW.

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