Easy Way to Automate Pinterest Posting Plus other Social Sites

How to Automate Pinterest Posting and Major Social Sites?

Social media is wonderful for Internet marketers to drive more traffic, conversions and engagement too. It has truly transformed the way that we do business on so many fronts. However, it generally goes that every solution brings its own set of problems; what with there being no such thing as the perfect solution and all that. One of the problems is, how to auto post to Pinterest and other social media networks? Posting every time on social media sites whenever you publish the latest article can a headache for one who don’t like to spend extra time in social activities.

Did you know that technology has largely solved the content curation problem? There are now companies that will allow you to manage multiple social media and other accounts pretty much simultaneously and without much fuss. Not only that, they will help you to create content and links too. Now you know! In my opinion, the best social media management tool is called Fan Page Robot.

Auto Posting on Pinterest and Major Social Sites

Let’s take a quick tour.

Getting Started
After I join up, I am immediately connected with a Facebook account. What you can’t see in this image: Google+, Pinterest and WordPress.Connect-with-Twitter-Tumblr-LinkedIn-and-Blogger

Once I have made my connections, I can be posting content to Pinterest, Google+ and other social networks.
I first create my schedules as you can see in the image. So I can easily create a few days worth of posts – then get on with something else.Schedul-Post-on-Fan-Page-Robot

Pinterest Autoposter Software

In the below image you will see the results of a search where I asked for trending Star Wars news that I think my readers might be interested in, I put in the term ‘star wars Ireland’ and this is what I got back. See how current the results are.Pinterest-Auto-Poster

I select a story and here is the next option I presented with.


Here I can make a quick edit and add the post to a campaign of my choosing – then send it out into the world or add it to my easily created schedule.

Here’s a look at the schedule.Creating-Schedules-with-Fan-Page

I cannot stress enough how much I love this feature. I will never again be short of trending news from my industry, or any industry for that matter. Creating the schedules is a doddle as you can see in this image. That means that I can do a hell of a lot in a small amount of time and then get on with other business matters – like planning how I am going to use this Pinterest auto posting tool to grow my business.

That has been a very quick overview of Fan Page Robot which I think will give you a taste of what it offers. In a nutshell:

  • Link to several social media accounts, blogs etc.
  • Create posting schedules – dates & times
  • Post content to some or all accounts simultaneously
  • Find content (I love this), quickly create a post from your new content and then either schedule it or post it immediately


I learned all of this about how to auto post to Pinterest in less than a half hour. Their pricing options are superb and the potential is clearly limitless. I am an immediate convert; you will be too.

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