20 Best Android Apps 2017 for Power Bloggers

Android OS becomes a very popular and fast growing platform for smartphone and tablet devices. There are millions of applications such as photo editing, productivity increasing, and blogging apps, etc. are available in Google play store, and you may know thousands of apps uploaded and downloaded by Android users and developers daily. Some apps are just a piece of crap, and some are very helpful for users.

I have created a list of best android blogging apps 2017 for power bloggers that are essentials for every blogger. You can use these apps for making your life much easier than ever. Smartphones are taking the place of personal computers because these are more portable, easy to handle, reliable and quite fashionable 🙂

So, your should know about these 20 Best Blogging Android Apps to take maximum benefits from your Android phones. These Android apps help you complete your daily tasks and schedules in the easiest way.

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Top 20 Best Blogging Apps for Android

Here is the list of best and must have android blogging apps that are essential for any bloggers;

1# WordPress

WordPress is one of the best Android apps for bloggers that help you to write, edit and publish new posts on your blog. Also, you can monitor your site statistics/analytics, visitor behaviors, site usage, read posts in reader section and it’s open source app. If your blog powered by WordPress CMS(Content Management System) then once you must try it.

Wordpress blogging apps for android

2# Blogger

Blogger is another great blogging app in the list of best android apps 2017 for Blogspot users, Google Inc. developed it. You can easily handle your blogspot powered blog posts, edit exists posts, publish posts, view the list of published, drafted posts and much more. It is a great application for blogspot users to keep in touch with their blog performance and statistics.

Blogger android app

3#  Tumblr

The working of Tumblr app is also similar to Blogger and wordpress Android app. You can simply write new topics, draft posts, edit and publish new posts to your blog from your smartphones and tablets. Also, you can directly share images, gifs, videos, music, links and texts, reply to messages and can do much more with this great app.


4# BlogPost

Another great blogging app for bloggers who use wordpress, blogspot and live journal platform for sharing their stories in front of online users. The powerful visual editor makes it an awesome app that supports tags, lists, text style and aligns functionality. Also, you can easily embed your videos and images from Youtube, Picasa, Flickers, etc.


5# Writer

Are you a blog writer? Then this is another best Android app for you. You can write notes, novels and stories quickly with Writer Android app. Read what writer app developer says “Writer tries to be as basic as possible, giving you somewhere to turn your thoughts into text, markdown support, and some statistics. Nothing more. Nothing less.” I think there is no need to explain more features of writer app after reading its developers statement. Right?


6# gAnalytics

The working principle of gAnalytics is similar to Google Analytics tool. This app helps you to monitor your blog/site traffics, visitors, pageviews, sessions, unique users, real time visitors and demographic stats also. Google Analytics Android app is alternative for this.


(Note: When you monitor your site live ads are displayed, so I think Google Analytics is good because its ads free)

7# Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard is a keyboard app with impressive features such as easy to write, great next-word-prediction, 800 emoji characters (emotions), smarter auto corrector, support 60 languages, 30 colorful layouts. It is also becoming default keyboard app in Android devices.

SwiftKey best android app

8# Evernote

Evernote is one more great blogging app available for both Android and iOS platforms. Evernote gives you the opportunity of creating handwritten notes, collecting web articles, powerful search, writes notes in the clean and distraction-free workspace, open your notes from any device. Along with these features, many other premium features are also available. It is one in my best android apps, and I recommend you should try it once.

Evernote blogging app

9# Dictionary.com

Another best blogging Android app in dictionary applications category. It has more than 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms from dictionary and Thesaurus.com. There are following key features of this app; audio pronunciation, word origin, idioms and phrases, word history, voice search, favorite words, abbreviations and much more that you need.

Dictionay app for android

10# Photo Editor

There are thousands of best photography apps for bloggers, available in Google play store, but this one is quite unique. You can edit your snaps, crop, draws over images, easy rotation, resizing, adjust color schemes, effects, and many other things by using this app.

Photo Editor

11# Google Analytics

When it comes to monitor website statics and analytics, no one can ignore the value of Google Analytics tool. Google Analytics is a simple tool developed by Google Inc. for analyzing your blog traffic and statistics. You can easily monitor site visitors, page views, unique users, returning users, session, bounce rate, visitors landing pages, exit pages and more things by using this free best Android app.

GA Android blogging Apps

12# Google Drive

Google Drive takes 12th position in the best blogging apps list. Google Inc. also powers Google Drive, and it’s a free service. You can upload your data files such as office & PDF documents, music files, images, and videos, etc. Google allows you to upload upto 15GB date in google drive for one Google account, so it’s quite good deal. You can share uploaded files publicly anywhere else on the web.

Google Drive

13# Disqus (Closed)

Disqus is a comments management platform where you can enhance your reader’s relationship by replying comments. Comments/feedbacks are essential for any blog to create a substantial readership, with this app you can reply or edit your blog comments. But Disqus Android app is not available anymore 🙁


14# Twitter

Twitter is one of the best social apps that help you connecting with online social circles and communities. You can use this app for twitting your blog posts, connecting with peoples, share twitts and much more. Twitter is a free app like Facebook. However, it is my best android app.


15# Pocket

The pocket is another must have app because sometimes we want to read an entire article but due to lack of time (other schedules) or internet availability, we leave it. Now pocket app solved the problem. The pocket app can help you to read your articles when you have spare time and even you are offline because Pocket saves articles in your device for offline reading.


16# Feedly

Feedly is RSS feeds reader app, you can read latest articles or posts of any site if you subscribe their RSS feeds in Feedly. You can also subscribe multiple sites RSS feeds for getting latest updates in one place. Feedly is very famous in bloggers and blog writers.

Feedly Best Android App

17# Pingdom

Pingdom let help you to monitor your sites uptime and downtime. You can easily monitor when your site was an outage and you can resolve outage by improving root causes. Also, it will show you statistics of the response time of your blog. You should install this app for monitoring your blogs/sites. Pingdom is an essential tool for bloggers or even every web owner and that is why it selected in the list of best android blogging apps.

Pingdom Android

18# Buffer App

Sharing new posts every time at all the main social sites such as FB, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ is quite frustrating and time taking task. Here is a solution of this ”Buffer App” Yes! Buffer app can help you to share your new posts on all the best social sites at the same time.Buffer

19# Flipboard

Flipboard is also a great application for bloggers, you can easily keep in touch with new stories, news, videos and images around the world. You can connect your social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter to watch what your friends are posting and can easily share posts with them.


20# Facebook Pages Manager

If you are a blogger then definitely you have a Facebook page. Where you post your blog articles and latest news. You can easily manage your Facebook page, reply to messages, update status, pages and posts insight and boost posts with ads promotion. This application can enable you to monitor your Facebook web pages.

FB Pages Manager Best Android App

I highly recommended you should install these android blogging apps on your Android devices to make your tasks easier than ever. These apps will help you to publish your new articles when you have no access to your computer or laptop.

Am I missed any must have android app for bloggers in this list? Feel free to feedback in the comments section below.

So, let me know which blogging apps you’re using for maintaining your website and which are your favorite apps?

Muhammad Imran

Muhammad Imran is an enthusiast blogger and engineering graduate. He has good skills in WordPress and Blogspot, Blogging Tips, SEO, Make Money Online, Computer tips and also Creating tutorials. He loves to share inspiring and creative ideas with online community related to blogging.

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Thanks for the list! I would recommend also the Bloggeroid app


Thanks For Sharing

Albert Joy

Thanks for sharing the information. Their are lot of android apps running on google play store. And some are very effective for developer and bloggers. Thanks again

Hamdani Saad

Hello bro.
I like the WordPress android app most. Although it not works like desktop but we can manage our sites small changes like update of themes or plugin using this app. And if one have tablet then he/she can do posting from this.

btw thanks for sharing this info. I will try blogger app also as my one site is on blogger and I never tried its android app. Lets me try and check how its working.

Ankurman Handique

Great list Imran. I am already using few of them.

Kawsar Hossain

Fantastic post. Your 20 Apps really very powerful.

Nestor Paul

great post and really informative, i can use some of these apps in the future for my blog.

Global Apps Maker

Very Informative post and it quite helpful to me. Thanks for sharing

Saifuddin Rifat

Very resourceful post. These are really some must have apps. Thanks for sharing

Android Booth

Hi Imran,

Excellent writing and well organized, I just passed this onto a friend who was looking for the apps that he can use to blog on the go. He is very happy now and just bought me lunch because I found it for him.

So let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!


Photo Editor is great for photo editing…

But, I’ve tried KrojamSoft PhotoViewerPro and like it a lot,

Thanks for sharing the resource, Imran!

Alwin Smith

Thanks for sharing the list of Most Powerful Android Apps 2016 specially for bloggers ..!!

Alwin Smith

Fahim Mahmud

Yes !
i am using more 12 apps in my android device . All most this apps are more impotent for who work online blogging . Thanks for sharing your kind information . thanks a lot ..

Hakuna Matata

It seems interesting android apps for bloggers. Keep posting like this useful blogs!!

sohib sanam

wow.. so many apps that i miss.. thanks for remind me..


I have found that the Blogger app doesn’t even work now…According to this Google expert forum moderator: “Usage for our iOS app is low, so we’ve decided to remove it and better streamline our tools for Blogger.”

I’m one of the founders of Blogo (https://www.getblogo.com/blog/appstore-blogger).

It’s a free, simple, powerful blog editor for iOS and Mac used by thousands of bloggers worldwide. And yes, it is compatible with Blogger (also WordPress and Medium) o/

Harpreet Kumar

its juat an awesome collection that every should have installed in thier and mobile. As i was begginer, i have used 90%+ android apps that you mentioned above. Thanks for wonderful content sir. keep it up

sarita gupta

Very Nice Content…… In today’s era people have reached to mobile phone and most of the business are move themselves into online platform by publishing Android application to grab business from the online platform. Thanks for sharing this info.


Thank you Dude !
Great apps for blogging. Many peoples didn’t know about it but this post make easier for them. And also helpful for me.

Thank you

Angelina Veronica

You have written very informative post here its excellent. i will definitely try them to my blogger.

Sajal Ahmed

WordPress,Blogger is most useful. Thank you so much sir For Share your knowledge.Keep it up!

Emran Khan

Hello Muhammad Imran,
The apps mentioned in your list are quite good.
I would suggest Quora and Reddit as well as these are quite usefull apps and sites.

Nir Shilo

Hi Imran,

You have written a great post. Their are lot of android apps running on world wide web and google play store. And some are very effective for developer and bloggers. You describe these 20 best apps which are very helpful for bloggers. These apps provide us huge user base. Thanks for sharing these awesome list..



nice information thnx

Mantra Gayatri

Great collection of application. I like most of them. Try to post similar article.



You have shared such a fruitful information about Android Apps.


YOU have written a very important post.


Hi Imran,

You have put most popular android apps for blogging which is helpful. Thanks

Prasad surase

I have looking for a post from a month… And this is it! Finally I got it on your blog… Thanks for share the post with us…


thank you for sharing this post.

James Hilton

I think you just shares the whole best list of Android apps. Feedly is my all time favorite app Thanks for sharing 🙂 . I will definitely try some of the above mentioned apps as well.

    Muhammad Imran

    Yeah, Feedly is the best android and mac app bloggers should try. And James please share android apps you are using right now to maintain your blog. I also like to hear from you if I missed any must have app in this list. Thanks for stopping by.



Simple and very informative post. All are really helpful apps for bloggers. Thanks for sharing this with us.


Shashank Mehrotra

Hi Imran,

Being from a part of marketing I can truly say that your article will help a lot of bloggers and marketers who performs SEO activities. The article was very much useful. I also came to know about Pingdom from your blog only, before that I also don’t know what Pingdom is. Thanks for sharing this article. Keep posting…!!

    Muhammad Imran

    If you’have a blog or business website, must use Pingdom app @Shashank. It’s great application to monitor up/down times as well as other statistics.

Sakil Hossen

Great collection of Android apps! I’ve used most of these from this list. Google Doc, Evernote, Photo editor, Twitter, Pocket, Buffer app most of these are very good for blogger.


you have good blog post for very helpful to everyone.


Thanks for sharing these great android apps for blogger.


Very informative.


My always looking for new apps as they are helpful and become important part of life.

    Muhammad Imran

    @Mia, you are absolutely right. Sometimes we don’t have access to our computer. So, in that situations, we can easily monitor or update our sites.

Surya Prakash

Mobility is the future and that’s why the demand of android app developers is increasing day by day. Its not only in India but also in all the growing and developed economies. USA, UK, Germany, Middle East, Africa and Singapore have seen great rise in demand of mobility solutions, which is bound to grow.


Thanks for the lists above. Please try mp3 downloader for android @ http://apkmp3.com



i can’t find blogger apps on google playstore ???

do you can upload it somewhere, looks like it my android version cannot using this apps.

Anusha Singh

Check out this amazing app “Trendstoday”
Please check and provide review on appstore. Appreciate your help here.


you have good blog post for very helpfull to everyone and Best android app for business .
Create your own app & grow your business via app by Appresive App .


Smartphones in place of personal computers are more portable, reliable and quite workable for analyzing your blog traffic and statistics. Your blogs posts, powered blog posts, edit exists posts, publish posts, videos and images from You tube, Picasa, Flickers also can easily handle by using great apps of android. This apps may helps all concern in great extent to use Android smartphones to take maximum benefits.

    Muhammad Imran

    Hi Fazlul, 100% agreed with your point. Android apps for bloggers really help them to make their task easier. And also you can perform task from anywhere around the word with your smart phone.

Amit Khatkar

hi imran,
you have written an awesome post. glad to see you posted apps for bloggers. i will surely try these app. further you can check my post about Best android app for android . bye will meet you at my blog.


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