7+ "Best" OVH Alternatives and Competitors 2021

Best OVH Alternatives and Competitors 2021

OVH is a French-based giant cloud computing company empowering 18 million websites and 3.9 million domains. They have 27 data centers located around the world with 300k installed servers. If they failed to satisfy or you’re interested in tasting other OVH alternative hosts offering sustainable, reliable, and affordable cloud hosting then this article will surely help.

OVH has millions of customers taking benefits from their VPS, dedicated, private, hybrid, SSL, email hosting, and web security services. In short, it’s a one-stop-shop where you can avail high-end cloud computing services and other web solutions. Their data centers are located in up to 19 countries which are connected with a whopping 12 TBs network capacity. Plus, OVH is one of those few hosts who manage their own fiber-optic network thus ensure top of line connectivity.

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Why Customers Trust OVH Services?

As I mentioned above, they are not only the biggest cloud host in Europe but also the No.1 company regarding cutting-edge cloud infrastructure. All the servers located in their data centers built with the latest hardware and optimized for unparallel performance. Instead of buying pre-made servers, in-house experts assemble each machine for cutting-edge performance where each component of your server thoroughly analyzed to assure quality services.

They are building own servers since 2002 and modify them as per requirement. By partnering over 50 leading companies in the world, they work day-and-night to innovate the latest technologies, eco-friendly services, and security measures. DDoS protection also included for all dedicated servers capable of mitigating up to 4 Tbps.

Why You Need an OVH Alternative?

Simply put, OVH worth using but there might be some reasons you look for other cloud computing services. Chances are developers and webmasters prefer to have live chat for instant help. On the other hand, some users may love to try a different cloud provider for their projects and websites.

Either way, it depends on each customer’s need and requirement as each user demands different specs can have different projects to host. Moreover, enterprise level packages by OVH are a bit costly and everyone cannot afford it.

Benefits of Using OVH for Your Projects

  • All in one shop to avail almost all kind of hosting solutions
  • Cheap VPS hosting servers for small projects
  • Variety of OS options
  • Affordable cloud based virtual plans
  • CDN and SSL certificate solutions
  • Anti-DDoS and Failover IP address support
  • HG solutions for big data projects
  • GPU optimized dedicated servers

Top “7+” OVH Alternatives and Competitors 2020

Kamatera – Recommended

Kamatera Cloud

If you’re looking for ultimate scalability as well as flexibility, then Kamatera is the perfect option for you. The company is “best-fit-all” platform offering a diverse variety of products for individual users and enterprises at reasonable fees. Since its launch in 1995 as a part of an international IT firm, the team behind has over 20 years of experience handling web hosting and IT services. What makes it a great OVH alternative is their 24/7 available premium support, which can be accessed via multiple channels.

Kamatera serves the customers through its cutting-edge cloud infrastructure built with the latest technologies, SSDs, Xeon processors, and 400Gbit bandwidth. The combination of such specs results in a high performance yet highly flexible cloud hosting that can be scaled on the go whenever you need more power. They have 13 global data centers located strategically across the world, ensuring the fastest possible speeds regardless of the consumer location.

Currently, they offer high quality cloud servers & block storage, private cloud network, load balancer, firewall, and fully managed servers. Besides pre-made plans, you can also configure the entire server on your own with the option to choose up to 72 vCPUs and a whopping 384 GB Ram per instance. Their entry-level plan costs only $4/month providing the power of 1 vCPU, 1GB Ram, 20GB SSD space, and giant 5TB data traffic. You can pick the preferred location of your instance and deploy under 60 seconds – thanks to instant provision.

Each server is capable of running Windows and Linux OS, plus, 100+ OS images along with custom ones. The use of robust technologies ensures guaranteed resource allocation. If you’re a blogger willing to install WordPress, Kamatera provides not only a WordPress optimized but pre-installed cloud server. With live chat, phone, and email support, all accounts come with a 30-day free trial, so it’s risk-free to try.

  • Instant under 60 seconds deployment
  • Ultimate system resources scalability
  • Support Linux and Windows operating system
  • Up to 13 data center regions
  • Promised 99.95% uptime
  • Backed by Intel Xeon Gold CPUs
  • SSD storage for lightning-fast speeds
  • Free trial for a test drive

Vultr – Also Overall Best + Cheap Prices

Vultr cheap OVH alternative

Vultr is probably the cheapest alternative to OVH if you’re interested to buy a cloud based web hosting account coming with all the bells and whistles to deploy your server. No doubt, OVH is a big brand compared to Vultr but they offer cheap services with the options to deploy dedicated Bare Metal servers which are highly recommended for big data projects and huge websites getting millions of visitors each month. However, the basic plan starting at just $2.0/month is the best fit for small projects and blogs.

Developers will surely love to know that they can launch a custom ISO or pick from a broad range of OS options including CentOS, Debian, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Fedora, CoreOS, Ubuntu, and Windows. These operating systems further categorized into x64 and i386 architectures. Keep in mind, Windows operating system costs $16 per month as it requires license fees. The users can deploy their cloud servers by picking one of 15 locations whereas OVH has 19 regions. Not a big difference though.

Vultr includes SSD storage for all packages even for the cheapest one and ensures robust security alongside the fastest loading speeds. For full control over your server, you get root admin access and manipulate VMs via command line as well. Right from the feature-rich dashboard, users can destroy, reboot, reinstall, and modify the operating system depends on you. Furthermore, robust API access allows easy integration for quick deployment, instance modification, and deletion. There are no long term contracts for billing system instead you pay for what you use.

One-click app installer yields quick installation of applications such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, cPanel, Docker, LAMP, LEMP, Minecraft, Plesk Onyx, OpenVPN, and much more. In my experience, installing WordPress is dead-simple and all it requires is adding some essential information. At the cost of just $2.5/month, you get 20GB SSD space, 1 CPU, 512MB RAM, and 0.50TB monthly bandwidth. You are allowed to go for either a monthly or hourly billing system to reduce fees. For highly affordable and stable cloud hosting, I recommend Vultr with full confidence.

  • Instant provisioning for quick launch in seconds
  • 15 server locations to reduce latency
  • 100% SLA uptime guarantee
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Transparent hourly/monthly billing system
  • Provide cheap cloud servers with great features
  • Solid state drives for all plans
  • A broad range of OS and Apps
  • Elegant yet powerful API

A2Hosting – Best for Bloggers and Webmasters with Chat Support

A2hosting best ovh alternatives 2019

A2Hosting can be compared with OVH Hosting in almost all ways despite the fact that they are not as famous as the competition but that doesn’t mean A2 is not best. In fact, they have pretty affordable web hosting plans for all kind of users ranging from individual bloggers to enterprises seeking highly optimized and reliable hosting. I am also managing a few sites hosted on A2Hosting servers and really impressed by the speeds and uptime. They have a wide range of product line including shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud servers alongside domain registration.

If we neglect the truth that A2 charge a bit more for .com extensions and doesn’t provide any storage for emails then comparing hosting packages (shared) reveals that both hosts offer pretty similar prices with a minor difference. A2Hosting include many perks; unlimited traffic, SSD powered storage, Linux and Windows support, anytime money back guarantee, and round the clock support gurus via multiple channels. The shared category includes 20X faster servers empowered by Turbo feature (select plans) to reduce latency hence ultimate performance.

Not only Linux hosting but Windows packages are also affordable starting at $4.90 a month packed with 1 website, 10 Databases, unlimited RAID-10 space, free SSL by Let’s Encrypt, and expert technical support. Their shared hosting package utilizes 1 Core 2.1GHz processor, 0.5GB physical RAM, and 4GB virtual memory (Windows). Linux users also enjoy the same specification but at a lower price because the very basic account costs only $3.92/month. For blazing fast page loading, I recommend “Turbo” plan coming with 20x Turbo enabled servers.

Just like OVH Hosting, A2 also serve customer looking for reliable yet cheap cloud services as the “Entry” package costs $5/month. It allows 20GB data storage, 1 CPU Core, 512MB memory, and 2TB monthly bandwidth. Regardless of the hosting type you choose, each plan offers solid state drives for data storing. Cloud servers permit full root access so advanced webmasters can manage it using SSH command line. For a high level of user convenience, a custom configuration panel is in place where one can pick up disk space, CPU, memory, and bandwidth accordingly.

You can guess the reputation of this alternative to OVH hosting by knowing that they have a 5-star ranking from up to 23500+ third party reviews. Also, A+ rated in BBB, these reviews cannot be manipulated entirely but A2Hosting does have unique services. For bloggers and beginners planning to set up a blog, I absolutely recommend A2Hosting because of anytime refund policy and guru support. You might face some downtimes throughout the whole month but don’t worry, your site’s uptime wouldn’t fall below 99.9%.

  • A2Optimized software ensure high performance
  • Free SSL certificate and one-click apps installed
  • Unlimited storage and data transfer
  • 20X Turbo enabled hosting servers
  • Well experienced customer assistance
  • Cheap Linux and Windows solutions
  • Cloud backed VPS web hosting at lower pricing tag
  • Thousands of 3rd-party independent 5-star rating

CloudSigma – Developer Friendly Services with Instant Support

CloudSigma excellent OVH Alternative

You might notice that OVH hosting provides all storage solution (almost) backed by a cloud platform, right? In that sense, we can compare CloudSigma with OVH products despite the fact that they have a small product line. It is an IaaS based platform where you individuals and enterprises can host big data projects, run PaaS/SaaS systems, or companies can utilize it for web hosting providers. CloudSigma was founded back in 2009 and Switzerland based firm offering ISO 27001 certified public cloud.

Unlike most of the cloud hosts, they have an instant live chat and other supporting channels (ticket, email) to fix server issues. CloudSigma is generous enough to give free 1GB RAM, 5 Terabyte data transfer, and 50GB SSD space for customers spend more than $10 a month. That said, webmasters and developers having large hosted projects can take benefits from these freebies and save on cost. The company solely focused on high-end consumers seeking for ultra-reliable and scalable cloud hosting.

SSDs are being used to store your data for blazing fast speed, so your apps, as well as websites, will load faster. However, mix storage options also available. You can reduce on cost by utilizing SSD space for OS installation and magnetic/HDD for data storage or combine both for maximum outcome. Cloud servers are known for ultimate reliability and for robust connectivity, a 10-GigE network is being used with multiple connections to avoid downtimes. Such a network is highly suitable for large data processing and video streaming as well.

One of the major reasons to list CloudSigma as an alternative to OVH hosting is their transparent billing structure and custom packages. They don’t offer bundled plans packed with unnecessary resources, with them one can craft own plan and choose required resources between RAM, space, CPU, and bandwidth, etc. This pay-as-you-go billing system makes them an inexpensive cloud service provider in the market. Developers usually automate the process with the help API access. That’s why a robust yet powerful API also included.

Scalability matters when it comes to clouds, thanks to instant provisioning which allows under 30 seconds server deployment. Yep, it’s that quick and hassle-free. Each account packs free support services, firewalls, API calls, and IOPS along with easy integration with Ansible, Apache jclouds, OpenStack, and Ubuntu, etc. You can either launch Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD instance or choose from other options. With 11 server regions, 100% SLA, huge resource options, custom KVM, and seamless backup, a 7-day free trial also in place. A trial account doesn’t require any credit card or payment information.

  • Powerful API for quick access to your cloud
  • Performance optimized hosting backed by state of the art technologies
  • 10GigE network connectivity to avoid bottlenecks
  • Custom KVM allows a fully dedicated environment
  • Free resources of up to 50GB and 1GB RAM
  • 27001 ISO certification
  • Multiple data centers to reduce latency
  • 7-days free trial, you can check before buying

DigitalOcean – Best for Developers

best alternative to digitalocean

With guaranteed 99.9% uptime and top of the line affordable cloud hosting services, DigitalOcean has earned massive respect among developers as well as technical experts. Even though they offer cutting-edge cloud platform with user friendly control panel but if you are a blogger then should know basic SSH command line to install the WordPress CMS. Installing the WordPress powered website on DigitalOcean droplets take only a few seconds, however, it requires verification through SSH to complete the process.

The company has developed a unique cloud infrastructure and advanced add-ons to help users maintain their instances. For the sack of unbeatable website and apps loading speed, they provide up to 12 regions across the world. You can pick the nearest server location near to your target audience and improve loading speeds. On the other hand, fast website speed also impacts on SERP ranking because Google considers it one of their 200 ranking factors. You can choose from the USA, the UK, India, Netherlands, India, Singapore, and, Canda making them a strongest OVH alternative.

Compared to OVH, they are not as old as the competition but still, provide a variety of hosting solutions for all range of customers. Digital Ocean calls cloud servers as “Droplet” which can be used to launch required apps and development environments in a few mouse clicks. These droplets are highly scalable and packed with easy integration with Slack, Terraform, Ansible, CHEF, Rancher, Kubernetes, and many others. You can control all of your servers through Terraform such as managing containers, virtual machines, and even change network settings.

No doubt, the host has fewer products to offer but you can avail a cloud based VPS instance starting at $5 a month allowing 25GB SSD storage, 1GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 1TB bandwidth. It’s suitable for blogs, applications testing, stagging, and databases, etc. The high-end plan includes a whopping 192GB RAM, 32 vCPUs, 3840GB storage, and 12TB bandwidth at the cost of $1.429/hr or $960/month. There are CPU optimized droplets are also available for advanced tasks such as machine learning, ad serving, video encoding, and batch processing.

Furthermore, Block storage, Spaces, Floating IPs, Load Balancers are also available at extra fees. For instance, floating IP cost as low as $0.006/hr and 250GB space only costs $5/month. You can collaborate with other team members to manage your apps and projects easily. Each account comes with free services including monitoring alerts, cloud firewall, DNS manager, API, CLI, one-click apps, and 24/7 customer support.

  • SSD storage solutions
  • Cheap block storage on solid state drives
  • Great platform for developers and advanced users
  • Instant development environment deploying
  • Team collaboration
  • Easy third party app integration
  • Free DNS management and system alerts
  • Load Balancers to enhance performance



DreamHost is another OVH alternative which is one of the oldest hosting company and serving the customers since 1996. It’s an independent Non EIG hosting company providing web hosting as well as domain name registration with the lifetime free WHOIS protection. Similar to OVH services, they also offer dedicated, VPS, data storage, and SSL certificates. Even more, DreamHost also has dedicated hosting plans for WordPress websites and shared hosting starting at $2.59/mo which includes 97 days money back guarantee and 1-click apps installer.

When we compare the domain registration prices of both, the competition charges 6.11 pounds (around $8.04) whereas DreamHost demands $9.95/year. Luckily, both hosts shield your domain’s WHOIS data without any extra fees. Here keep in mind, OVH provide web address registration through .co.uk extension instead of their global site. Renewal rates of both are almost similar with a minor difference. Where DreamHost only allow email forwarding feature, OVH is generous enough to give 5GB of email storage, so you can send/receive emails.

OVH₤6.11 ($8.03)₤10.99 ($14.45)₤11.99 ($15.76)

It takes only 30 seconds to deploy your cloud instance with full control access. All cloud servers can be integrated with third party tools and suitable for MongoDB, Redis, Python, Ruby, and Node.js, etc. so developers will surely find it interesting. They also have huge data storage solution called “Object Storage” which is compatible with Amazon S3 as well. As each server backed by SSDs, reliable architecture, and Zeus power hardware, so you get unbeatable loading speed. Another best thing to choose DreamHost over OVH is they include a free 100GB block storage for all accounts.

The users looking for more system power and processing can go for VPS hosting which packs SSDs, managed security, custom control panel, and unlimited bandwidth. When you need more resources, it doesn’t require server migration as everything is dead-easy to scale up, no matter it’s RAM or space. Want even more power? Then dedicated hosting is the perfect option, it brings guaranteed 100% uptime, anti-DDoS, RAID 1, SSH access, and unique IP addresses. Overall, it’s the ultimate hosting for huge websites getting millions of visitors each month. The company maintains VPS and dedicated servers for your peace of mind.

  • Industry longest 97-days money back guarantee for shared hosting
  • One-click WordPress installer
  • Cheap SSD hosting with SSL certificates
  • Allow unlimited traffic even for the basic shared package
  • Free 100GB block storage for cloud plans
  • VPS accounts are fully managed to less hassle
  • Free domain privacy for the lifetime
  • Free website builder for non-techy users


Cloudways alternative to OVH hosting

Unlike OVH, CloudWays relies on third party cloud infrastructure provided Google Cloud, AWS, Vultr, Linode, DigitalOcean, and StackPath. These providers are considered as the top-notch host in cloud based hosting. But, what makes them a bit difficult to manage is lack of instant technical support. However, there some other technical complexities which sometimes turned out to the biggest headache. In that scenario, if you still want to enjoy cloud hosting from these hosts CloudWays is the best solution.

They help you fix all kind of issues around the clock 24/7 through live chat, phone call, ticket support, and knowledge base section. There is also a community forum where one can ask solutions for their problems or learn technical stuff. The community forum is pretty active and thousands of users already taking benefits from it. No doubt, customer support is one of the major perks with CloudWays alongside lightning fast speeds. They highly focused on user’s needs and optimized their platform for maximum outcomes.

For developers, many advanced features such as PHP 7 ready servers, PHP-FPM pre-configured, Redis support, Auto-healing, IP whitening, MariaDB, MySQL database, and auto backup are included. You might know that PHP 7 performs way faster than older versions, and it takes only a few clicks to enable the required one. The HTTPs protocol is essential nowadays especially for websites relying on organic traffic (via Google), however, enabling it impacts the loading speed of sites. But, HTTP/2 version reduces handshake time between your server and certificate hence deliver faster speed.

Apart from higher search engine ranking, HTTPs creates a trust factor between buyers and seller when it comes to online purchases or if you’re running an online store. It is also recommended by security experts that you should not provide personal details to a site lacking HTTPs protocol. And guess what, it’s super easy to enable SSL certificate right from the intuitive control panel. Managed security measures and backups also included securing your data seamlessly.

Web pages and apps performance can be further optimized by utilizing CloudWays Bot which sends alerts of your servers regarding its health, stats, and insights. Plus, CloudWaysCDN also is in place which helps to minimize latency time thus ensure incredible hosting speed across the world. CloudWays as an OVH alternative also offer various solutions to fulfill all needs of users. That’s why they have plans for popular CMS, development environments, eCommerce, add-ons, third-party integration, and team collaboration feature as well.

  • Managed cloud hosting for all
  • Auto-healing system to scale up server power
  • HTTP/2 SSL protocol
  • AI-powered bot helps monitoring server health
  • 24/7 instant customer assistance through multiple channels
  • Powered by industry best cloud hosting providers
  • One-click apps installer for major CMS like WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, etc.


Linode best OVH hosting alternative

Last but not least, here is another cheap cloud host serving the users since 2003 and based in Pennsylvania, United State, founded by Christopher Aker. The word Linode is basically a combination of words Linux and Node. Similar to DigitalOcean, an intuitive control panel of Linode offer quick launching of any desired server in a matter of few clicks. All it requires is picking a cloud plan, operating system distro, and data center location. And you’re good to go, that’s it.

Just like all the popular cloud providers, they are also utilizing solid state drives and Intel E5 processors to deliver blazingly fast data rendering across the globe. There are up to 9 data centers and 3 locations including Singapore, Japan, the US, London, and Frankfurt. These data centers are coupled with a whopping 40Gbit network connectivity which means no bottlenecks during traffic spikes. With 99.9% uptime, NodeBalancers, and API access, developers can quickly deploy, destroy, maintain, and manipulate their virtual clouds.

Besides robust security measures, though their servers were hacked in the past, now they have a top-notch system in place alongside a hassle-free backup feature. You can automate backups or make use of 1-click managed backups on clouds. Furthermore, your data protection is ensured via pro-active monitoring to keep an eye on backup boxes. For massive data, you can avail block storage (backed by NVMe drives) starting at just $0.10/GB a month making Linode a cheap OVH hosting alternative.

Maintaining your server health is an essential factor to deliver smooth yet seamless performance to your website visitors or app users, that’s where “Longview” feature comes handy. It alerts regarding cloud server starts and provides detailed information about active connections, disk I/O, network traffic, CPU usage, memory, and other important metrics. Managed plans bring free cPanel which is not only convenient also easy to use. But, it’s only for managed customers.

Linode cloud manager

Even though Linode doesn’t have live chat support to resolve customer issues but 24/7 experts are always there to help via phone, email, and tickets. Plus, community chat also can be used to get answers from real users. The base plan starts at $5/mo with following resources: 1GB RAM, 1 Core CPU, 25GB SSD, 1 TB bandwidth, and 40Gbps network connection. You can give them a try and choose to host your projects just like other 400,000 customers.

  • One stop shop for all range of projects
  • Cheap cloud servers backed by redundant resources
  • CLI and API access for quick management
  • Add-ons to enhance cloud performance
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
  • Variety of Linux distros

Final Thoughts – Which OVH Alternative is Best?

The purpose of sharing various alternatives is to provide you with different options suitable for all kind of projects. That said, developers, individuals, webmasters, and bloggers can pick the perfect host filling all of their needs. I put together cheap as well as high-end cloud providers so one can pick accordingly.

Developers should select between Kamatera or Vultr. However, Kamatera has 24/7 premium support services for quick assistance. And their transparent pay-as-you-go billing system prevents paying for unused resources.

Bloggers aiming to host a WordPress website can optin A2Hosting or DreamHost for reliable uptime, fast page loading, and instant customer support. They also offer anytime money back guarantee.

Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have any question regarding the above mentioned OVH alternatives.

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