How Colors Affect Conversions Rate [Infographic]

How Colors Affect Conversions Rate [Infographic]

Proper use of colors in web designing, graphics, Infographics, Mockups, and CTA (call to action) buttons plays a vital role in more shares, engagement, and conversion. Wrong color selection can take away your potential customers and visitors. That is why you should hire an experienced web and graphic designer to redesign your brands, site layout, or infographics if you don’t have knowledge of color schemes. It also has a powerful psychological and emotional influence on the human brain.

According to studies;

  • Many sales are not completed just because customer products are not available in their favorite colors.
  • 84% of the total respondents think that color is more important when buying things than other factors.
  • Colors increase readership by 40% and learning by 55-78%.
  • Colors help customers by 85% to buy products.
  • 62-90% of buying decisions are made in 90 seconds by initially viewing product color.
  • Different colors work for different brands and sites, so you should pick appropriate ones according to your audience.
  • Colors boost remembering things for a long time and also increase memory.

Picking the exact color scheme can be hell for non-experienced persons and put them at a hurdle for selecting one. It is best practice to hire someone having excellent command in this business. You can learn more at MaterialPalette,, and Adobe Colors.

Colors Affect on Conversions and CTA Rates


Colors Selection for Targeted Audience

Male: If the majority of your audience is males then Blue, Green, and Black are best for you, just consider proper color chemistry and avoid using Brown, Orange, and Purple.

Females: If your site has the majority of female audiences then Blue, Purple, and Green would work great. Don’t use Brown, Gray, and Orange for designing your site/brands.

This color affects infographic designed by KissMetrics, and I hope it will help you understand what color you need to implement on your brand and sites to increase sales and revenue too. Always avoid using ugly and creepy color schemes as it will take away your visitors and customers too. As you can see how users increase their conversions and CTA rate by picking proper and matching color selections.

Have you ever heard about how color affects conversions and readers’ engagements? What is your site’s most audience Male or Female? What is your favorite color? I would like to hear from you in the comments section, and please do share your thoughts about colors.

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