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How to Recover Data with Windows Data Recovery Software

The operation of operating system re-installation is performed by most computer users. And Windows users are no exception, they need to reinstall Windows operating system sometimes. But in some conditions, it causes our important data loss or we deleted by mistake and then we start looking for windows data recovery software’s and ways. For instance, […]

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AOMEI Backupper Review 2021

AOMEI Technology company has many software products. AOMEI Partition Assistant is the tool for partition and disk optimization and safety. Their Backupper tool is the utility for system, disk, partition and file backup. Its a free Windows backup software provided by the company, the Standard Edition is the most used edition by people. In total, AOMEI Backupper has […]

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Step by Step Guide to Windows 7 Password Reset

Every computer user wants to protect their personal data from unauthorized persons or access. So, they create some security measures like creating Windows password, Bios password or by using third party softwares. Setting Windows password is most commonly used to restrict access. But sometimes we lost our password accidentally and didn’t able to remember it after a […]

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20+ Most Hacked Password in 2013

Internet is a very helpful thing for users who use the computer, mobile, tablet PC and other IT devices. Online Payment Processors and banks are using the internet for transferring their data such as accounts info, payment transactions and for more things. Many private companies are done their business deals by using the internet. Online […]

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