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20 Best ExtraTorrent Alternatives Instead of Worrying

After serving millions of users worldwide to download torrents, ExtraTorrent permanently shut down due to some legal issues. If you’re looking for Extratorrent alternatives and similar websites, keep reading to know other related websites.

You might know that the ET domain was seized by the registrar and when you try to visit it, there you will be presented a message which says, ” ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently” 🙁

extratorrent alternatives

No doubt that it was one of the top sources to download torrents but keep in mind downloading torrents is an illegal activity, and you might face legal issues when authorities get involved. So, it is highly suggested to use vpn software before downloading torrents.

There are dozens of paid and free vpn softwares available but for bullet-proof security and encryption, always try to use premium service. You can find some of the best vpn software to hide your IP address.

Anyway, ExtraTorrent was started in 2006 and within a few years, gained exponential popularity. Currently, at the time of writing this, the site has 291 global Alexa ranking and 433 in the USA. There were millions of torrents available for Movies, Software, eBooks, TV shows, and Songs.

As ET is closed and inaccessible to download torrents, here I compiled a list of top alternatives to Extratorrent which can be used to take the same benefits.

20 ExtraTorrent Alternatives and Similar Websites

1. The Pirate Bay

It is the most famous and old website to download torrent files. TPB has millions of torrents for audio, movies, softwares, games, and others. You can search anything right from the dashboard to find the required stuff.

When comparing The Pirate Bay to other torrents websites, I am sure you’ll agree with me that there is no one closely as big as TPB.

2. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrent looks like a close alternative in terms of website look as they offer quite similar navigation. At the very top, you can quickly find any torrent, and under the search bar, there are top, latest, categories, and other options located.

3. KickAss

Looking for a well-designed and managed ExtraTorrent alternative? Then just visit KickAss; there is everything just like ET. They have changed many things over the last few years. They also have a community of KAT users.

The homepage is just like a search engine page where users can enter the keyword they want to download or Simply click on the categories underneath the search bar to browse the latest torrents.

4. isoHunt

This site looks like a news website, and on the homepage, you can read the latest news and other information about isoHunt. At the left sidebar, you can browse any section, including Games, Software, Animation, Music, Other, TV series, Books, etc.

5. YTS

A perfect torrent website to downloading the latest movies. It is entirely dedicated to videos, and there is nothing related to games or software. Here you can find movies in HD quality at the maximum smaller size.


It is another great similar website like Extra Torrent to take the same benefits as ET had. But it is blocked in many countries, so you must use vpn software to browse it.

7. 1337x

This is one of the very first torrent sites I used when I was in college 🙂 The staff behind this platform changed the TLD extension various times. The website layout is quite similar to ET, which makes it possible to navigate toward a particular section easily.

They also categorize Top 100 torrents, Trending, Popular this Week, and Popular Today torrents which are handy to address the most downloaded or trending stuff. The overall layout is good and delivers ease of use.

8. SeedPeer

SeedPeer is another place to download movies, software, TV shows, Music, Games, and other similar stuff. SeedPeer is available in 6 languages to provide maximum usability, but the site design looks like the 90s, or you can say classic.

9. Demonoid

In my experience, Demonoid has the most classic design than any other torrent website on this list, but the users can download their desired data easily.

10. SumoTorrent

Just like ET, SumoTorrent also has a “cloud tags” section located at the very top and shows the most searched phrases on the site. It is also similar to extratorrent and can be used as an alternative to ExtraTorrent.

11. TorrentFunk

Are you searching for simple designed torrent place? If yes, it’s the perfect choice for you. But they have mixed all the content on the homepage which makes it challenging to locate the specific torrents.

12. TorrentFinder

It is not a torrent website but helps you find your desired data by searching via all the big websites such as LimeTorrent, TrueTorrent, RARBG, TorLock, 1337x, EZTV, Demonoid, Torrentz, etc. You can discover many other sites through this platform.

13. PopCorn Time

It is the perfect place for users who can’t wait to download movies or TV shows. Just install the software and enjoy watching anything instantly.

14. Zooqle

Zooqle is using the torrent data of BitSnoop and it is officially mentioned on the BitSnoop website. Zooqle has managed all the torrents section awesomely, and the overall navigation is user friendly.

15. TorLock

With more than 3.7 million verified torrents, TorLock managed to get the position in this list. Just click on any section to check more torrents under it, like click on the games torrent, and you’ll be served all the games torrents.

16. Toorgle

It is a search engine for torrents and finds the searched queries from more than 450+ sites.

17. TorrentProject

Same as KickAss, they also have a search bar that searches the entered phrase or text through more than 300 torrent websites. They claim to have more than 9.8 million indexed torrents.

18. TorrentBit

Another place to download the desired data just like ET. Everything is categorized into sections to locate required stuff within minutes.

19. Torrents.me

It has a simple design and minimalist layout, which is useful for finding anything as ET.

20. SkyTorrents

It is also a torrent search engine and indexed over 12 million torrents about movies, software, TV series, tutorials, books, and much more. Just type your keyword and press enter, it will show you dozens of torrents.

So these are top Extratorrent alternatives you can use right now to download the latest stuff. I compiled this list to share some other torrent sites and not encourage these websites by any means.

Personally, I don’t recommend downloading anything from torrent sites. For instance, cracked software or pirated movies, the developers of these stuff (software and movies) put tons of hours into developing software, and they deserve money.

If you are taking benefit of any software, please buy it. And cracked software can compromise your computer security as well. On top of that, if high authorities get involved, then you might face legal issues. So, it is better to be on the safe side.

Now, please let me know which ExtraTorrent alternative you think can fulfill the gap of ET in the below comment section.

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