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Google Developing Cancer Detecting Pills

Google is now developing cancer and other disease detecting pills. These cancer detecting pills contained microscopic particles which send in human blood to identify the cancers and other diseases. Nanotechnology is used in this project to monitor the blood cells structure, if any disease will be detected then microscopic particles will send a signal on wearable device which is wear by patient.

Cancer Detecting Pills

Source: Theguardian

This is like a gadget, a gadget for health which informs you about your internal body health and blood cells. This device or gadget is consisting of two elements. 1.Cancer Detecting Pills (Microscopic particles) and the 2nd is Wearable device like a watch. Wearable device inform user if they have any disease. This is just a new revolution in health sector. Doesn’t need a doctor, with this technology humans can monitor blood cells health 365 days a year and if any disease detected like cancer better treatment can be done.

You may know it is easy to handle a disease in the initial stage, that is why they are working on this technology. The aim of this project is to save humans life from unnecessary death as Conrad says (Head of Health Science in Google)

“We are trying to stave off death by preventing disease. Our foe is unnecessary death”

X Lab says they have completed number of experiments and have got good results.

This is the third project of Google X Lab in the field of health and care. Before this project they developed Smart Contact Lens. These Lens helps to  identify the glucose level for diabetes.Google Contact Lens

This is just a next level revolution in the field of health. Let’s see what happened in the future and what Google X Lab will be developed.

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