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How to Delete Your Google Drive Duplicate Files

Google Drive offers every user a limited storage space of 15 GB free-of-cost. With the passage of time, users often accumulate duplicate files in their Google Drive, especially when they’re collaborating on files with colleagues. The same goes for the photos, spreadsheets, and other file types. These consume valuable disk space and may require effective steps to organize data and save space. Although we can buy more space and save infinite data to the cloud drive by Google, but this can result in massive disorientation.

Though Google Drive offers a pretty good deal compared to other cloud services such as Box and Dropbox that offer 10GB and 2GB of storage respectively. There’s a catch — the storage limit of your G-Drive not only includes your cloud documents but also email attachments consisting of images, videos, zip files of thousands of junk emails in your inbox, photos uploaded on Google+ and so on. That is why it’s important to organize your G-Drive account efficiently in order to avoid surpassing the maximum limit.

The duplication of different file types leads to disorganization, which usually results in making you spend more time to dig out a particular file when required. In order to help against any such eventuality, you must periodically remove duplicates to keep all your stuff organized and minimize usage of your Google Drive space allocation.

Benefits for Regularly Cleaning Google Drive

Regularly cleaning has the following advantages:

  • No more worrying about surpassing the limit of your account
  • Save a large amount of cloud space
  • Ability to choose automatic deletion of all replicates or manual selection
  • Organize documents in a better way; get rid of duplication of your work
  • Spend less time organizing files library
  • By cleaning replicates you save time and bandwidth consumed while synchronizing files using the Google Drive desktop application

Google Drive Duplicate Files Removal Guide

Supported File Types

Clone Files Checker supports cleaning of following duplicate files:

  • Google Documents
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Google Presentations
  • Photos

The software works in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, 7 and previous versions. You can safely scan your cloud folders using CFC. It will give you a list of identified dupes before you process them for deletion. It also takes backup of data which can be restored anytime.

Procedure for Cleaning Dupes

Step 1: Install Google Drive Desktop Application

  1. Download Google Drive Desktop application from the official website.
  2. Open the app through the Desktop / Start Screen shortcut. You may notice an icon in the Notification Area of your Taskbar (the extreme right-hand corner of the screen). You can use it to open the app anytime by clicking on the icon and selecting the “Open Google Drive folder” option.
  3. Now you can access all of your Google Drive folders, subfolders and files without any hassle through this Desktop application.

Step 2: Scan for Dupes from Google Drive Local Folder

  1. Download and install Sorcim’s Clone Files Checker for finding Google drive duplicate files from here.
  2. Add the Google Drive folder to scan for any duplicates. Use the list box on the left-hand side to select it.
  3. Once you’ve selected the Google Drive folder, choose a scan type — All Files or Custom. Recommended: Custom > Documents
  4. Start the full scan and wait for the results to be displayed.
  5. Now you have two options on your screen — Quick-Fix and Review & Fix.

Select “Review & Fix” if you wish to get a list of all duplicates as well as their originals, and then take an appropriate decision. Click on the “Select duplicates” button and then choose criteria for selection. Alternatively, if you want Clone Files Checker to process all duplicates automatically without generating a list, choose Quick-Fix and then choose a version (Newer/ Older) to initiate the process.

Step 3: Take an Action on Dupes

It’s time to take action:

  • Delete duplicates permanently
  • Delete duplicates by moving to the Recycle Bin
  • Move duplicates to a particular folder on your HDD

Ensure Regular Synchronization

To make sure your data regularly synchronized, check the box “Start Google Drive on system startup” under the Advanced tab > System Settings category. Open the Preferences dialog box by right clicking on the system tray icon, selecting the Overflow icon (three dots) and finally the Preferences option.

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