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There are many misconceptions about what computer security is and is not. The purpose of this post is to provide an overview of the important ideas, and then provide a simple and cheap solution on how to improve the Security of your WordPress site. Security measures (whether in the physical world or in our computers and networks) deal with various aspects of prevention, detect [...]

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8 Productivity Improving Tools for Bloggers

How much time do you invest into your blog? The success of this project is not dependent solely upon the quality of posts you provide; the frequency is also very important. Since you can’t spend your entire day into crafting a blog post, you have to find a way to achieve better results in less time. There is a name for that goal: Productivity Improvement. The good news is [...]

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InMotion Hosting Black Friday 2018 {57% OFF}

(Note: InMotion don't offer any 70% or 80% discount, they are offering 57% maximum discount when you buy hosting for 36 months) I have already shared many Black Friday hosting deals, then how I can forget about InMotion Hosting Black Friday discount deal? Almost all hosts provide an incredibly impressive offer on this event to attract more customers. Some offer up to 80% off, [...]

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15 Safest VPN Services – Find the Most Secure VPN in 2018

Virtual Private Network services are supposed to deliver the best possible security while surfing online. That said, you should choose the safest VPN provider built with powerful encryption, support multiple protocols, protect against IP leaks, and of course, allow torrenting as well as video streaming too. Luckily, there are a bunch of most secure VPNs available in the market, [...]

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