Instamate Review: Let's find Is it Worth Buying or Just a Waste of Money?

InstaMate Review: Increase Instagram Likes and Followers

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If you want to make money on Instagram without spending money on paid advertisements then must give a try to Instamate. It can help you make money, increase social shares as well as likes. Besides that, you can find hot hashtags and users profiles.

[Update: Instamate officially closed]

Are you looking for a way to drive more organic traffic to your Instagram posts to increase social followers and likes?

Well, this Instamate Review not only helps you achieve the goals mentioned above but also help you find the most viral content and hashtags as well on the Instagram.

InstaMate is a web-based software specifically developed to get organic traffic on Instagram without using paid advertisements. It helps you discover the most popular hashtags and accounts. You can use Instamate to post, edit, schedule, find trending contents/hashtags.

Instagram is one of the biggest names in social media networks and has more than 600 million users. This is a photo and videos sharing platform where people can post pictures/videos along with captions, links, hashtags, and connections to other posts or accounts.  Statistics shows that daily 100 million users use Instagram and publish millions of photos and videos.

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InstaMate Review

Instamate Review 2017: What it can do for YOU?

What is Instamate?

The power of InstaMate comes from Instagram as there are millions of users. Almost all the big brands especially fashions related companies use Instagram to share and promote their products. If you’re also one of Instagram users, chances are you had seen paid ads of different companies on your newsfeed.

Now, the thing is as there are millions of users then why not to use Instagram for marketing? And when it comes to Instagram marketing, Instamate can help you make money.

InstaMate is a web-based application developed by Luke Maguire and can be used in Chrome browser. Basically, it helps you monetize viral contents on Instagram and with the power of this tool you can find most popular and trending hashtag as well as accounts. By using these useful insights strategically, marketers can drive thousands of organic visitors toward their accounts or posts.

You use it to find highly targeted customers who want to buy your products. It allows you sharing images, edit, schedule, and download Instagram content on your computer.

While Instagram is amazing, there are some very real obstacles in using it for sharing content via smartphones. It has some excellent features specifically meant to overcome these barriers. Let’s dive further into this Instamate review to talk about its key features.

Instamate Core Features and Benefits

Web Based Easy to Manage Tool

Quick ManagementWe know you love your smartphone, but trying to manage each content with your thumbs is too much for anyone. You need a larger screen, the ability to see all the content tabs you have open, and the use of all of your fingers.

You can still get on and handle things through your phone via the app, but this software makes it possible to manage your account via computer, which is much easier to use and maintain.

As mentioned earlier, it is a web-based tool and you can use it through Google Chrome browser (Right now it’s working only in Chrome). You can easily find viral content just by entering your desired keyword and within few seconds it will serve you with dozens of most popular hashtags and contents. It helps you find, edit, post/schedule contents using the viral hashtag.

Portability (Accessible from Anywhere)

This is not something that you can only control from one place. You have the freedom to log into your account from any location and any device having internet connectivity. While there may be some limits as to what you can do depending on the device at hand, you will always be able to get all the information you need.

Cloud based infrastructure has used to host Instamate application also make it possible to access your account from anywhere. So, you can control Instagram account all around the world, anytime whenever want to update your account status. So, what’s the best thing to manage your marketing campaigns from anywhere remotely?

Find Viral Posts within Seconds

Instagram does not have a way for you to see the most viral content. It is not designed to shove popular items in your face, but rather to let you surf through lots of different posts and content so you can see a variety of ideas and images. That is ideal for someone looking for entertainment, but if you are looking for the hippest content to draw traffic to your account, then this becomes a large obstacle.

Click on “Discover located on the left sidebar” and type your niche related keyword in the search bar, and it’ll show you most popular hashtags and account and their posts as well. Then you can use those hashtags to attract free traffic. Isn’t that simple?

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Drive Organic Traffic

Organic is a buzzword that is being thrown around everywhere, and the Internet marketing industry is no exception. Organic traffic is good for any online business to get targeted customers and good for your bank account. You do not want traffic that is funneled through spammy links or click-bait material. Such traffic is superficial, and the high numbers are always temporary and very rarely result in a good ratio of monetary benefit.

Organic traffic means you will have people looking to your page of their own accord because you are posting content that they are genuinely interested in. This traffic will come back often and will be a much better way to garner attention and money through the web. Organic traffic has been proven to be the most lucrative form of traffic.

If you’re also one of those hustling to get organic traffic, then InstaMate sure the tool you must try. It can be a great source for getting social media traffic. In my experience, if you’re selling fashion related products then you should try it.

Scheduling Feature

The best times to post on social media platforms have been determined through very in-depth and scientific studies. There are certain times in certain countries when certain content gets the best kind of attention.

Unfortunately, these peak times are very rarely convenient for anyone with a real life. The scheduling feature on Instamate is a lifesaver and is a huge part of what makes this program so successful. Once you get the content you want edited and ready to go, you can set it to be posted through the right accounts at the right time.

I just love this feature as it helps you have a normal life as well as tap into the traffic from other time zones and countries other than your own. Your client base will grow at an alarming rate with the use of this feature as you will no longer have international barriers standing in the way of your content. You can also publish your content instantly without scheduling.

Discover Geographical Trends

Geographical Trends

Apart from finding the most popular contents, you can find trending hashtags in a particular country. Now, how you can utilize this InstaMate feature?

Online shopping store owners who operate with a country can use this application to increase their sales and followers.

Affiliate Link Cloaking

It also has the functionality of inserting affiliate links cloaking which can help you generate sales just by one click. Instagram doesn’t allow adding affiliate links but this tool has solved the problem. Now, you can get most out your of Instagram account.

Multiple Account Managing

Multiple Accounts Management

There are some great niches out there for you to target with Instagram. Fitness, fashion, news, and motivation are just a few of the things people are actively seeking out there. Sadly, it can be hard to make an audience happy when you try to jumble all of those things together.

InstaMate helps you with this by allowing you to post to and manage multiple accounts. You can have your humor page completely separate from your interior design account, while still managing them all through your Instamate dashboard.

The ability to combine efforts in this fashion will give you a good variety and will grow your client base in a very exciting and lucrative way.

Detailed Insights and Analytics

Many people see this as one of the most important features that this program has to offer. Once you get things running, the program will make traffic logs of each and every post. You will then get a report every so often letting you know what is working and what is not. Both bits of information will be highly valuable to you.

When you know what works, you can implement more feeds just like the last successful items. When you see what is not working, you can change the way you do things to avail maximum benefits. This will vastly improve the quality of your feed, which will result in an immediate increase in income.

Free Training Videos

There is a free video tutorial section available within your account to learn each and everything about InstaMate. If you encounter difficulties using this tool, watch tutorials to learn.

Main benefits of using this program can be summed up by saying you will make a lot more money with less work. You can also be proud of this income as it will be made in the process of providing people with content that they want and need.

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Wait, Does Instamate Work?

Now the question is, Is Instamate scam? Well, your question is valid, and before investing money in any product, it’s essential to know whether it’s worth buying or not. In my research, it works like a charm, but you should use it strategically for real benefits. Feel free to buy Instamate now!

Instamate Plans and Prices

Plans Price Instamate review

It comes with 3 different plans with different benefits like with “Lite Edition” you’ll get access to very limited features. That is why I highly recommending buying “Luxury Edition” which comes with a one-time payment of $47 and you get all the bonuses. Extra bonuses are following:

  1. 3 Instamate Accounts for 1: With this Instamate bonus, you can manage up to 3 different accounts to make money and traffic.
  2. Twitter Module: Like discovering Instagram hashtags with this tool, this module can be used for finding trending hashtags on Twitter.
  3. Socialite Eye Software: It’s the best tool to find any business’s FB pages, followers numbers, contact details and much more.
  4. VIP Facebook Group: Luke (Owner) also offer inclusion in VIP marketers FB group to help you succeed.

So, isn’t good to choose “Luxury Edition“? You’ll get a lot of free stuff.

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14 Days Money Back Guarantee

I have mentioned all the key features and benefits above that are really helpful for social media geeks (Instagram). But still, if you have any doubt, you are allowed to get your money back within 14 days after the date of purchase. Isn’t enough?

Isn’t 14 days sufficient to check any product? Use it as much as you can in trial days. Just ask for the refund if Instamate failed to fulfill your needs.

Grab it NOW

I hope this detailed Instamate Review will help you understand whether you give it a try or not. Have you tried Instagram marketing yet? Do you think this software worth using? Please share your thoughts and review about Instamate in the comments section.

If you want to make money on Instagram without spending money on paid advertisements then must give a try to Instamate. It can help you make money, increase social shares as well as likes. Besides that, you can find hot hashtags and users profiles.
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