2020's Long Tail Pro Discount {Get $197 FREE LTP University Access}

LongTailPro Discount Code 2020

LongTailPro Discount is here to save bucks on buying the platinum subscription on the monthly or yearly basis. I highly recommend buying this best long tail keywords finder tool for bloggers and marketers.

Finding profitable keywords is one of the toughest and time consuming jobs in blogging. Without a proper tool, you have to invest a lot of time in finding keywords which certainly help in driving more traffic.

Without using any premium keyword research tool, you need to spend 5x or even 8x more time for finding profitable long tail keywords with minimum competition and highest monthly searches.

In blogging, managing time is the most difficult thing, I realized after investing my last 2 and a half year in blogging. You should set up a limited time for KWs research to stay productive and also to complete other tasks.

Long Tail Pro Discount

That is why I already purchased Long Tail Pro Platinum on a monthly basis and recommend you should buy via this Long Tail Pro Discount offer to save big money. You can buy its monthly Starter plan just at $37/month with the ability to research 10,000 monthly searches and on the annual term, it costs you only $25/month.

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I would highly recommend going for the Starter yearly package, it saves you huge money, and you also will be granted to access Long Tail University (Worth $197). With the annual plan, you will get a special 33% OFF Discount also.

You might think why I am insisting to buy Long Tail Pro via my exclusive link?

Well, the first reason I have already mentioned above, you can get it at the lowest price (through my exclusive link). You will get a $197 worth LTP University FREE when you buy Starter subscription on annual basis. So, why not save some bucks?

And second, it is the best tool I have ever used for researching long tail but low competitive keywords without spending too much time. Along with finding valuable KWs, it has some other useful features such as Rank Tracker (Google, Bing, and Yahoo), KWs saving and competitiveness checking option, ability to enter up to 10,000 seed keywords.

You can also find Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Backlinks profile, Domain age, Internal links, Indexed URL’s, keywords CPC, etc. These pieces of information can help you take the necessary steps to get your post on the 1st page of search engines. You can find how much backlinks your competitor’s articles, or sites have, so, you can take necessary steps to outrank them.

Long Tail Pro comes with the following core features; you should know to understand what you will get from this Pro-SEO tool.

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Long Tail Pro Discount and Key Features

1. Long Tail Pro Cloud Service

LTP recently launched its cloud service which is quite fast than compared to their software. You’ll get results within seconds after entering the keywords you want to research.

In the cloud tool, you will get all the data like citation flow, trust flow, backlinks, competitiveness, etc. Now, I am using cloud service more than the PC software as it is much faster and saves a lot of time.

You can research 10,000 keywords with Starter, 25,000k with Pro, and 60,000 keywords with Agency subscription with LTP Cloud App.

2. Find Profitable Long Tail Keywords

By using this SEO tool, you can easily find any niche long tail keywords and write an article (valuable content) around that KW to get the first position in Google. Use target and its relevant keywords in the post appropriately.

All you to do is, create a new project and enter your primary keywords to find its long tail words. You can sort information to make your process fast such as sort results from lowest searches to highest, lowest CPC to highest CPC, highest competition to lowest and also related to the main keyword.

Profitable Keyword Research with Long Tail Pro Discount

It has the ability to show results according to Geo-locations like picking the country to find how many times a keyword searched in that country per month. It is the best option for local SEO and to find the most specific audience.

3. Competitor Analysis

Well, it works smoothly to show entered kw’s data about the sites who are currently ranking on that word. How many backlinks they have, trust flow, citation flow, domain name age, and backlinks, etc.

By using this data, you will get an idea that how hard it will be to rank for a specific keyword.

4. Rank Tracker

Do you know many seo tool provider companies charge for tracking your keywords?

They cost around $30 to $60/month for tracking your organic Kw’s per month, but Long Tail Pro comes built-in with this features. That is another reason for buying/using LTP, you can keep an eye on your targeted KWs. It shows the position in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

I just love this feature, just at $37/month for starter plan, you are can get unique and useful features with this LongTailPro discount offer.

Rank Checker

5. Seed Keywords

With this feature, you can add your seed keywords to pull information about those KWs to know how much monthly searches they, Competition and other useful data.

You can use other tools to find seed KWs such as Google Adwords, UbwerSuggest, KeywordShitter, and Soovle, etc. After discovering the huge list of your own KWs just entered them to Long Tail Pro seed keywords section. In a matter of minutes, it shows you an indepth details.

Now choose the lowest competitive, highly searched and most profitable Kws for your blog posts to fetch more traffic toward your website. Isn’t awesome?

6. Find Your Domain Name

Along with finding keywords data, you can quickly find your niche matched domain name within LTP software. It indicates whether the exact domain name available or not.

Find Your Niche Domain Name

7. LongTailPro User Interface:

For more guidelines, here is the Long Tail Pro software interface. It is very easy to use, within 5 minutes you will get familiar to use it properly. Developers have done a great job when it comes to UI design and control panel.

Long Tail Pro 3.0 Interface

Plan Prices on LongTailPro Discount

It comes with three plans (Starter, Pro, and Agency) on a monthly and yearly basis. If you purchase any subscription on a yearly basis, you’ll get FREE access to Long Tail University (worth $197). It means you’re going to save flat 197 dollars. So, what are you waiting for?

It’s the best time to grab Long Tail Platinum.

LongTailPro Discount


Buy Long Tail Pro Here NOW


Personally, I have not found any major flaw in this software except one, and that is it’s a little bit slow which frustrates sometimes. Otherwise, awesome seo tool to do great things, that is the core reason I am recommending you to get it without wasting further time in other creepy fake tools. It will be a life-changing step for your keyword research procedure.

You can find easily highly profitable, high searched and low competitive keywords without spending a lot of time with Long Tail Pro Software. If you want organic traffic, then buy this software or use those old time consuming ways (Adwords ) to find KWs and pray to get organic traffic.

Am I Recommend it?

I am using it right now and happy with it. With 100 percent confidence, I highly recommend to use it for finding profitable long tail keywords.

I don’t know when this LongTailPro Discount offer will come back in the feature, but we have one right now and when you have the opportunity today why to wait for tomorrow. Remember one thing, don’t miss the opportunities.

I know it’s hard to make money through a blog and it is a tough decision to buy something for new bloggers when they are not generating enough income. But taking necessary steps at the right time is essential to taste the sense of success. To get better results, you have to invest in paid tools. Otherwise, you might get succeed to build a profitable blog, but it will take years, yes, you read it right 🙂

Take a breath and think whether you need this software or not? If the answer is positive, don’t wait for a second and buy it, and in the negative case just leave it. Always spend money on products that you actually need. This LongTailPro discount deal is going to expire soon, so, take the right action fastly.

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