Snapi Free Android App: Now Made Selfies Touch Free

Snapi Free Android App: Now Made Selfies Touch Free

As you know, Android is one of the most popular operating systems that empowered millions of smartphones and tablet devices. Every day Android developers design and launch hundreds of the best Android applications to gain more users’ attention, popularity, and revenue. Recently an EyeSight named firm launched another free Snapi Android app for users who loved photography.

This app will change your style of taking photographs entirely, especially for selfies. You will be able to take images without touching your phone screen or even by pressing a single button by using this free android app. Snapi is worked on gestures base, it means you just need to perform a specific action by hand in front of your phone camera to take images.

Snapi Free Android App

The working procedure of Snapi is very simple, just open the application on your smartphone or tablet and raise an open palm in front of the camera. Close your palm into a fist and open it again; when you will open your palm, 3 seconds countdown timer will start with a beep, and after the time is over, your photo will be captured.

Snapi users can take pictures without touching their phones or tablets. Isn’t it simple? You can capture images with a range of up to 13 feet away from the smartphone.

Here is an official statement of eyesight:

To use Snapi, simply open the application on your device and raise an open palm in front of the camera. Close your palm into a fist and open it again to start the timer and capture the photo. Snapi uses the phone’s built-in camera to capture photos, eliminating the need for any complicated installations or configurations. With a range of up to 13 feet, users can even put the phone down and capture wide-range or group shots with ease.

Here’s How Snapi Android App Work

Who Can Use Snapi Android App?

At the time of writing about Snapi, it is only available for some specific Android 4.1 devices, including Sony Xperia, HTC One and Desire, Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy S2, S3, S3, and S5 in the Google Play store. The above line clearly described that you must have a powerful Android device. You can directly download this app from below mentioned link on your computer/smartphone.

Download Snapi Android App 5.22MB   |    Go to Google Play Store

I hope you will like this best snapi Android app and will take maximum benefits from it. Feel free to use it and get rid of those old creepy ways of selfie capturing.

Do let me know how many stars you will give this app out of 5. Is it really helped you to capture great images?

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