TMDHosting Review 2017: Is it Worth Using?

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TMDHosting provides great hosting package at very reasonable price with outstanding features and 24/7 customer support.

You are confused, aren’t you?

Picking the right domain name registrar and wordpress hosting for your site is a big headache when you’re new to the www world. A couple of years ago, when I had started blogging, it was really hard for me to select the right hosting company. But now I am good enough to find the best host.

In this article, I will be sharing TMDHosting Review which will apparently help you whether it’s worth using or not.

Anyone who looks forward to starting a website faces this dilemma of choosing the right web host. With about 150 providers on the internet, I admit it’s a tedious process to stumble upon one.

That’s why you need to read in-depth reviews of web hosting services. Today I am here to introduce you with TMDHosting through this detailed review.

After reading this TMDHosting Review, you can decide whether to stop the web host hunting or not.

TMDHosting Review 2017: Is it Worth Using?

Being started in 2007, TMDHosting has built a reliable customer base all through these eight years. They have only one data center in the beginning. But now, the company has multiple servers in the US itself and overseas as well.

They have now total four data centers in the USA, one in Texas, one in Arizona and the remaining two in Illinois. With significant TMDHosting growth, they have planted data servers in the European Union. Servers expansion all around the world gives them the ability to provide an outstanding hosting service.

Now, let’s move to the review of TMDHosting. First, I need you to go through the main services and features they offer.

What Features You Get from TMDHosting

As reviewing web hosting services for a long time, So from my experience, I have filtered some features out that will entice you up.

#1. Free SSD Hosting

In today’s scenario, loading speed of a website is pivotal as Google started observing sites in users’ perspective.

We all know that SSD (Solid State Drives) are way too faster than regular hard disks. The same goes on with hosting too. SSD hosting offers faster site response than regular servers.

Unlike most of the companies with an extra fee for SSD space, TMDHosting provides Solid State Drive space to every customer irrespective of the plan they purchase.

#2. Unlimited Email Addresses

You shouldn’t buy a hosting plan if it comes with no email addresses. But the lack of emails rarely happens.

I have checked a lot of web hosting services and found out that unlimited email addresses are not a common thing.

So isn’t awesome to have unlimited email IDs with TMDHosting? It’s not like I am saying they are the only company offering this feature, though.

#3. Scalability

We don’t have the highest plan in the beginning. But it’s a necessity for us to scale up when things grow.

Most of the times, your online property goes down at least during the time you make changes in the resources. Still, you don’t want to see it, do you?

TMDHosting promises ‘scaling based on needs’ with no downtime, data loss, DNS propagation, IP address change and service interruption.

#4. Free Spam Protection by SpamExperts

Almost all the internet entrepreneurs suffer from spam issue. We know we don’t want it. But still, it keeps flowing into our online properties.

TMDHosting has got a solution for this problem. They have teamed up with SpamExperts to provide all of their users an armor against spam.

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#5. Free Domain and Free Automatic Backups

Maybe, spending $10 for a domain is not a big deal to you. But consider a person who pays only $3 per month on hosting. Well then, the ten bucks get value.

That’s why TMDHosting gives away a free top level domain with their hosting plan. You can grab one as per your liking and build a website around the same.

Backups are the saviors when something goes wrong. Say, you have deleted an important file from your server. What do you do if you find every method has returned no positive effect?

Then, your backup file comes to your rescue. You can ask for the backup from your hosting provider. They will give it to you. But in TMDHosting’s case, they will also restore the server to its initial state.

#6. Knowledgebase

Are you new to this whole hosting stuff? Then, you need to be familiar with the entire scenario to keep it going flawlessly.

That’s exactly what TMDHosting’s knowledge base is meant for. You can access the same by clicking on Tutorials from the main navigation menu beneath the header.

They have provided detailed info about everything that you can browse through the sections from the left sidebar.

The best thing about their knowledgebase is the presence of video tutorials.

#7. Dedicated WordPress Hosting

If you are a blogger, you are going to be excited about it.

I didn’t put this in Services section because the company doesn’t project WP hosting as their pivotal service. You can’t find this on the main navigation menu. But scrolling down to the bottom will reveal a link to WordPress hosting on the footer.

The price is the same as that of shared hosting and most of the features too. You will get automatic updates and a WordPress friendly interface also.

#8. Free Templates

We know the saying, ‘first impression is the best impression.’ In order to create the best first impression, all your site needs is a good design.

Themes of templates are responsible for makeovers of online properties. In case you can’t afford premium themes and not satisfied with freebies, you can try out TMDHosting’s free templates.

They provide themes of OpenCart, PrestaShop. Magento, WordPress, Dolphin, etc. Though they didn’t include any fancy element in the themes, it looks impressive with the clean and elegant design.

#9. Affiliate System

Hosting affiliate programs are the best when it comes to monetary part. All of them do offer large figures even from a single sale. It’s not different with TMDHosting as well.

They give everyone $10 just to sign up. Then, you can grab banners of different resolution for the promotion. The cheapest commission you can ever get for a single sale is $50!

#10. Responsive Customer Support

I can’t help myself but appreciate their customer team. They are known for the best and responsive customer support.

The maximum waiting time is 15 minutes here. And, most of the times, you will get a reply within the given delay frame.

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TMDHosting Review 2016 – Services and Hosting Plans

TMDHosting provides different types of hosting. Let’s check them.

Shared Hosting

Every webpreneur started his journey from a shared hosting account. The biggest advantage of choosing the shared hosting plan is it’s cheap. You don’t have to spend a pocketful of money to buy it.

TMDHosting has two shared plans “Amazing package” and “Unlimited package” with only one difference between them. The “amazing package” allows you to host only one domain whereas with the “unlimited plan” you can host unlimited websites.

Shared Hosting TMD Hosting Review

Just by paying $2.85 per month, you will get unlimited storage, un-metered bandwidth, free cPanel and genius customer support 24/7 within less than 15 minutes as they claim. For unlimited websites, you just have to pay only $5.85 per month.

For more details about shared hosting Click Here.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server aka VPS hosting is for those who can’t afford dedicated servers but need something higher than shared plans.

A VPS is a particular portion of a server which has separate server-like surroundings. You can control everything about it and the changes in other slices do not affect yours.

TMDHosting has five different VPS hosting plans with the difference in specs and prices.

VPS 1:- With 40 GB space and 3000 GB bandwidth, you will never run out of resources. The provided specs are enough for a moderate website. You are allotted two CPU cores and 2 GB of DDR4 RAM. The cost is $35.95/month.

VPS 2:- When it comes to second plan, the disk space, and bandwidth are 60 GB and 4000 GB. The number of CPU cores remains the same whereas RAM is 3 GB. You have to pay $53.95 per month for this plan.

VPS 3:- If you think the previous plan will not be the best buy, you can try out this one because it gives you 80 GB space and 5000 GB traffic. The higher the traffic, the more the CPU load will be. That’s why they give you four CPU cores along with a 4 GB RAM. The price is $71.95/month.

VPS 4:- Of course, the web space has increased to 120 GB and the traffic to 5000 GB. But the RAM remains the same 4 GB with four extra CPU core (that makes it eight in total). You need to spend $98.95 per month to get your hands on this package.

VPS 5:- Do you have a media rich website? Do you often feel the lack of resources issues? Then, VPS 5 plan with 150 GB space, 7000 GB bandwidth, 8 CPU cores and 6 GB RAM is what you need. As the resources are on the powerful side, the downtime will not haunt you. You will pay $116.95 per month if you choose this plan.

 VPS Hosting Plans TMDHosting Review

All the VPS slices of TMDHosting are managed that you will never find it difficult to work with those. And, you can grab your money back within a month if you sense anything wrong.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting can be interpreted as a new generation shared hosting. In the latter, a CPU is shared between many accounts. On the other hand, parts of many servers are shared to different accounts in the former.

The uptime and scalability are high on the cloud as compared to shared.

Though TMDHosting has three plans, the differences lie in four sections only such as Ram, CPU, Price, and Site allowed per plan.

Summer:- The basic plan in a lot of cloud hosting is “Summer”. You get 2 CPU cores coupled with a 2 GB RAM here. But it only allows you to host a single website. And, you should pay $5.85 per month to maintain this package.

Rain:- This one gives you an advanced hosting experience with 4 CPU cores and 4 GB RAM. You can host unlimited websites. The price is a bit high here; $6.85 per month.

Storm:- The highest among the cloud hosting, Storm package offers a hexacore CPU plus, a 6 GB of RAM and the ability to host unlimited websites. You will be paying $10.85 per month for this plan.

Cloud Hosting Plans review

All the plans come with a 60 days money back guarantee.

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Dedicated Servers

The highest cost hosting from TMDHosting is dedicated server. Once you see your website to be growing at an exponential rate that even a VPS plan can’t handle the traffic, dedicated server hosting is what you need.

Dedicated Server TMD Hosting

They give you about fifteen hardware configurations among which you can choose the one that suits you the best. All the servers are powered by Intel CPUs with multiple cores. The memory, CPU speed, and storage vary with the plan.

The bandwidth is 10 TB for all the servers and, the plan starts from $199 per month for single CPU and $299 per month for dual CPU server.

Reseller Hosting

Are you interested in making money out of hosting business without the pain of managing the servers? Then, you can try your luck in reseller hosting.

They have three different packages for resellers.

  • Standard Reseller:- You will get 65 GB storage and 700 GB monthly bandwidth with this plan. If you are a beginner in reselling, buying this package will never be a bad idea. You can offer free website transfers to your client. But TMDHosting can do only five of them. One needs to pay $19.95 for this plan.
  • Enterprise Reseller:- Once you see yourself growing, you can upgrade to enterprise reseller plan. Or, you can purchase this for the first time itself if you have a number o clients. Storage of 130 GB and 1400 GB bandwidth are what you get with this package. Along with all the features of Standard Reseller plan, they offer ten free website transfers, private SSL, dedicated IP address, and private DNS for the price of $34.95.
  • Professional Reseller:- This plan is for those who see reselling web space as a serious business. The free website transfer offerings go all the way up to twenty with this scheme. You will get all the specs of enterprise reseller plan as well. The storage and bandwidth are 200 GB and 2000 GB respectively.

Reseller Packages TMDHosting Review

Moreover, all these plans allow unlimited domain hosting and access to WHM/ cPanel.

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My Experience with TMD Hosting Service:

A few months ago, I decided to check their hosting service before writing or sharing this TMD hosting review with you guys. I had installed WordPress using one of my other domain names. The purpose was checking server uptime, downtime, and the most important website loading speed. After installing wordpress, I used some well known online site speed testing services like Pingdom, GTMetrix, Load Impact, and WebPageTest.

The results were pretty impressive and shocked me because the load time was incredibly great. Just look below the following GTMetrix screenshot for more info;

GTMetrix Website Loading Time Statistics:

TMD Site Loading Time

ImpactLoad Test Statistics:

One question that comes to our mind whenever we plan to purchase shared or cheap wordpress hosting is, how many visitor our site could handle at a time? So, here’s the result;

LoadImpact Test

As you can see both results are pretty impressive and clearly shows that TMD Hosting worth using or at least trying. The site loading time great and it can handle a good amount of visitors at the same time. They provide good service at affordable price.

Final Verdict

So, what’s my recommendation? Is it worth to go with TMDHosting? Of course, it is.

But the only thing I dislike about them is a bit pricey nature of vps web hosting. You may find the price is slightly on the expensive side when you compare the same with the competitors’.

If you are ready to pay some extra bucks for the impeccable service, the above problem will not really bother you.

Overall, this TMDHosting Review clearly shows that it is a reliable hosting solution you can purchase and reliably host your business.

So just head over to their website and buy a plan NOW.

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TMDHosting provides great hosting package at very reasonable price with outstanding features and 24/7 customer support.
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Fine, intricate review. I am picking a blog theme and based on the info I’ve gathered, a few questions
For shared plans is tmd FASTER ( SSD) than host gator? Also , I believe TMD handles Windows 10 now?
If TMD is indeed slightly faster, what reasons would ONE pick HOSTGATOR?

    Muhammad Imran

    Hi Howard, Thank you for your comment.
    It totally depends on you or any user, which company he/she wants to use. Both hosts are good; I am using HostGator for some of my websites. Right now, MyTipsHub hosted on HostGator. You can check the load time/site speed of MyTipsHub on GTMetrix.
    Regarding TMDHosting, in my experience, they are also worth using.
    Choosing which one will be right for you depends on your needs. How many sites you want to host, server configurations, support service, etc.
    In a nutshell, both are good.


Thank’s for the review.Hope it is best.I use Bluehost for my blog.


best review .But i use Hostgator from starting


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