Top 10 Best Domain Registrar 2018 (Must Check #4)

Top 10 Best Domain Name Registrars 2018 {Must Check #4}

Choosing the best domain registrar that provides affordable prices, renewals and round the clock customer support takes a lot of time and research. There are dozens of domain registrars available on the internet offering various services apart from web address registration such as web hosting, VPS and dedicated servers, cloud hosting, WHOIS protections and website designing. Before going with any company, it’s recommended to check out the essential features that your domain host should have.

If you’re willing to get peace of mind services then must consider following features:

  • 24/7 technical support through multiple channels
  • Reliability and online user’s credibility
  • Robust security measures
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Affordable renewal rates

All the popular and trusted domain registrar provides aforementioned features by default at least which I listed below.Never ever choose a shady or unreliable domain provider that doesn’t care these features otherwise you might end up losing your domain name. Before going ahead to the list of top domain registrars of 2018, I would like to share some basic information that you may want to know.

best domain registrar 2018-2019

Websites and blogs are a great way to create an online community worldwide. To access any site, we need a complete address of that site, which is also known as an URL address, domain name or web address. For example, if you want to open “Facebook” then you need the exact URL address of Facebook, which is or This unique address is known as “Domain Name” and this also represents an IP (Internet Protocol).

Remembering IP addresses of different websites is a tough job, so that is why Domain Name System (DNS) was introduced. The world first name was registered on 15 March 1985 with the name of [Symbolics Inc. by a computer firm]. Registering a domain name is not a big deal if you have necessary know-how, there are many best domain registrars available where you can easily buy your desired (if available) website name.

What is a Domain Name Registrar?

Well, according to Wikipedia:

what is domain name registrar

The following registrars can help you save some money if you choose to register your new website name. They have a good online reputation, user satisfaction, technical support, and also up-voted by real users.

Best Domain Name Registrars [Quick Summary]

 Company NameRatingVisit
1.iPage (75% OFF)9/10Visit iPage
2.NameCheap9/10Visit NameCheap
3.GoDaddy8/10Visit GoDaddy
4.BlueHost9/10Visit BlueHost
5.1and18/10Visit 1and1
6.InMotion Hosting8/10Visit InMotion
7.HostGator7/10Visit HostGator
9.Register.com7/10Visit Register
10.DreamHost7/10Visit DreamHost

Domain Registrar – Buyer’s Guide


As there are many registrars available to choose from but the important thing is, are they reputed, well-known, and thumbed up by real users? There are domain name providers that only focus on profit-making without delivering value to customers. Some even demand additional charges for services like technical support, domain transfer, etc.

In the worst scenario, you may end up losing your domain with them, so stay away from such domain registrars. Before selecting any provider, check their credibility, business practices, real user ratings, and ICANN accreditation, etc.

Prices and Renewals

Luckily, some domain name registrar out there, offer huge introductory rates to new clients which help them save money. Few of them even cost only $0.01 or $1 for the first year and then standard renewal rates which are usually higher than the first payment.

Mostly this promotional tactic can be seen on GoDaddy which also insanely cheap domain registration for first-time buyers. Oppositely, few charges more fees than standard rates for buying as well as renewals. So, compare your favorite registrars’ prices before making a decision to get convenient and quality service.

Secondly, you might fall in love with a company due to cheaper registrations and think it’s the best place to buy domain a name but what about renewal prices?

Normally, in web hosting and domain industry, it’s a marketing strategy to gain more customer by giving huge discounts and overcharge at the time of renewal. So, you must double check this fact before making a purchase.

Customer Support

Another most important thing when working online is “Customer Support”. Domain providers that realize its importance do offer 24/7 customer support through various channels? It is highly recommended if they have live chat and call for assistance.

The support quality can be determined by trying one of their supporting channels. If they respond under five minutes via live chat or phone, then it’s acceptable and a green signal to choose that domain host. You can also ask other questions to know their friendliness or behavior.

User Interface

An easy to navigate control panel not only help saving time but also good for setting up things such as domain/email forwarding, creating email addresses, modifying DNS configuration, etc. So below listed best domain registrar do offer simple yet powerful management panel. For example; NameCheap recently renovates its control panel entirely and now they have one of the easiest to use control center for both web hosting and domain names.

Refund Policy

All the reputed domain name providers always take care of their clients by giving a money back guarantee. It is also a good sign to identify if a domain name registrar is a legit business and can be trusted. Usually, you get a 3~7 day refund time on domain buying and 30 days or more on web hosting purchase – it varies.

Freebies (aka Free Website Domain, Builder, etc.)

We all love free stuff? You can avail freebies by picking the right place to buy domain names. There are few providers listed below that offer free WHOIS Guard which help you hide personal information such as your name, phone number, and email address from public access or at least from spammers to avoid junk emails. You might be surprised to know that WHOIS privacy usually costs around $4~$10 per year but one can avail free by making the right decision.

Auto Payment Support

It is optional and not essential if you regularly monitor your domain’s expiry date. But it could be a lifesaver for busy users. When enabled, automatic renewal feature will extend the life of your domain without your attention.

All you have to do is add at least one payment method with sufficient funds from which auto-renewal system will deduct the fees.

How to Pick the Perfect and Branded Domain Name?

I am pretty sure you acknowledged what are the best domain name registrars and now the question is how to come up the great domain name? Well, just like I mentioned some tips to find the good registrar there are also few things that should keep in mind to capture a great name. I recommended read all these points carefully because not only this time but in the future it’ll help you to choose the perfect web address.


Do not just buy a domain that you think looks attractive and cool, always do your best to discover a brandable name. Avoid common terms, numbers, hyphens, etc. because you cannot make them brandable. Let me ask one thing, how many times you see numbers or hyphens in a company domain? Probably never or rarely.

Before starting out, keep in mind few domain variations according to your niche to make the process easy and research thoroughly to hunt a brandable name. Don’t just stop with one name, repeat again and again. Sometimes we just register a domain and then realize that it doesn’t fit our current business model. Ultimately, it costs money and time.

Be Creative and Perceptual

Your domain name should be intuitive enough to help first-time listeners understand what it’s all about. In simple words, it should be self-described, when someone hears or read it, he/she can guess the topics/products behind. For example;, one can easily understand that they cover web hosting stuff.

Another example is SearchEngineJournal where most of the information is related to SEO and search engines. So, while choosing your brand name thing twice because it’s not something that is easy to change later.

Make it Short and Memorable

Lengthy name not only difficult to remember but also frustrating to type. So, if possible always make it short and memorable to help the users remember it for next time visits. If you have a too long domain name, it might be stressful for mobile users to type the whole URL due to small screen dimensions. Short names are simple to refer, can comfortably fit on visiting cards, and looks striking in off media marketing campaigns too.

Make it Easy to Type

You might say if it’s short and easy to remember then what the meaning of easy to type is? Well, you’re quite right but what about this domain “”? Looks short but not easy to type as the users can find two “ee” frustrating. Hope you get the point.

Use Target Keyword

Using target keywords also help the audience to know the main niche of your brand. There are some controversies that keywords in your site name or exact match domain plays a vital role to get high ranking in search engines but who knows. Personally, I think having target keywords is unique move because it gives you two advantages.

  1. You don’t have to explain what your website is all about when someone asks
  2. It gives a little bit idea to first-time listeners (self-describes your business)

Prefer .com TLD

When we talk about websites, the very first thing comes in general peoples mind is “.com” and the other reason is it’s the older extension on the internet. Mostly, web owners prefer to have .com tld and you should too. And the 3rd reason in my perspective is as mobile usage increasing tremendously over the last few years; you may know that many modern smartphone keyboards come with “.com” button which makes it easy to complete the URL address by pressing that button.

If your desired business name is not available in dot-com extension, then you can also check for .net, .org, and .biz, etc. or find an alternative one as you’re on the starting phase. On the other hand, the existing business owners can contact the current domain owner to buy it, but it surely cost more money than buying a new one.

Easily Pronounceable

Before purchasing your brand name figure out if you or others can pronounce it easily. It should be easy to speak instead of telling every spelling to your clients/customers. Take a look at PCMag, TechRadar, LifeHacker, AuthorityHacker, Microsoft, etc. these domains are just formidable, branded, and much easier to pronounce too.

Avoid Numbers and Hyphens

Avoid using numbers and hyphens to make your domain name looks professional, brandable, and concise. Web addresses having hyphens or numbers in most of the cases feel awkward, generic, and weird so bypass them. Instead of carrying these words you can alternate the name or use some prefix. or both feels ugly and inconvenient, isn’t it?

Research Thoroughly (to Avoid Trademark Infringement)

Copyright infringement is something that can ruin your well-established business soon or later if you don’t care. Losing a brand name due to trademark infringement impacts badly on any company and sustaining after that is quite impossible as many firms got abandoned in the past due to copyright claims.

You must double check and amply investigate online before going with any web name. Long story short, do not get caught in the legal lawsuit to protect your hard earned reputation and customer base. It takes years of work for brand awareness and building loyal customer base, and this mistake could cost you thousands of dollars.

Choose Suitable TLD

Just like all other tips this one also important, selecting TLD according to your business module is crucial. If you’re an organization then pick .org, for commercial purpose .com would be perfect, and so on. Want to focus local audience? Then choose the appropriate ccTLD like for the United Kingdom .uk and the USA .us, etc.

Availability of Social Network

In the past, I purchased few expired/dropped domains, and when came across to social media profiles I found that almost all the major social media profiles usernames were already taken by someone else probably the previous owner. It frequently happens when you buy old names. If you’re planning to run a long term blog or online business then must take into account social media presence. Your social profiles and pages should match the website name as it’s more legitimate and trustworthy.

So double check social media name availability before making the purchase otherwise you’ll have to include some prefix or alternative words in social media usernames which is undoubtedly not a good thing – at least for me.

Top 10 Best Domain Registrar 2018 for Buying Your Web Address

Here is the list of some of the best and cheapest domain name registrars for registering your new site name.

1. iPage (Just $24/year for Hosting and Domain)

iPage Best Domain Registrars 2018

iPage is the cheapest and most affordable hosting provider in the world for creating your site on the lowest budget. iPage offers many services such as free SiteLock security, Free toll-free number, Site Analytics, Free YP (Yellow Page) listening, Daily Spam and Malware scanning, Constant network scanning and up to $200 FREE credits for internet marketing.

You can easily register your desired web address name on iPage if available. Web hosting packages of iPage are also cheap and affordable. The best thing about iPage is you can get a free domain when you purchase yearly web hosting plan.

They claim to provide 99% server uptime for all shared hosting packages. I listed this company here in the 2nd place because it has the lowest and most economical prices. So, it’s great opportunity to start your site with iPage at the lowest price. Isn’t it?

I insist you must read: iPage Review: The Cheapest Hosting Service with Good Features

2. NameCheap (Use Coupon Code “MyTipsHub” to Save 20% on Hosting)

NameCheap Cheapest domain registrar 2018-2019

NameCheap is a great company for registering your new website address at the lowest and affordable price. I also have some of my domains with this registrar. HostReview selected this company for “Reader’s Choice Award 2013”.

NameCheap offers shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and email hosting at cheap prices. Their domain management system is very flexible. In 2010 to 2015, Namecheap was selected as a best domain name registrar in Lifehacker poll. Namecheap was founded in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall.

Also, you can buy SSL certificates to protect your sites at very reasonable prices. They offer an outstanding 24/7 live chat support to help you. They are a great choice and excellent place to buy domain names, that’s why I migrated MyTipsHub to NameCheap.

3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy Best Domain Registrar 2018-2019

Godaddy is another great domain registrar and they also offer web hosting services. Established in 1997 as a Jomax Technologies, which later became Godaddy. It is the world’s largest domain Registrar Company with ICANN-accredited registrar and also sells e-business related software and services.

Their hosting plans start from $4.99/month that is same as Bluehost and Hostgator. Godaddy is best for buying the domain name, according to my personal research their hosting service is not very good in recent days. If you are looking for some great web hosting providers, I would like to refer this article.

4. BlueHost – Recommended

BlueHost Best Domain Registrars 2018-2019

BlueHost is one of the most popular WordPress hosting providers and best domain name provider on the internet. WordPress official developers also recommend it for wp sites. If you are planning to start your website on WordPress platform, then choose this hosting without any doubt. BlueHost offer’s the following services; free domain name with each hosting purchase, cloud server hosting, shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting, domains, site security and SEO tools, etc.

Their customer support is 24/7 for the whole year (365 days) that make this company just awesome. I am an experienced BlueHost user, their hosting services are great and you will never need to contact them regarding hosting issues. If you are looking for affordable and quality WordPress hosting then this company is just perfect for you.

5. 1and1

1and1 top domain registrars

This is another cheap and well known domain name selling company. The thing that makes 1and1 best is they offer first year registration fee for the TLD domains around $1~$2 with exclusive discounts on web hosting plans. It’s another best domain name registrar, that is why I include it in this list.

1and1 was founded in 1988 and currently, it handles 19 million registered domains for private and business customers globally to date and still growing. The 1and1 Internet offers Linux and Windows hosting, Domain registration, Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, Email and E-commerce solutions.

6. InMotion Hosting (47% Exclusive Discount for MyTipsHub Visitors)

InMotion top 10 domain registrar

InMotionHosting has been awarded CNET-certified hosting for the last 14 years because of outstanding service, secure web transactions, and best business practices. They have A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and serving customer for many years. They are one of the hosts who provide SSD powered web hosting for all the hosting plans even for shared hosting at cheap rates.

InMotion offers webhosting, domain names registration, site building tools, and many useful things. They offer 90-days money back guarantee and 24/7 proactive support via live chat, skype, phone, email, and ticket system. If you feel unsatisfied with InMotionHosting services, get your money back.

If you’re looking for a fast hosting within budget, free domain name, free data backups, and unlimited data storage then give them a try. I am sure you won’t found them unsatisfied. Their servers are blazingly fast as they use SSD drives.

7. HostGator

HostGator good domain registrar

Hostgator is an excellent domain registrar and best WordPress hosting provider company at the lowest prices. Hostgator is the best web hosting for WordPress users, and many experts recommend this one for WordPress sites. It was founded in 2002. Their hosting plans are very affordable for new and old websites. You can purchase hosting as low as $4 ~ $5 per month with a free domain name. HostGator growing very swiftly and has a base of 9,000,000 websites hosted on their platform.

I have been using their services for the last one year; their hosting is awesome, fast and secure. MyTipsHub is currently hosted on their servers and the uptime is 99.99%. That is why I recommend HostGator to host WordPress site. Give them a try, you will never regret your decision.

8. top 10 domain registrar 2018 is a well known company and has a good online reputation in the field of domain registration and web hosting. Their hosting plans start at $4.99 per month, and domain registration price is $10.99/year.

It was founded in 2003 by Bill Mushkin. They offer a number of services such as domain registration, SEO tutor, Website Builder, One-click WordPress Install, SSL certificates, Email services, Google Apps for work and much more.

9. Register

Register cheap best domain registrar of 2018 was founded in 1994 and is currently managing millions of websites and blogs on their hosting platform. is another oldest registrar, which is why millions of people trust this company.

They provide an impressive and outstanding service along with a dedicated technical support team via phone call. You can buy or register your web address easily with them at lowest prices. offers following facilities Domain Registration, Shared and Dedicated Hosting, Email services, Online Marketing, E-commerce and SSL service.

10. DreamHost

DreamHost Excellent Domain registrar

DreamHost is also known as the top domain registrar for buying domains and recommended web hosting for WordPress blogs. Their reasonable hosting packages and domain prices make it awesome. You can buy your domain for as low as $11.95/year and web hosting $8.95 per month though it’s a little bit costly, but their services are awesome.

They offer the following services; domain registration, shared and dedicated hosting plans, cloud services, VPS servers, and live support. If you can afford some extra bucks, then this one is right for you. Dream Host offers the longest money back guarantee of 97 days.

Bonus: More Best Domain Registrars

However here are some more hosts;

  • iWantMyName
  • Hover
  • Namesilo

So, these are some well known registrars where you can easily purchase your site name. If you’re looking for a great web hosting company with a FREE domain name, then go for BlueHost. Otherwise, NameCheap is the perfect place to buy domain names. If you know any trusted registrar that should be listed here, feel free to suggest in the comments section below.

Is there any worst company added in the list? It will be a pleasure to know which is your best domain registrar for buying your site names?

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