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Best Web Hosting Providers 2024 [Complete Guide]

Are you new to the following terms web hosting, web servers, hosting, website hosting, or webspace? If yes, this article is specially crafted for you to understand the basics of web hosting. In this article, I will be sharing the basics of web hosting and how it works.

In simple words, hosting is an online space or storage where we store our site’s data, application files, videos, and other stuff to make them accessible from anywhere around the world. You can make your stuff available publicly or privately with password protection.

The hosting computer also known as “Servers” is similar to our home computers and their working principle too. But they are specifically designed for hosting files and data. These servers are more expensive than an ordinary/personal computer or laptop.

What is Web Hosting?

A web host is a firm or company that provides us with online space for storing our website content, files, and documents. Along with web storage, they also offer and are responsible for domain registration, SSL certificates, Email facility, Server maintenance, Server softwares upgrading and Hosting server security.

According to Wikipedia;

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center. Web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for other servers located in their data center, called colocation, also known as Housing in Latin America or France.

There are many web hosting companies available that provide space to store your website at an affordable cost. These companies installed extremely fast CPUs and servers in their data centers that host your website and its contents. They use enterprise-level network connectivity and resources. When a user types your website address, the user’s computer connects with DNS and then web hosting servers to fetch the required contents of your site to show results in users’ web browsers.

Choose the “Best Web Hosting 2024” for Your Business

There are the following types of hosting: Shared, Dedicated, VPS, Cloud, Managed WordPress and Reseller for online data storage.

Shared Web Hosting

As the word “shared” clearly describes, a web hosting that is shared with other individuals or business to make their sites online known as shared web hosting. It’s the most economical hosting for WordPress or start-up sites whether they are blogging based or for business.

It is very cheap and easy to manage. The hosting provider handles technical support, hardware maintenance, server software upgrading, server issues, and anything else. Usually, shared hosting offers unlimited bandwidth, storage, and traffic. The biggest advantage of shared hosting is, it’s very cheap and highly affordable for one having the lowest budget limit.

best shared hosting


  • Lowest cost and highly affordable usually starts from $2-5/month
  • Unlimited traffic, bandwidth as hosts say (but have limits)
  • Unlimited storage space and emails
  • Excellent technical supports
  • More than 100 free software comes with shared hosting
  • One-click CMS installation


  • Medium security support because shared with hundreds of users
  • Sometimes heavy traffic slows down the site speed
  • High traffic can make your site freeze or unresponsive
  • Can’t handle heavy traffic due to limited CPU’s resources
  • Medium technical support

Best Shared Hosting Providers

VPS Hosting

VPS stands for virtual private server. It is something like dedicated hosting, but the main difference between these is physical existence. In dedicated hosting, you rent an entire server that physically located at the hosts’ data center. In VPS hosting, you also have a dedicated server but not in physical form. VPS hosting shared with other users. That is why dedicated hosting is much faster than VPS.

In both cases, you have superuser rights to install any script, softwares or anything else on the operating system. High skilled staff or user required to handle it. However, it is too expensive and complicated to manage. If you are a developer or business firm, who develops apps, then go for this.

I have shared an indepth article about VPS providers here, must check for more details.

best vps hosting


  • Own virtual hosting server
  • Advanced level control on server
  • High performance and reliability
  • Private IP address
  • Cheaper than dedicated hosting


  • Expensive plans
  • It is good for Developers
  • Difficult to control and manage
  • Technical skills required

Best VPS Hosting Providers

Dedicated Web Hosting

In the dedicated web hosting, an entire server is reserved for a client or individual and not shared with other users. Reserved server located in the hosting provider data center. It gives the full control of the server to its user or administrator. In certain cases, the service provider offers security measures, operating system support, and software upgrading.

Highly skilled folks are required to handle and manage dedicated hosting. Mostly, individuals and companies did not go for such type of hosting due to the number of reasons including most expensive than shared hosting, need server expert who knows servers management, and undoubtedly it will cost them additional charges.

best dedicated hosting providers


  • Best for huge organization and company
  • Next level hosting control
  • Robust database support
  • Can connect multi-domains
  • High Traffic limit
  • Powerful email solutions


  • Too much expensive
  • Superior skills required to maintain
  • Need much experience to control
  • Not best for non-techy guys

Best Dedicated Hosting Providers

Cloud Hosting

In cloud hosting, there are more than one servers are connected to each other for storing data parallelly. If we compared to traditional hosting, In my experience Cloud hosting is the best way for hosting sites. As I describe, there is more than one server collaborates, in case one server goes down there will be many servers online that will never let your site down.

You will never know that something happened with the server because other servers will come into the game automatically. Cloud hosting is a little bit costly than shared hosting, but it will give your site blazing speed and performance if compared to traditional shared hosting. However, you can check out some cheaper cloud server providers here.

You can increase your hosting resources such as RAM, more Hard Drive, etc. by simply requesting to host. More system resources you use, more it will cost you. So it’s the best practice to analyze whether you need higher resources or not. For more understanding, take a look at below image;

best cloud hosting


  • No need to worry about data loss
  • It’s faster than any standard shared hosting
  • It’s more reliable and stable
  • Almost Unlimited storage space
  • It’s cost-efficient for big data storage
  • Provides more flexibility and collaboration


  • It is a little bit costly than shared
  • The main disadvantage is security problems
  • Can make your site vulnerable if using poor security protocols
  • You should know some technical knowledge about it

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WP hosting basically designed and structured for wordpress platform and you can only run WordPress CMS on such type of hosting. It’s highly optimized to make WordPress powered websites blazingly faster, secure, and accessible. The hosting provider’s technical staff handle every single issue on your site and FIX it.

But as I say above you can only operate wp sites, if you are using any other platform like Joomla or Magento don’t go for this option. You cannot install plugins causing site speed degradation, and this may create troubles for someone. Overall, for wordpress users, having a site with a significant amount of traffic Managed WP Hosting is the best solution for them to get rid of technical issues.

best managed wordpress hosting

Perfect of those who only want to focus on their business rather than handling server issues etc. In my personal point of view Managed WP Hosting good choice if you don’t want to manage your hosting server security, softwares upgradations, etc.


  • Best solution for high traffic sites
  • Host provides highly qualified technical support
  • Support response instantly in case of any problem
  • No need for any technical knowledge
  • High performance and security
  • Best for wordpress sites
  • Will update wp sites automatically as update available


  • It is quite costly
  • You can only install wordpress in managed hosting
  • May can’t be able to install some bad plugins and themes too
  • Limited control of the server
  • Can’t control Cron jobs

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

Here are some of the best managed wp hosting providers, they are the best in this business and never let you worry about your sites.

Collocated or Reseller Hosting

Collocated or Reseller Hosting is also expensive. In this type, you get your servers. You can host servers in the data center, house, office, or anywhere else. You are responsible for handling server issues, its software, bandwidth and physical hardware maintenance.

Also, you can sell hosting space to other users at custom rates to make money. The main advantage of this hosting is you have full control over your service and you can able to choose any script or software to install. It is best for those who want to start their hosting company for business purposes.


  • Higher bandwidth limit
  • Never slowdowns your site
  • Unlimited software installation capabilities
  • Tight security measures
  • Can make money by selling hosting


  • Too much expensive
  • Not easy to manage
  • Skills required for fixing bugs/errors
  • Required qualified technical staff

So, Which One is Right for You?

Now, all the web hosting types are described above, and I am pretty sure you are not new to the term web hosting anymore. Am I right? But here is another question that may come to your mind: Which web hosting is best for me?

Well, let’s talk about it.

It’s a simple thumb rule: if your site is new or has a small amount of traffic, then Shared hosting is right for you. But how much smaller? Usually, 8k~10k PVs per day, though the hosting provider claims that their shared plans can easily handle 25k visitors per day, but higher traffic will slow down your site speed and sometimes may cause freezing. So, that is why, at that stage, you need a better, high performance, and faster web host.

On the other hand, if you have a site with half a million page views per month, then VPS, Dedicated, or Managed WordPress hosting is the best solution. There are many hosts that offer VPS, Dedicated, and Managed hosting plans, but I would highly recommend choosing from the ones listed above.

If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask me below in the comments section. Do share your experience with web hosts and also, which one is your favorite hosting company?

(Note: Whenever you plan to go to a new host, it is recommended to try their hosting for a month before buying the annual package. If their services failed to satisfy your expectations, you could move to another to save some bucks.)

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