Welcome to MyTipsHub - Blogging Tips That Work

Welcome to MyTipsHub

Hello there,

Today I am very excited to announce my first dot com blog “MyTipsHub“. I had many blogspot based blogs just for learning some CSS, HTML, and editing as well as how to start a free blog. But, today I just purchased my domain name (www.mytipshub.com) and one year hosting package at BlueHost Hosting. After the deep research, I found that BlueHost and HostGator are the industry leading hosting companies that provide the hosting solution at very affordable prices with all the features that required for creating a wordpress powered website. So, I just for BH.

We “Muhammad Imran” and “Asad Mehmood” are the founder and co-founder of MyTipsHub respectively. I have a graduate degree in Mechanical Technology, and Asad is studying in BBA at the time of writing.

My core vision here on this blog is to share Blogging Tips, Make Money Online Ways, Blog Traffic Increasing Tricks as well as sharing stuff I personally use. You may think, there are countless blogs on the internet, then why I started another one? Great questions 🙂

I don’t want to compete with others because I can’t 🙂 there are already big names out there. I just want to build a blog which known as the best blog for sharing tips that help newbies to create a profitable blog. I will share everything I learn with my readers and visitors.

I hope we’ll make this blog the best one among others. But to achieve this, your help and appreciation are essential to motivate us for sharing valuable and helpful stuff. Please send your question and stuff you want to learn at [email protected]. I will try my best to help you as I can.

Meet you in the next blog post.

Till now Take Care and Good Bye 🙂

Muhammad Imran

I am Muhammad Imran (Engineering graduate), a Professional Blogger, SEO Analyst, Webmaster, and Crypto enthusiast. Doing this blogging thing for over 7 years and managing multiple blogs related to blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, and product reviews.

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