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Top 11 Best Blogging Cameras for Bloggers and Vloggers in 2023

Having the best camera for blogging, vlogging, or photography can take the quality of your videos and photos to the next level. Isn’t it?

The camera with high pixel resolution, fine aperture, image stabilization, and high frames per second delivers robust and marvelous results for both imaging and video shooting. So, before starting your career in video content creation, you should buy a good blogging camera.

Shopping for a camera can be a little dicey, especially when faced with countless choices. In the internet age, (v)blogging has grown immensely popular. It is seen as the perfect platform to express your personality and reach out to your target audience in the most interactive way. With most vlogs being up close and personal, some features such as a flash aren’t only necessarily important.

Designed to handle a myriad of tasks, video cameras have impeccable features for beginners and professionals alike. If your blog is centered on travel, you will require a camera capable of zooming to great detail. Low-light performance should feature prominently in your camera.

Here are the most outstanding choices for bloggers and content creators to pick the right blogging camera for creating high quality videos.

Top 11 Best Cameras for Blogging and Vlogging of 2023

Canon PowerShot G7 X – Recommended Vlogging Camera

excellent video blogging camera

Product Description

Many successful YouTubers have built their careers using the renowned Canon PowerShot G7 X, given its simplicity in operation. It is quite pricey, making it popular among the leaders in the vlogging industry. The 24mm-100mm lens allows up to 4.2x incredible optical zoom. The highest-sensitivity CMOS sensor is essential especially during customized shoots. Its flash, aperture speed, focus, ISO, and more can be tuned to achieve the desired shooting modes.

This model’s autofocus technology has 31 focus points, giving you the perfect angles in each shoot. Vloggers can use NFC or Wi-Fi to either set up live feeds or access files from their PCs. A micro HDMI port is also in place should either of the convenient methods experience challenges. The 3″ multiple-angle touchscreen is highly modified to capture fantastic selfie shots. Video shots could hardly get better than this model’s 60 fps and 1080p capabilities.

All videos and photos are processed in amazingly dashing detail, thanks to the 20.2 MP lens. Movie and scene options allow maximum exposure and work wonders in vlogging at different settings. As a point and shoot, this blogging camera captures events in startling detail. All in all, its 20.2 megapixel CMOS 1.0″ lens, DIGIC 6 image processor, 3.0″ flip touch screen, f/1.8 aperture, a wide range of ISO support, and dozens of other advanced features make it the best camera for blogging and vlogging. Though quite pricey, it will be worth every dime!

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Sony RX100 IV

good camera for blogging

Product Description

Sony RX100 is a groundbreaking compact blogging camera, defying its small size in capturing vividly clear footage. This capable setup, fitting perfectly in your pocket, relies on the 2.9x optical zoom and 20MP 1-inch Exmor sensor to read data at lightning fast speeds. A remarkable improvement from earlier models, it supports 4K video through high quality rendering. The shutter speed is at a commendable 1/32000, with the burst rate being 16fps; a speed demon!

Far beyond the scope of its predecessor’s viewfinder, this model’s viewfinder has an unmatched 2.35 million dots resolution. The super-slow motion video boasts of up to 960 fps, further banking on the upgraded autofocus system. Bloggers and vloggers know the value of having a miniature camera packed with unbeatable features; Sony RX100 serves amateur enthusiasts as well as seasoned content creators. The design ergonomics have not changed much from the previous version.

The smooth matte finish acts as a lovely backdrop to the sleek undecorated lines. The camera seemingly misses a firm grip when holding, perhaps because most vloggers use stands instead. Even with the addition of several new features, autofocus does not work as well in poorly lit environments. Though this vlogging camera won’t compare favorably to high-end DSLRs, it matches up to the most sought after mirrorless cameras.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10K

best blogging camera 2019

Product Description

Designed to produce crystal clear video and audio, Lumix DMC has 1″ LEICA 20 MP sensor. It’s primed for cutting-edge performance in the increasingly competitive vlogging scene. Bloggers can take perfect selfies and own vlogs, thanks to the 3.0″ touch sensitive panel which can rotate to 180 degrees. Regardless of the lighting condition, capturing 4K Ultra HD quality videos is flawless requires the least amount of input. Picture quality is cleared further by the ingenious Venus Engine.

For background defocus, the zoom lens works with the F/1.4-12.8 aperture. A powerful optical image stabilizer ensures steady shots, even when you are just a short distance away from the object. The native resolution provided by the 4K feature is four times more refined in Ultra HD. A 3840 x 2160p native resolution is more than most vloggers typically need making it the future-proof video blogging camera. You can even focus the photos later after capturing which is the most demanding and robust feature for all users.

Once images are captured, vloggers are at liberty to choose the finest from among the 4K still images in storage. Built-in focus and post Focus stacking gives you ultimate control over the camera and output. A light composition function is in place to cater for light deficiencies. In a nutshell, high MP sensor, ultra-HD shooting, large aperture, 3x optical zoom, lightweight body (0.68lb), tilting display monitor, and ISO/12800 to extended ISO 25600 make Lumix DMC-LX10K the best option for budget-conscious bloggers.

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Sony Alpha A6500

mirrorless blogging camera 2019

Product Description

As a commonly used camera by vloggers, Sony A6500 boasts of one of the highest 425 phase detection points and quickest AF speeds. The Exmor 24.2MP CMOS sensor utilizes five-axis during image stabilization, giving you undisturbed shots. AF operations are all done through the touchscreen, utilizing the intuitive and immediately responsive features. During continuous shooting, users enjoy 11fps continuous action for up to 269 frames.

The camera’s internal 4K recordings, offering users full pixel readout. 2.4x oversampling is ideal for producing the ultimate movie quality. Complementary features to render your shots even more stable include Time Code, picture profile settings, focus peaking, and Zebra functionality. An improved EVF algorithm gives Sony A6500 superior in its category. The immediacy of the viewfinder enhancing a vlogger’s experience, allowing them to focus more on the story.

Compatibility with a wide variety of lenses makes this camera as useful to a professional as it is for a novice. The collaboration between the 5-axis image stabilizer and Hybrid AF accords you shooting freedom like no other. Sony, however, advises against the use of third party mount adaptors; they may affect the quality and ultimately malfunction. Furthermore, its lightning fast OLED electronic viewfinder has 2.36 million dots providing 8 frames per second with AF/AE during continuous live shooting. The integration of EVF algorithm helps you capture the fast-moving objects conveniently.

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Canon EOS 70D

best vblogging camera 2019

Product Description

Canon EOS 70D is another good camera for blogging that comes with 20.2 Megapixels and APS-C CMOS sensor which works amazingly to make personal vlogs and video tutorials for your blog or Youtube channel. The DIGIC 5+ imaging processor coupled with this beast for reduced noise but clear shots and accurate colors even in low light with high resolution. You can record full HD 1080p videos at max. 30fps, 720p at max. 60fps ,massive 5472×3648 px pictures, and 7fps for still images.

Like any high-end blogging and vlogging camera, it also has a 19-point cross-type autofocus system, ISO 100-12800, Dual Pixel CMOS AF, and 3″ vari-angle touch panel. On top of that, its dual AF system can be integrated with Canon’s 100+ lenses providing much flexibility than many cameras in the same category. On the other hand, while creating movies, it automatically but quickly focuses on moving objects for smooth and precise outputs.

Regarding the aesthetics front, the built quality is superb and designed by keeping in mind ergonomics, but 1.66lb might be an issue for some users however not bad for daily usage. It supports SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards to store your data which can be transferred via WiFi or USB cable. Furthermore, wireless connectivity also can be used to print photos directly from the camera or send them to your phone.

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Canon EOS Rebel T5i

cheap camera for blogging

Product Description

Considered as one of the absolute cameras for blogging and vlogging, Rebel T5i is widely used in the makeup and beauty YouTube industry. It consistently delivers DSLR quality footage at an affordable price. At the introductory vlogging level, this camera is ideal given its simple features and operation modes.

The sophisticated Rebel T5i is a versatile tool capable of handling challenging shooting situations without flinching. The 18 MP lens coupled with APS-C CMOS lens and 9 point AF system along with 3″ multitouch capacitive flip screen delivers ridiculous photos and videos shooting with ISO range of 100-2800.

Radically improved autofocus does most of the work, giving the vlogger time to refine other video details. Rebel simplicity has been blended well with true HD performance, leaving your viewers yearning for more action. The renovated 9-point AF system is not only speedier but also more accurate and reliable. The subject position is detected automatically and focus maintained throughout. Its built-in high performance AI Servo autofocus algo is capable enough to focus moving objects thus provide distortion-free images.

Audio level can be adjusted manually, so can use built-in stereo microphone. When shooting out in the open, the wind filter activates to give more clout to speech. The Video Snapshot feature eliminates the need for doing preprocessing; you only have to upload and share.

A smudge-resistant coating on the touchscreen makes it more user-friendly. Its ergonomically designed and stylish body can comfortably fit in small and big hands. If you’re looking for a good camera for video blogging, then T5i won’t be a wrong choice. It’s affordable and comes with everything you need to start your vlogging journey.

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LAKASARA cheapest blogging camcorder

Product Description

This digital camcorder has a unique hot shoe function, allowing you to attach external camera lights and microphones of choice. This significantly lowers external noise while promoting sound and picture quality. Vloggers are free to use UV lens, teleconverter, fisheye, and external wide angle lens types. Key features highlighting this multifunctional camera’s prowess include face capture, auto power-off, anti-shake, an IR remote control.

A 64 GB memory card can be purchased separately, keeping your footage intact and ready to transfer. Connecting with TV is dead simple through HDMI cable, however, lacking the live stream feature might be a deal breaker (Not a big deal for many users though). The ‘LzxViewer’ can be downloaded from online stores to grant remote accessibility via Wifi. Downloading and uploading files to your media platforms becomes intricately easier.

It comes with 24 megapixel sensor which can record up to 1920×1080 at 30fps, 16x digital zoom, 270-degree rotatable 3.0″ TFT LCD touch panel, 37mm external wide lens support, and 2 hours of battery timing for videos. For the amateur vloggers; this camera comes with clear instructions on how to adjust settings for all perceivable situations. There are two Lithium batteries to go, with the option of recording while still charging. The fast-charging mechanism will fill up the batteries in no time. You can use USB and HDMI cables for external output and data transfer to your laptop/PC.

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Canon XA20 – Professional Camcorder for Blogging

Canon XA20

Product Description

Are you planning to start a professional content project? Canon XA20 is the best blogging camcorder for professionals and produces outstanding image quality from dual-format recording. The 1/2.84” HD CMOS sensor churns out realistic and highly-detailed footage with an effective 2.91 MP (2136×1362 pixel resolution). You can shoot color-rich, vibrant, and outstanding full HD videos with this beast. Beyond that, its 20x optical and 400x digital zoom allow long-range capturing. This single piece of hardware lays the foundation for flawless vlogging.

It’s equipped with a 26.8mm wide angle lens, meaning dynamic and interactive shots. Ultra-steady images are ensured through the convenient placement of all control buttons. The dynamic optical image stabilizer refines all footage in real time, reducing the amount of processing required. Various shooting positions are accommodated through high quality monitoring. An OLED 3.5″ touch capacitive screen is far more clear and color cognizant (1.3mln dots) than LCD types.

Fast and easy transfer of files is possible through the two memory cards, one for low quality recording and the other for HD. A combination of Infrared shooting, Built-in Wi-Fi, and GPS extend compatibility to the maximum. With your smart device, you can remotely take charge of the camera features; this proves useful in instances where discreetness is mandatory. If weight and camera size doesn’t matter to you instead of looking for a pro-quality device, then choose Canon XA20. Before buying it must consider checking its Canon XA30 model as well.

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Panasonic Lumix GH5

Mirrorless Camera for Bloggers

Product Description

As the camera world continues to shrink, amidst the popular smartphones, the Lumix GH5 comes with all the bells and whistles to create ultra-HD vlog videos. A superior Leica 12-60mm f2.8 lens is in place to capture the best angles of your face and the environment.

This 20MP mirrorless camera runs on a Micro Four Thirds sensor allowing 4k shooting at 60fps and full HD with 180fps. So, you can shoot amazing videos at preferred frame rates, giving your viewers unmatched quality. During ‘quick photo’ scenarios, the automatic mode instantly adjusts settings.

Speed and autofocus have been perfected in this model, endearing even more vloggers to this premium Panasonic blogging camera. The model’s 225-point system is considerably above what others in this category offer you. All shots are whisper quiet, refining the content of your vlog even before you post-edit.

With all these features, GH5 is considerably chunkier (725grams – 1.60lb) than all other Panasonic cameras which might be a deal breaker if your primary purpose is recording videos without using a tripod. But, it’s still handy to use and provide firm grip due to ergonomic built design and knurling on the whole body.

Regarding Burst Shooting, Lumix GH5’s mechanical/electronic shutter can capture 12 frames/sec in AFS/MF Mode and 6k photo at 30 frames/sec. All results look more filmic and organic than those taken by similar cameras, thanks to LUT or right coloring.

Your workflow gets immensely simpler as compatibility extends to a host of applications designed to make the most out of each footage. The mirrorless 20.3 MP lens, Live MOS Sensor, 6k photo capturing, Anamorphic mode, LUT Display function, V-LogL, Luminance 64-103 levels, and many other features will surely amaze you regarding output quality.

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Nikon Coolpix S9900

cheapest camera for blogging

Product Description

Fully acknowledging the challenges faced by a vlogger, S7000 16 Megapixel comes laden with invaluable utilities for enhancing your overall snapping experience. A 60x dynamic fine zoom option further complements a 30x optical zoom capacity; this increases your reach and ability to capture long-range photos. All the latest technological advancements can be found in this compact but cheap blogging camera, allowing you to share adventures in real time. The best part? Even costs a few hundred bucks, this slim cam can record FHD scene with 60fps.

Genuine NIKKOR glass lens is used to bring objects into sharp focus, making for incredible close-ups during sports or concerts. Once done, photos and videos can be sent immediately through wireless connections using builtin WiFi or NFC technology. The easiest way to achieve this is by pairing your camera with a smartphone using the dedicated app. So, no more USB data cable required to transfer your files. You can either change the viewing angle of 3″ monitoring screen or flip it while making own vlogs and selfies.

With all of that, image stabilization is another noteworthy feature. The S9900’s intuitive and user-friendly software give you the option to select among different scene modes, you won’t have to re-adjust settings manually. All you’ve to do is find your matching scene setting among the 15+ readily available; smartphones can be used to manipulate this even further. Some of the modes are; sunset, beach, night, and snow, etc.

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PowerLead Pluto PLD009

cheapest vlogging camera

Product Description

If you are a beginner vlogger with a tight budget, Pluto PLD009 gives you all the basic features you need to excel. This sleek and slim 24MP camera captures 1920x1080p, displayed primarily on the 2.7” (270° rotatable) TFT LCD screen. A 32 GB (max.) SDHC or SD card is supported which is quite enough to store hundreds of snaps but looks insufficient for FHD videos. As a multipurpose camera, it’s compatible with QVG, VGA, AVI, and other recording formats. The mounting system is stable and highly versatile to the needs at hand.

Should consumers experience any challenges within the first year, PowerLead gladly delivers a replacement. Considerably it is a conventional blogging camera; the weight is negligible in comparison to the functions performed. The remote control for wireless accessibility is also included using which you can either shot images or enable video recording. 3.7V 1250mAH lithium battery is being used provided by the company delivers a quite good uptime of 3 to 4 hours.

During your first shot, going through the manual is not necessary. Operability is self-explanatory and doesn’t require any advanced skills like DSLR.  It also has 16x digital zoom and CMOS 5.0 MP sensor. The camera’s front has an LED coo lighting, adding to the functionality and glam. While it does not support wireless sharing, a USB cable should serve all your transfer needs. Precisely, its the cheapest camcorder for bloggers in this list but have potential features to take outstanding snapshots and vlogs. However, comparing PLD009 with high-end cameras regarding performance won’t be necessary.

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Conclusion – What’s the Best Camera for Blogging for You?

Vlogging is growing exponentially at its highest rate than ever before. Thousands of users all around the world share 300 hours of media on Youtube every passing minute and 5 billion videos are being served on a daily basis. And to stand out in this crowded network, you must have unique vlog ideas and of course, the best blogging camera to shoot high quality videos.

I recommend Canon PowerShot G7 X for professional vlogging and blogging videos; it has all the bell and whistles like 20.2 MP powerful lens, 1080p@60fps, f/1.8 aperture, Image stabilization, DIGIC image processor, 1″ CMOS sensor, WiFi, and NFC features. Plus, all of this only weighs just 0.67lb which is handy to use. For more robust features and no money limitations, you can consider Sony Alpha A6500 and Panasonic Lumix GH5. Both are capable of recording 4k scenes with optimal frame rates.

Cannot afford expensive cameras? Nikon COOLPIX S9900 is a cheap best camera for blogging to consider. It has killer features including 16MP sensor, 30x optical and 60x digital zoom, 1080p videos at 60fps, WiFi, NFC, 15+ scene modes, and weighs only 0.64lb. Still, need more assistance? No problem at all, just comment below to get connected.

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