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About Me

It’s a pleasure for me that you clicked on the "About" page and wanted to know about this blog. Well, MyTipsHub was created in March 2014 and started to share unique and valuable information about blogging tips and tricks.

Here at MyTipsHub, we focus on blogging tips, computer tips, SEO tactics, free resources, affiliate marketing guides, product reviews, earn online, and every aspect of blogging.

However, you can learn many things about blogging through simple and easy posts/videos. We are also working hard to improve site performance and try our best to deliver valuable solutions for better blogging with readers.

Here, we only share information we tested first because we don’t want to provide any wrong information to our readers. We want to create this platform user and readers friendly than any other.

We are a team of a couple of guys with good skills and knowledge about WordPress, SEO, blogging, and computer guides. So, you can ask any question related to these topics.

What I Share Here

As I mentioned before, this blog provides info about blogging tips, SEO tricks, online earning ways, computer tips and tricks, plus many more things. You can learn anything which I mentioned here. Just subscribe to our blog with your email and get the latest and fresh posts in your inbox. However, you can find us on social media to keep in touch.

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Something About Me

Muhammad Imran Nazish - MyTipsHub

My name is Muhammad Imran Nazish - the mind behind this site and the founder of MyTipsHub.com. I started blogging back in 2009 and learned blogging, search engine optimization, and how someone can make money via blogs. Here at MyTipsHub, I only share things that I know and tried.

I had some blogs on the Blogger(blogspot) platform; after spending a couple of years with blogspot, I realized that TLD (Top Level Domain) domain ranks well and higher than a sub-domain. So, I searched for a unique, attractive, short domain name and finally found www.mytipshub.com. I hope you would like it too.

I started from zero and learned multiple skills over the span of over 9+ years. Usually, every new blogger wishes to become a professional blogger and earn money 🙂 Instead of just making money, I want to become a blogger to help users FIX their problems. I am on the way to learning new things and sharing what users look for.

Blogging is not as easy as many beginners think; it takes time and patience too. But, the right strategies with smart work definitely pays off. Anyway, if you like MyTipsHub, please share it with your friends.

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