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9 Best Cheap cPanel Hosting Services 2023

cPanel hosting is probably the most affordable web hosting for shared users to set up their website under budget.

It’s a widely used web-based software that lets you manage your hosting account regarding files management, domain settings, email addresses, DNS settings, and all other stuff essential for webmasters.

Today, I am going to share some reliable cheap cPanel hosting providers that can help you start your very first website at the lowest cost.

Keep in mind one thing, do not choose a host offering lower than $1 per month hosting and try to go for ones providing services at $3 to $5 a month. Otherwise, you’ll inevitably face frequent downtimes, technical issues, slow speed, and a high bounce rate.

In addition to that, due to the slow loading speed, don’t expect high SERP rankings as well. Google algorithm doesn’t like slow sites as speed is one of its ranking factors, so always choose fast hosting.

Cheap cPanel Hosting 2023

1. BlueHost – Best Cheap cPanel Hosting Under Budget

bluehost overall best cpanel hosting

As much as building your first business website can be a daunting task, BlueHost makes it straightforward for you. In a matter of minutes, you can engage with more clients beyond the social media sphere.

Features and prices are impeccably balanced, seemingly leaving the clients with more. The annual plans offered here give you an incentive to set quarterly goals for your growing business.

For being a client, Bluehost offers numerous perks, such as free web design, free domain name, and technical support through multiple channels. The users can select live chat, phone call, or email to avail help regarding server issues or general queries.

Instead of offering the standard cPanel, they re-designed and made it colorful, which looks fantastic and delivers easy navigation. What they actually did was remove unnecessary stuff and make its layout cleaner and clutter-free. Once you log in, you can locate everything in an instant.

The basic plan comes with automated WordPress updates, an SSL certificate, a free Domain name, and one-click installation.  The higher the plans go, the more leeway clients are given to store data and have it processed and availed instantly upon request.

If your website has unusually high demands, cloud hosting would be the way to go. In the current competitive business environment, cloud hosting would mean seamless performance and fast speed across the world.

In the marketplace, you can find thousands of compatible apps to help refine your competitive strategies even further. Some include marketing tools, WordPress themes, e-commerce platforms, Image galleries, and more. All these add a touch of professionalism crucial to attracting and retaining clients.

The overall appearance is enhanced through the use of personalized icons. There is an entire range of hosting options, giving customers numerous options fitting their budgets.

2. HostGator – Cheap Shared cPanel Hosting

HostGator cheap shared cpanel hosting

This world-famous hosting provider offers services for all business needs, all at competitive prices. Since its establishment in 2002, the company has risen in stature and improved its services exponentially.

There are numerous features this cheap cPanel hosting provider offers on the basis of its solid background, chief among them being the Quick App Installer. There are more than 75 apps to choose from, all installable in a few clicks.

From the powered cPanel, one can access all major components without requiring further guidance. This is essential in creating and maintaining a user-friendly website, the only way to go in an age where competition grows by the minute.

The support offered is quite useful if not best, with site monitoring guaranteed around the clock. For the advanced users, databases, and programming they allow access to SSH, PHP, and MySQL.

Having been listed in Forbes as one of the fastest-growing companies, more than 8000,000 clients can attest to this. The pricing and plans are designed with prevailing economic conditions in price, explaining the slight adjustments over time.

Dedicated hosting, being the most expensive, posts excellent results for websites with the highest traffic. If your business has not grown to this stature yet, you could settle for VPS or cloud server, the next best offering. In this instance, businesses share the physical hardware, but each gets a private internal server, separate from the rest.

In Reseller Hosting, web development agencies find the best value for their money. Aspiring bloggers can also get started with WordPress for very modest rates. The lowest tier, shared hosting, still offers you impeccable services with several unlimited options.

When blogging, there are premium WordPress features in place to attract large audiences. Speed boosting is also a priority, ensuring you remain competitive even with limited resources. Overall, you can get affordable web hosting with cPanel from HostGator with all the bells-and-whistles to run a smoothly operational blog or business site.

3. InMotionHosting – Cheap SSD cPanel Hosting

inmotionhosting cheapest cpanel hosting

Predominantly one of the largest web hosting companies, InMotionHosting exercises independence and extends the same to clients. In industry jargon, it is referred to as the ‘nerd’s choice’, helping businesses grow exponentially.

The company is not part of Endurance International, meaning that corporate decisions are made with the client’s interest at heart. Users can get in touch with the US based support through the ticket system, mail, chat, or phone at any time.

They offer traditional shared web hosting plans from where every aspect can be managed easily like file management, DNS settings, subdomains, email accounts, etc. Setting up the site is easy, mainly involving drag and drop features or you can make use of 1-click installers, allowing easy deployment of famous CMS including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc. in a matter of few clicks.

For ultimate web hosting quality, reliability, and loading speed, the company has utilized top-notch technologies like solid state drives, server-level cache, speed optimized practices, and Turbo servers zones located in the US. Even though they utilize the latest hardware but still offer one of the cheapest panel hosting packages.

In addition to that, webmasters can integrate free CloudFlare CDN to enhance further performance. The best part is you’re allowed to upload unlimited data, get unlimited bandwidth, and two websites on the “Launch”.

When it comes to customer support, there is a broad range of FAQs, DIY guides, and tutorials. Other than that, new customers can make use of YouTube, Education Channels, and community forums to enhance their experience. Whenever support tickets are sent out, the issue is replied to within minutes.

Unlike other bigger players who rip clients off, InMotionHosting strives to deliver cheap cPanel hosting, unmatched performance, and quicker support services 24/7 round the clock. The technical knowledge herein will leave you better informed on how to manage websites efficiently.

You can get started as low as $4.19 a month (exclusive 47% off) with a free domain name, two hosted sites, free SSL certificate, security suite, marketing tools, and unmetered SSD storage as well as monthly data transfer.

It also includes infinite email accounts, 400+ one-click installers, SSH access, Google Apps integration, free backups, and a 90-days money-back guarantee. The higher packages pack with more system power like 2x and 4x performance and more hosted domains.

4. GreenGeeks


With thousands of hosted sites collectively contributing to 4,500+ pounds of Cos annually, GreenGeeks play a vital role in charting an Eco-friendly path. Besides offsetting 300% of the total power used in enhancing renewable energy, this company is optimized to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

The shared product offered by GreenGeeks is packed with quality features, giving your young business the best possible start. Users get free SSL, unlimited databases, emails, bandwidth, and websites, as well as a free domain – all these features make it a considerable cheap cPanel hosting option.

The least package also comes with unlimited SSD storage, nightly backups, a website builder, integrated CDN, and so much more! You are at liberty to choose whether your site will be hosted in Canada, the United States, or Europe depending on your target audience. This has been known to achieve real performance boost, especially in emerging markets.

They offer managed Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal application hosting alongside high-end solutions including VPS and dedicated servers. They also provide cheap reseller hosting to help individuals start own hosting company. When clients are not satisfied with the results, they are free to demand their money back within 30 days.

When businesses need more power, one can enlist for dedicated and VPN servers plans, capable of handling more traffic. Whereas other host providers offer only one core for VPS support, GreenGeeks can accommodate four.

When buying a shared hosting plan, setting up the account is extremely easy; there are more slots to fill in with higher plans. Users are at liberty to register existing domain names or requests for new ones at no cost when choose to buy an annual shared hosting account.

The standard cPanel is easy to navigate, allowing you to set up your dream website in no time. The free site builder gives you access to hundreds of templates, the best of which can be bought at a small fee. With the help of a drag-and-drop editor, you can customize themes to make own design for ultimate personalization effects matching your business. In a nutshell, if you’re low in budget, then choosing GreenGeeks would be the best decision you can make to enjoy reliable services.

5. A2Hosting


A2Hosting is an enviable high-performance cheap web hosting company based in Michigan, focusing on excellent services and unmatched customer support. Irrespective of your growing business needs, this renowned company has it all.

Since it is not a subsidiary of any web hosting giants like EIG, users get state of the art web solutions suitable for all range of needs. The performance and speed are certainly suited for competitive businesses, keeping you up to date with the latest trends. This company’s TTFB is way better than that of bigger competing brands such as BlueHost.

To ensure optimal speed and reliable performance even for the least plan, A2Hosting has global data centers positioned strategically around the world in different regions. Regardless of the visitor’s global location, they get high speed rendering and data fetching through the nearest located data center.

You can further improve the speed by utilizing CDN or free CloudFlare services. Even with TTFB contributing to speed, server distribution and location matters a lot to speed too. It is only recently that hosting companies stopped focusing solely on the US, with A2Hosting leading the pack in venturing outside.

This company displays a lot of transparency and independence when allocating clients enough freedom to conduct their affairs. Their resources facilitate the provision of comprehensive results; the client never has to go looking elsewhere. Its size is not too big, giving staff enough time to deal with all clients satisfactorily.

Unlike other cheap cPanel hosts that are entirely owned by the biggest names in the industry like EIG, this one is founder-owned. For ultimate performance, you can choose Turbo servers to enjoy blazing fast speeds and web page loading.

There are multiple features that are customizable to the client’s specifications, making the experience more fulfilling. The price point is set below the market standards, giving even more opportunities for new website owners to grow. There is immense versatility among the disk space, databases, and domains across the different plans.

As a client, your business receives guidance to help it steer through the murky waters; a sleek website is only minutes away! Other than that, product setup and onboarding are pretty straightforward. All shared hosting plans yield unlimited SSD web hosting, unmetered bandwidth, and much more.

6. FastComet – Cheap Cloud cPanel Hosting

fastcomet cheap cpanel hosting

With over 45,000 clients in 83 countries, FastComet has its servers precisely located in Tokyo, London, Amsterdam, Chicago, Singapore, and other large cities. Being among the few private hosting companies, it faces stiff competition from the domineering counterparts.

Started back in 2009, they are in this business for more than 9 years. Recently they launched public cloud hosting services finely tuned for PaaS (platform as a Services). All servers no matter shared or dedicated, powered by cloud infrastructure. So, you get cheaper cPanel hosting backed by cloud architecture ensuring unbeatable services.

The average 99.98% uptime means that your website will hardly experience slow speeds even in shared hosting. When one requests for support, it is availed fast and with a personal touch. As a small team, they are able to work intensely fast in offering the best solutions. The friendly service cannot be matched by most competitors, leave alone the market leaders. It is evidently clear that the company invests heavily in ensuring clients are given the best attendance.

Offering you an extended money-back guarantee, FastComet allows you to demand your cashback within 45 days. This shows the great confidence they place in their services and personnel. You will not have to worry about losing your site data, thanks to the free daily backups provided. If any disruption happens, the latest saved version will installed automatically. The most you will get is a notification from support, alerting you of the corrective measures taken.

For data to load fast anywhere and for anyone, FastComet offers free CDN for coverage across worldwide servers. There are over 150 applications to make site management easy, all geared towards generating you more revenue.

Upon signup, this company helps you in migrating from your previous hosting service for no charge. The team of experts works together in transitioning your site and adding intuitive features in the process. In less than an hour, it’s all done.

The shared hosting plans are divided into three different sections named StartSmart, ScaleRight, and Speedup. As a starter, you can pick the very first StartSmart” which costs only $2.95/mo for a 3-year subscription and includes 15 GB storage, 25k monthly visitors, 2 GB RAM, and 2 CPU Cores.

Furthermore, 7-day backup feature store your content offsite with no restore fees. However, the SpeedUp account kept the last 30-days backups.

7. TMDHosting


Having been around the block for more than 10 years, this hosting company has an extensive range of all-inclusive services. Customers can pick from WHM reseller hosting, managed WordPress and VPS hosting to name a few.

Regardless of the website location, the global coverage ensures that pages load instantly. As one goes higher in the business plans, so does the diversity of features and the benefit they hold for any business.

In a rare show of confidence, TMDHosting offers you an extensive 60-day money-back guarantee; this is double what other competitors like BlueHost offer. The monthly prices are flexible and take into account the range of services offered.

Once payment is finalized for any chosen plan, the support team works tirelessly to migrate your entire website within hours. By paying upfront, new customers enjoy services at a reduced fee and a free domain. When creating your site, every step is clearly explained, taking a minimal amount of time to set up.

Once you log in to your account, access to every standard tool is granted, helping you in managing sub-domains, email accounts, ftp access, file manager, etc. easily. From the knowledge-base, one can access many tutorials to help with the initial steps. Clients can also learn from the numerous questions and answers available, providing solutions to what is bothering you.

This web hosting service is best suited for a wide array of professions and interests. Their cPanel hosting packages are further distributed into several tiers from which one can choose, the cheapest cPanel hosting plan costs $2.95 per month.

Top-shelf security features are monitored by a team of dedicated professionals around the clock, ensuring that your sensitive data remains intact. Regardless of the mode of contact you choose, customer support will be with you within 15 minutes.

8. WebHostingHub


Started as an ambitious project by InMotion, its parent company, this establishment seeks to cater to the professional blogger market and startups. The Linux system is capable of running most apps and websites without a fuss.

For this reason, the company only offers shared cheap cPanel web hosting tuned for all popular content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, and Concrete5, etc. with expensive plans like VPS or Dedicated servers. The main difference between the shared packages is the number of databases required and the websites which can be hosted.

When getting started, customers are advised to opt for the entry-level Spark plan. After that, one can advance to the Nitro plan for growing sites. Ultimately, every business owner aspires to have an established site running on the Dynamo plan.

Should any of the features fail to serve you sufficiently, the company allows you to request for money back within 90 days. All the cPanel web hosting plans come with free SSL certification, unlimited bandwidth, and SSD storage, as well as a free domain name.

The easy to use cPanel enables even beginners to manage their blogs efficiently. For files not to be accessed by unauthorized personnel, SSH tunnels are built-in for secure transfer. The feature-set and functionality can be extended with a one-click installation tool.

There is no limitation as to when one can upgrade or downgrade their current account. The two data centers tasked with handling all the customer data are located in Virginia Beach and LA, California, ensuring incredible reception across America.

Besides hosting your domains, this company also offers design packages, fully customizable. Small and medium businesses stand to benefit the most from the flexible subscriptions which come with in-house design specialization.

The top-notch support ensures minimal downtime, meaning that your visitors will not go elsewhere. One can reach out anytime via email, telephone, ticketing system, and Skype regarding technical support. You get free cPanel access from WebHostingHub using which one can manage domain names, account, and billing options.

9. NameCheap – Cheapest cPanel Hosting Provider

Last but not least, NameCheap is particularly attractive to upcoming businesses due to the insanely lowest pricing with good service provision. Before the company became an official web hosting service in 2007, it had spent 7 years as an independent domain registrar.

Clients can choose from WordPress, reseller, VPS, dedicated and shared hosting. Recently, they redesigned the entire hosting plans infrastructure to provide high reliability, SSD space, and free CDN integration. NameCheap is a popular domain registrar, now striving to make an impact in the web hosting industry.

There are no hidden fees attached to any cPanel web hosting plans, assuring customers of the best value for their money.  As an honest company, you will not be subjected to up-selling and renewal structures.

Right from choosing a domain name to setting up the website, this company defines instant hosting. This solid bargain also offers a 100% uptime guarantee, meaning more conversions for you.

However, in my experience, they are capable of delivering 99.8% uptime and some months even 99.95%.

The shared hosting option is hard to beat, offering better services than competitors for a fraction of the price. As the business grows, there are 2 higher options to settle into.

Giving you a fresh experience, new customers are not faced with countless upsets as they try to navigate their way. To a great extent, signing up is a fun learning experience, thanks to the simple and intuitive backend.

Managed WordPress hosting remains arguably the most favorite option, owing to the numerous perks offered freely. Along the way, the support staff is more than willing to helping in molding you into a webmaster. The security features and tips show precisely how to protect your website in case it’s attacked.

Data centers are located in Europe and North America, with a global reach being the ultimate objective. Other users from around the globe receive superior coverage and services as well.

This company focuses on ensuring the primary visitor locations are sufficiently served, guaranteeing you incredible uptime. As a result, NameCheap helps small businesses grow steadily and establish their place in the global market.

Best vs. Cheap vs. Cheapest cPanel Hosting – What’s the Difference?

Believe it or not, we can compare best vs. cheap hosts regarding uptime, customer support, and service reliability but when it comes to the cheapest hosting, things start getting weird.

But, how?

Each company doesn’t work the same way, right? When a host claims to offer the lowest cost web hosting, you would have to compromise on a few things like limited storage, slow speed, or inexperienced technical support. All of this stuff costs money especially an experienced support team.

You might be surprised to know that this factor alone (support) impacts drastically on any product’s price and the same goes for web hosting. You should stay away from a host who claims to provide under $1 hosting a month and promise to deliver ultimate performance, that’s impossible.

However, if your priority is peace of mind web hosting with cPanel and ultimate uptime then always prefer to choose “Best” hosts like SiteGround and InMotionHosting.

After that, you can also try “Cheap” (such as BlueHost) providers delivering all the essential features to run a fully operational blog.

Don’t fall in love with big promises like free marketing credits, freebies, or SEO tools, etc. these are just marketing tactics and in most cases, not helpful for starters.

cPanel vs Plesk, What’s the Difference?

Plesk and cPanel are two most famous GUI based web hosting account management softwares packed with different functionalities to simplify technical settings through a graphical interface.

There is not any significant difference except that both runs on different infrastructure.

The cPanel software runs on Linux based machines whereas Plesk is an MS Windows product, so it requires a Windows operating system to take benefits.

The primary purpose of these control panels is making the management process of your websites easy so you can choose any according to your requirements.

Keep in mind, cPanel web hosting costs less money whereas Plesk hosting usually demands higher monthly fees.

Plesk is also essential if you’re planning to utilize ASP or ASP.net, etc. applications. In a nutshell, it solely depends on your budget and usage to decide on which one you choose.

What’s the “Best” Cheap cPanel Hosting Service?

It’s human nature to be stuck between multiple products when it comes to deciding which one would be the best option for their needs, isn’t it?

Though I already explained each and every cPanel host with all the necessary details, but it will be my pleasure to help you pick the most suitable hosting for your projects.

I would prefer to choose BlueHost for many reasons, including SSD hosting, incredible uptime, round-the-clock guru technical staff, and custom in-house made tools such as control panel, pro-active system monitoring, and robust account isolation to prevent each user’s data. Plus, they also offer a 30-day money guarantee to secure your money.

A2Hosting and InMotionHosting are runner-up companies providing affordable solutions to a range of customers, from individual users to enterprises.

They utilized solid state drives and rip-roaring system hardware to deliver state-of-the-art hosting with bells and whistles. Both allow unlimited storage and bandwidth so users can host high-traffic websites with no issues.

So, which cheap cPanel hosting you’re going to choose?

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