17 Best Linode Alternatives and Competitors 2024 (#1 is FREE)

Best Linode Alternatives for Affordable Cloud Servers 2024 [$0.004/hr]

Are you frustrated and stuck in determining which one is the best Linode alternative?

You might agree with me when I say, choosing the right cloud hosting is a tricky job compared to shared web hosting.

Plus, it can cost you more money without knowing for what purposes you’re going to get a cloud server.

Before making any decision, you must figure out how much storage, bandwidth, RAM, CPUs, and features are essential for your project.

Why Linode Alternatives?

Sometimes you may end up buying a cloud server having higher resources than your requirement or pick a plan with extra stuff. Either way, it will cost you extra money.

Linode offers cheap cloud hosting servers with adequate resources to maintain small or medium applications and websites. They also have various customer support options such as email tickets, tutorials, and a knowledge base section for self-help.

Users having experience managing cloud servers can easily get help through tutorials and knowledge hub along with 24/7 available experts. But the main issue is there is no instant live chat, which could be the biggest problem for some users.

Furthermore, they don’t offer customer support for Windows OS as the entire cloud platform is built for Linux based applications and development environments. Thanks to full control over your cloud machine, you can still install Windows operating system. But you won’t get any official technical support from Linode either through tickets or tutorials.

If they failed to satisfy you, use any Linode alternative listed below to get the required features and benefits. I’ve listed the best cloud providers that offer high performance, ultimate uptime, and low latency across the world. I also included some Linode competitors that provide cheaper rates than Linode with higher server specifications.

For better understanding, with each alternative to Linode, I mentioned the purpose for which it would perform better – so, you can pick the right one comfortably with less effort thus save time.

17 Best Linode Alternatives and Competitors 2024

1. Kamatera – Highly Recommended

Kamatera, similar to Linode, is a cloud service provider, but its entry-level server can be availed as low as $4 per month capable of running both Windows and Linux operating systems. It’s also compatible with deploying hundreds of other OS and apps as well.

That said, no matter if you’re a blogger or developer, they allow you to install the most suitable development environment in a few seconds – probably under 60 seconds. Their bleeding-edge cloud infrastructure backed advanced hardwares and instant provisioning.

I am sure you guessed the user friendliness as well as Kamatera’s platform flexibility by knowing the above fact of instant under one-minute cloud server deployment. Their intuitive control panel comes with a simple management console to allow ultimate control and scalability.

Through the central console, you can make use of their robust API for remote executions and automate the process of your apps for a maximum outcome. With premium customer support accessible 24-7 through phone call and email, you also get a 30-day free trial.

For diverse global access, they have 18 data centers located in 4 continents resulting in not only high performance but optimum availability as well.

All data centers utilizing the most advanced hardware, solid state drives, 40Gbit network bandwidth, and N+1 redundancy resilience (for automatic backup activation in case of emergency).

Besides custom configuration, you can also choose from pre-made servers starting at $4/month offering 1 vCPU, 1024MB memory, and 20GB SSD space.

2. Vultr

Vultr is one of the best but cheap cloud hosting providers and allows you to deploy cloud servers in under 60 seconds. You can choose from 32 data centers located strategically in the most crowded cities to maintain server load. The best thing I like is solid state drives for storage, they offer SSD based cloud even at the lowest rates with Intel-powered processors.

The simple yet powerful platform built in a way to install any supported operating system in no time. They also backup your cloud server, take snapshots, free block storage, and startup scripts. Like many Linode alternatives, you can also access and manage your server via SSH command lines. The advanced dashboard comes in handy for reinstalling OS, reboot, reimage, and checking console with the help of one mouse click. Vultr provides root administrator access and easy API integration as well.

You can buy Vultr Cloud Compute VC2, Block storage, and Dedicated instance plans with 24/7 customer support through live chat. The very first cloud plan cost you only $2.50 p/m with 1 CPU, 512 MB RAM, and 500GB bandwidth. While facing any setback, you can find and ask for solutions for your problems in the community forum or either contact the support.

3. DreamHost – Bloggers, Webmasters, and Developers

DreamHost is an old player in the web hosting business and operating since 1996. They offer various hosting solutions like shared, cloud, dedicated, VPS web hosting and a domain name provider. Due to outstanding services, WordPress.org also listed them as a recommended WordPress hosting.

You can run any application like MongoDB, Redis, Python, Ruby, and Node.js on their servers engineered with Ceph and OpenStack. All cloud servers by DreamHost uses flash drives for incredible user experience.

Their un-managed servers are compatible with running MS Windows, BSD, and Linux. Furthermore, you get SSH access, accelerated networks, and next-generation processors to execute tasks fastly.

They offer two types of cloud storage; “DreamCompute” and “DreamObjects” at insanely cheapest rates. You can grab DreamCompute starter plan at the cost of just $4.50 p/m with 1 vCPU 512MB RAM, 80GB space, 100GB free block storage, and free bandwidth.

You can create your cloud server within or less than 30 seconds and can bill on a monthly or hourly basis. Your investment is also covered by 97 days money-back guarantee. Their award-winning customer support team is always there to help you fix issues within no time.

4. CloudSigma

CloudSigma is the best alternative for Linode with having 11 data center positions. They are operating since 2009 and helping developers, Paas/SaaS, and big data management companies with a flexible cloud environment. You can craft server environments as per your need and resize for higher system resources.

All of their plans give you full control and versatility along with running un-customized operating systems like Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, etc. on your cloud server. They also let you choosing custom resources for your cloud computing requirements.

CloudSigma offers a 7-day free trial to interpret its cloud capabilities. Also, you don’t have to require a credit card for the trial account. There is no fixed plan instead, the company has made some plans for better illustration.

For example;  the “Small-2” with 1 CPU core, 1GB of RAM, 50GB SSD storage, 5TB bandwidth, and unlimited IOPS at the cost of just $14 p/m. It is way expensive than Linode, but you get 30GB more space and 4TB extra bandwidth. You can choose the right configurations as per your needs.

They have custom server options as well as high-end servers having up to 128GB RAM and 40 CPU cores. However, each server equipped with SSD’s, advanced hardware, 10Gig network, custom KVM, and instant alerts. You can get customer support via multiple ways like 24/7 live chat and community forum.

5. CloudWays – Bloggers and Developers

CloudWays is handling thousands of customers on their platform by providing cloud hosting from top-notch cloud computing services.

It was founded in 2011 and gained massive esteem due to quality services and can be used as a Linode alternative. They offer managed server and PaaS platform that help you create, analyze, and monitor applications using high-end cloud providers.

Deploying an instance is incredibly easy, all you have to do is, choose platform (or CMS), name it, pick the hosting provider, assign server size, and select data center location. Now just hit launch and you’re ready to go. You can increase resources with fewer clicks anytime as CloudWays allows easy scalability.

They offer various cloud infrastructure providers including Google Cloud, AWS, Vultr, DigitalOcean, and Kayup. The basic plan comes just at $10 p/m with 1GB RAM, 1 CPU, 25GB storage, and 1 TB bandwidth.

They also give you free SSL certificates and unlimited Apps. Though their prices are a bit high but it worths your money. On top of that, you can contact the support 24/7 via live chat, ticketing system, or request a call.

6. DigitalOcean – Developers

DigitalOcean is also a well-known plus leading cloud hosting provider in the industry. It was founded in 2011 by Ben Uretsky, has data centers worldwide for non-disrupted service. It’s a New York-headquartered company. DigitalOcean is serving many influential companies such as HP, SalesForce, Akamai, Xerox, and Flipkart, etc.

You can create cloud instances with complete SSH access under 55 seconds on an SSD equipped server along with flexible scalability. Their robust control panel has a one-click button to install any supported CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc. as well as increasing system resources. You can easily scale up storage, RAM, CPU, or whatever you need.

All of their servers powered by the 40Gbps lightning-fast network to avoid downtimes and interruption. You can also set up custom alerts to monitor performance metrics and use it for better results which also help in decreasing resource consumption. There is a wide range of open source applications available (Rails, MongoDB, Redis, Docker, Node.js, etc.) that you can install.

Load balancing feature can enhance performance and its pre-configured setting can handle sudden traffic spikes to make your website/application available around the clock. You can also optimize your app/site overall performance with this feature.

At the price of $5 p/m, you get 1GB RAM, 1CPU, 25GB SSD hosting, and 1TB monthly bandwidth. For support services, they have only one way which is ticketing system, pretty limited which could be a major pain for users to look alternatives for DigitalOcean droplets.

7. Host1Plus/Heficed – Developers

Host1Plus was founded in 2008 with the core purpose of serving high quality, reliable, and stable web storage. They have a team of experts who try their utmost to innovate advanced hosting solutions for rock-solid server performance and they are truly successful in this.

This is why now managing more than 70,000 customers around the world. Also, empowering many international and local companies such as Avast, Fedora, ExpressVPN, PureVPN, and IVACY, ISPA, INX, and AFRINIC are few names.

They have flexible scaling environment to upgrade server resources whenever you need, no matter if it’s a cloud, shared hosting, or any other plan. Plus, you also get full control over your cloud server, can install any allowed OS, and have 4 data center locations.

Their computing machines are built on modern technology, equipped with powerful Intel Xeon E5 v3 processors, DDR4 RAM, upto 32 IPv4 addresses, and IPv6 support.

Cloud hosting servers also accommodate KVM virtualization, API access, routine backups, 1 free IPv4, 10G network for redundant supply, pre-installed templates, VNC console, SSH access, and live stats dashboard. In fact, you get all the essentials required for smooth operations.

Host1Plus offers routine data backups for a small fee as well. They offer 24/7 customer support via live chat, tickets, and also maintain a knowledge base section for self-help.

Host1Plus has plans for both Linux and Windows users. You can buy “LIN1” plan with 1 CPU core, 512MB RAM, 20GB disk space, and 2TB data transfer at the price of $8 p/m. Whereas Windows plans are a little bit expensive as usual, it costs $25 p/m for 2 CPU cores, 4GB of RAM, 100GB disk space, and extensive 6TB data transfer. Here keep in mind, Windows server license will cost you an extra $10 monthly per virtual machine. All plans are covered by 14 days money-back guarantee.

8. Atlantic.net – Developers

Atlantic.net is another best alternative to Linode for quality and affordable cloud hosting. It was started back in 1994 by Manoj “Marty” Puranik and Jose Sanchez. They provide easy to utilize, sustainable, fast, and SSD storage for every type of user from individual to business owners.

They have data servers built with cutting-edge computing infrastructure to deliver maximum flexibility and performance. Developers and businesses can pick any plan or OS that best fits their needs. You get lightning-fast SSD’s in cloud servers, 100% uptime guarantee, RAID-10 storage, and choice to choose from 6 data centers.

Their “General Purpose” cloud package costs $10 p/m for Linux and $15 p/m for Windows-based servers with the following specifications; 1GB of RAM, 1 vCPU, 40GB SSD cloud storage, and 3TB monthly data transfer. Though, prices are not cheap compared to Linode but still reasonable as you get high storage (20GB more) and bandwidth (+2TB more) than Linode.

Moreover, there are also other plans available for different purposes including Compute optimized, Storage optimized, and Memory optimized. You can get an additional IPv4 address, cPanel & WHM by paying fewer fees. For customer support, Atlantic.net assist you 24/7 through live chat, phone, and email.

9. CloudCone

We just analyzed and thoroughly researched CloudCone, which is another cheaper cloud host offering affordable yet Zeus (Intel Xeon processors) powered cloud instance with robust 1 TBP/s DDoS attack protection across the network feature.

The platform work on the basis of a pay-as-you-go billing system which means you only pay for what you use rather than paying for a bundled plan. CloudCone provides multiple products for different user’s needs include cloud server, dedicated and private Hypervisors for the fully dedicated environment.

Along with global 52 CDN locations to cache your content for lightning-fast delivery, dedicated servers are powered by the leading Dell Inc. so you get reliable services. Where many companies lack cPanel hosting, CloudCone also has cPanel enabled shared hosting for both static and PHP websites (coming soon).

Email cloud based storage also available capable of zero blacklistings as well as high deliverability. With starting at just $3.71/mo or $0.00496/hr, you get 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, 20GB space, and 1 IPv4 address. Resource scaling is dead simple, thanks to platform flexibility. You must give them a TRY.

10. Scaleway

This platform lets you choose the cloud that makes sense according to your demands and requirements. You can easily manage multi-cloud architectures as a cloud-native or even as a beginner, thanks to the excellent and advanced tools this platform has in store for you.

The multi-cloud infrastructure and tools let you gain sovereignty in no time. Scaleway is considered to be Europe’s most complete cloud ecosystem on which you can quickly build, deploy and scale your applications without any hassle.

From elastic metal to server-less architecture and everything that comes in between, the platform can host everything you code. The price model is quite flexible, and you have the choice of paying hourly or monthly.

The price-to-performance ratio of this platform is the best in the market, and you are allowed to scale your business without scaling your billing.

Additionally, the simple voicing process ensures that you get automated invoices that are enough to explain what you have been using without adding any hidden cost.

A few of the benefits that you get to enjoy while using this platform include 24/7 live chat support to make sure your infrastructure is always up and running, excellent experience with API access, easy-to-use console to ensure you get the best experience while managing your cloud products, and true cloud ecosystem which offer you world-class and seamless cloud experience.

Bonus, the pricing is entirely predictable and starts with a meager price of just 0.057 USD per hour. Best of all, their data centers are carbon-neutral, and they pay close attention to water and electricity resources and recycle their hardware.

11. UpCloud

Looking for resilient Cloud Servers, providing high performance, and belonging to the next generation? UpCloud is your go-to option. These cloud servers require no upfront cost or commitments, and you can get started within seconds with its fast deployment.

Once you have deployed, you can easily scale up depending on your requirements, thanks to the flexible configurations this platform offers. Get started easily and quickly with the resources you need, and you can scale up with just a few clicks anytime you need. The flexibility of the platform provides high and consistent performance since enterprise-grade CPUs power it.

UpCloud is exceptionally rich in features and offers them in quite an affordable price range. The world-class hardware includes the latest enterprise processors, which are excellent for providing you the best performance no matter the amount of workload.

All of the cloud servers are deployed with MaxIOPS storage technology, through which you can create and boot up your new cloud servers within just 45 seconds.

The team behind this platform is quite sure about the service level they provide and can ensure a 50x payback guarantee and 100% SLA if the downtime exceeds more than five minutes.

They have simple and flexible plans in store for you. When it comes to simple plans, there are ten plans that you can choose from.

The first plan starts at 5 USD/month or 0.007 USD/hour and offers 1GB memory, 1 CPU core, 25GB MaxIOPS storage, and 1TB transfer and goes up to the tenth plan starting at 640 USD/month or 0.952 USD/hour and offers 128GB memory, 20 CPU cores, 2048GB MaxIOPS storage and 24TB transfer.

For flexible plans, you are allowed to freely pick only the resources you want and not the pre-set bundles.

12. Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail allows you to build your websites and applications quite fast, and that too at a pretty low cost. Using the pre-configured cloud resources, you can automatically configure access, networking, and security environments and create your website or application in just a few clicks.

Not only are you allowed to scale as you grow or migrate to the broader ecosystem of AWS as per your demands. The platform offers easy-to-use VPS instances, storage, containers, and databases at a cost-effective monthly price.

In just a few clicks, you can build and personalize your blogs and personal or e-commerce websites with pre-configured applications like Magento, WordPress, Joomla, etc.

The features of this platform include virtual servers or instances that are backed by power and reliability and are extremely easy to set up. As a Lightsail customer, you can securely and run containerized applications in just a few clicks.

Using simplified load balancers, you can accommodate variations in traffic and get to enjoy a seamless visitor experience along with protection against outages. The fully configured managed databases of MySQL and PostgreSQL include processing, memory, storage, and transfer allowance.

The block and object storage allows you to scale your storage quickly and easily with highly available SSD-backed storage.

There are Linux and Windows virtual servers you can select from. The Linux servers start from $3.5/mo and offer 512GB memory, 1 core processor, 20GB SSD disk, and 1Tb transfer and go up to $160/mo and offer 32GB memory, 8 core processors, 640GB SSD disk and 7TB transfer.

For Windows virtual servers, the plans start from $8/mo and offer 512GB memory, 1 core processor, 30GB SSD disk, and 1TB transfer and go up to $240/mo and offer 32GB memory, 8 core processors, 640GB SSD disk and 7TB transfer.

13. Togglebox

Providing you with better performance and uptimes compared to traditional VPS hosting services, Togglebox is a well-known managed cloud VPS with high availability.

It is an enterprise cloud VPS hosting service that comes with added disaster recovery and SSD storage specifically designed for production environments.

The disaster recovery takes place thanks to the hourly and daily backups capable of providing solid data protection without requiring any complicated setups or coding changes.

The pricing is quite flexible, and you can decide to pay either monthly, for three months at once, or for six months at one on a yearly basis. The platform is excellent for development servers and small websites because of the low entry costs that the majority of platforms fail to provide.

If you are someone who gets to change VPS resources quite frequently, hourly cloud VPS is recommended for you. This hourly cloud VPS lets you adjust your billing automatically, and you can easily add, remove or scale your VPS whenever you want to.

For pricing, you can calculate the prices of your cloud using a cloud cost calculator. The calculator allows you to calculate the total price by computing the various amount of RAM, CPU, storage, off-cloud backups, and networking IPs.

For 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 20GB storage, 20GB off-cloud backups, and 1 IP networking, it costs you around 9 USD per month, 25.65 USD for a three-month subscription with 5% off, 48.6 USD for a six-month subscription with 10% off, and 86.40 USD yearly with 20% off.

14. InMotionHosting Cloud

InMotion is an excellent web hosting platform that guarantees to provide you with secure cloud hosting that is capable of growing your business. Not only is the cloud VPS scalable, but it is also quite reliable to give you the performance that you must be looking for.

For heavy technical users unable to manage the VPS themselves, the platform provides a self-managed cloud that takes almost all of your burden off your shoulders.

The managed cloud hosting provides you with safety and security through dedicated IP address and DDoS protection, complete control with your choice of Linux OS, a high performance due to built-in redundancy, and flexibility, allowing you to quickly deploy, meeting your project’s budget and requirements.

You can easily adjust the workload capacity on the platform and allocate and partition hardware resources without any hassle.

There are eight plans that InMotion has sorted out for you. The first plan starts from 5 USD per month and offers 1GB RAM, 1 CPU, 25GB SSD storage, and 1TB transfer and goes up to the 8th plan starting from 160 USD per month and offers 32GB RAM, 8 CPUs, 640GB SSD storage and 7TB transfer.

All of the plans that this platform has in store for you have various features, including high availability that is monitored continuously and available 24/7, dedicated IP protecting your online reputation, live-state and scheduled snapshots for easy rollbacks, allowing you to choose your own operating system, enterprise-grade feed data centers, and resource monitoring dashboard that shows server’s load usage, RAM and bandwidth disk.

15. HostWinds

Do you want to get started with a cloud server that has dedicated resources exclusively lined up for you according to your demands? HostWinds is here to cater to your needs. The platform takes only minutes to get your server up and running and is quite fast and reliable to ease the whole process out for you.

You can deploy quite instantly and easily since the server takes only seconds to run. At the same time, the hourly billing system makes it convenient for you to only pay for the resources that you use rather than subscribing to a pre-configured plan.

The cloud control panel is specifically designed to help you create your servers and control them.

All the cloud servers come with excellent features, including a 1 Gbps port, solid-state drives, snapshots, 99.9999% uptime, free website transfer, custom ISOs, availability in multiple locations, guaranteed friendliness, and an enterprise firewall.

The redundant network feature provides stability to make sure there is no single point of failure, while the nightly backups keep your cloud server’s data always protected. You can now sit back and relax since the cloud management team is always ready to provide you with the solutions with their full management feature.

When it comes to pricing, it is billed hourly, giving you the freedom of selecting the cloud server that works the best for you.

The first plan out of ten plans starts at 0.006931 USD per hour and offers 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 30GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth, and it goes up to 0.456931 USD per hour while providing 16 CPU, 96GB RAM, 750GB storage, and 9TB bandwidth.

16. ScalaHosting

If you can’t take out much of your precious time to manage your cloud servers, ScalaHosting can take the burden off your shoulders by providing you with your own cloud, which is fully managed by their team of experts.

Compared to traditional hosting, the platform guarantees to provide you with robust cybersecurity and faster load times. The simple, 100% worry-free, affordable services, unlimited bandwidth, and domain names are the cherry on top. Even during traffic spikes, high performance with excellent speed is guaranteed thanks to the premium networking and 100% SSD storage without any additional cost.

ScalaHosting has some excellent features in store for you to make your Cloud hosting experience a breeze of cool air. The experts are trained to set up, maintain and optimize everything for you while being available 24/7/365 to look after your needs.

Additionally, they have around 35 or more data centers located globally, so you can select the location closest to your residence to get the best performance you expect. With a free website migration feature, the platform is responsible for migrating all your websites absolutely free of cost and verifying them so that they run smoothly, and free SSL certificates are also included.

They have four plans in store for you. The Start plan charges $14.95/mo and offers 2 CPU core, 4GB RAM, 50GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth.

The Advanced plan charges $32.95/mo and offers 3 CPU core, 6GB RAM, 80GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth.

The Business plan charges $72.95/mo and offers 5 CPU core, 10GB RAM, 160GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth.

The Enterprise plan charges $152.95/mo and offers 9 CPU cores, 18GB RAM, 320GB SSD, and unmetered bandwidth.

All of these plans include free website migration, 24/7 management, free domain, free SSL certificates, daily disaster recovery backups, and many more features.

17. OVHCloud

The Public cloud by this platform is relatively easy-to-use and lets you focus entirely on your projects to develop and deploy your software solutions. Working with the best hardware, OVHCloud is known for working on a large scale and offering infrastructure and solutions with the best price-to-performance ratio available in the market.

Your Public Cloud instances get maximum power since each resource is adjusted and configured thoroughly. In order to offer you total flexibility, all the cloud options are available on demand.

The cloud computing instances by OVHCloud include guaranteed resources that let you enjoy an extensive range of uses. GPU enables you to get the most powerful cloud to compute instances which are around 1000 times faster than CPU and suitable for parallel processing.

For big data applications and databases, ultra-fast IOPs are designed along with NVMe drives. Additionally, the platform lets you start your public cloud journey having shared resources by delivering stable performance, and that too at a price that doesn’t cost your arms or legs.

If you choose to be billed monthly, you get to enjoy an off, which is equivalent to 50% off on the hourly rate. When it comes to pricing, you get to pay after choosing Linux or Windows OS and if you want to get billed hourly or monthly.

There are absolutely no hidden costs, and API calls for storage or network traffic for instances are free on this platform. The compute instances have five plans in store for you, starting from $26.4/mo and offering 7GB memory, 2 vCores, 50GB SSD storage, 250 Mbps public network guaranteed, and 300 Mbps private network.

The high-end package costs $390/mo offering 120GB memory, 32vCores, 400GB SSD storage, 10 Gbps public network guaranteed, and 4 Gbps private network. On their website, you can learn about all other pricing, including CPU, RAM, GPU, and IOPs.


So, these are recommended alternative services for exceptional cloud hosting with essential features. All of these cloud hosting providers have different cloud plans to serve every kind of user no matter if they are developers, bloggers, webmasters, businesses, or small organizations. Anyone can choose a plan which best suits their needs.

However, I recommend Kamatera (Top-Rated), Vultr (Cheapest but reliable solution), and DreamHost for bloggers if your plan is building a website on WordPress or migrating an existing website. DreamHost has years of experience and one of the top web hosting providers. It is also an officially recommended WordPress host. On the other hand, DigitalOcean also has a great reputation and a massive customer base for reliable cloud hosting.

Developers can go with Kamatera for unmanaged servers to get full control and a flexible environment. They offer live chat support for quick help and a giant knowledge base to fix your issues. You can choose from Linux and Windows cloud plans with powerful API, KVM virtualization, and Custom ISO.

So, these are some considerable alternatives for an unbeatable cloud experience along with all the essential features to run a smooth cloud server. So, which one you think is the more convenient Linode alternative, and why? Share your valuable feedback below in the comments.

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