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Top 10 SquareSpace Alternatives 2018: Top Website Builder Softwares

Despite the fact that SquareSpace is an excellent yet affordable hosted website builder software to create almost all kind of websites including eCommerce, blogging, portfolio, and business sites, there are still some cons that urge users to look for SquareSpace alternative services. Though they provide beginner’s friendly solutions for non-developer customers to set up and design […]

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What is URL Redirection ? [Most Commonly Used Types]

URL Redirection is the process of forwarding or transferring visitors from one URL to another URL. For example; if you redirect/forward to, and when you browse you will automatically redirect to These implements are made from the server side and to do these changes you’ll need cPanel/DNS settings access for the domain which you […]

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Top 11 Best Blogging Cameras for Bloggers and Vloggers 2018

Having the best camera for blogging, vlogging, or photography can take the quality of your videos and photos to the next level. Isn’t it? The camera with high pixel resolution, fine aperture, image stabilization, and high frames per second delivers robust and marvelous results for both imaging and video shooting. So, before starting your career in video content creation, you […]

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