15 Best Grammarly Alternatives and Similar Apps 2020

15 Best Grammarly Alternatives and Similar Apps to Use in 2020

Let me guess why are you looking for a better Grammarly alternative;

  • The free account offers limited features
  • Its premium version is quite expensive
  • No free plagiarism checker, it requires a paid account
  • Sometimes behave annoyingly

No doubt, Grammarly is an excellent tool to write error-free content. It works pretty well for students, writers, and bloggers. But if you don’t like Grammarly (maybe because of high monthly fees) and looking for similar spelling and grammar checker tools, here in this blog post, I will share the best Grammarly alternatives including some free ones.

Being human, we all make common and complex mistakes even professionals can do. Writing can be a nerve-wracking task, not only for non-native but also for native English speakers to some extent.

Like people say, three eyes are better than two. So, it’s always the right approach to have a proofreader tool that scans all of your contents and detect grammatical errors.

15 Best Grammarly Alternatives and Competitors 2020

1. ProWritingAid – Overall Best


The very first grammarly alternative to consider is the ProWritingAid, the reason for this top pick is the price comparison with Grammarly. It is available for less and provides access to a whole lot of new and improved features than Grammarly. 

The writing styles provided to the user by ProWritingAid somewhat resemble those provided by Grammarly however, there are a few overall changes in the context or tone of writing formats. The choice of templates is completely on the user and the ProWritingAid provides with multiple writing templates such as academic writing. Formal/informal writing, business/financial writing, script writing, web content, and multiple others depending on your need at the moment.

Suppose you have to write a manuscript, you can only edit it limitedly by using any other editing software including grammarly as well. But ProWritingAid provides an exclusive feature that is the manuscript editing so you can make it better and edit to the best of your needs. This inclusion is actually provided with the original package with no extra costs whatsoever. It intelligently interprets the writing style and the contextual meaning of words used in the manuscript and helps the users to edit accordingly. You can improve grammar, spelling mistakes or improve the overall sentence structure as well.

ProWritingAid like Grammarly can incorporate your content over the editing dashboard without using any copy/paste commands. But the difference lies in getting a sophisticated range of importing and the integration tools as well which Grammarly doesn’t provide. 

The ProWritingAid is fairly intuitive, which means you get to work with some of the most esteemed features provided by any editing software on the internet. To solidify this claim you will be amazed that ProWritingAid dashboard allows the user to attach their social media counts such as Facebook, Twitter along with other multi-purpose social sites, Google Docs, Office, and variety of other editing tools you work with onto one platform. 

And if all of this wasn’t enough for you to digest the ProWritingAid has some more tricks up their sleeves to make their offer palatable. Have you ever heard of single editing software that offers plagiarism checking services along with other editing services? Probably not, that is why you will have an amazing experience working with ProWritingAid, it does provide with dual services such as of editing your content and checking it against any potential sources of plagiarism. 

You can view your content from a perspective of word uniqueness and then can edit/eliminate the red flags appointed by the plagiarism checking tool provided by ProWritingAid. Sophisticated now, isn’t it?

On a closing note, just when you are tempted enough into trying this amazing tool, the ProWritingAid throws another offer to finally knock the deal out of the park; it is the availability of words thesaurus. It allows you to review your content from a perspective of vocabulary, adding different and unique words throughout your content to make its final score a whole lot better than it ever could be.

If you feel interested enough then you can visit the official website of the ProWritingAid and subscribe to this amazing service to avail all of its dedicated features hopefully over a discount value.


  • Fairly cheaper than gramamrly
  • Various online extensions supported by multiple browsers
  • Lifetime subscription plan


  • More functional for articles than for blogs
  • Only chrome extensions are offered

2. Ginger

While searching for the best grammarly alternatives on the internet chances are that you might have stumbled across Ginger. It is single handedly one of the most sophisticated and advance in its working tool available on the internet. However, certain objections can be made by the users because the UI (user Interface) might not be as standard as to of grammarly, but who cares until it gets the job done which it does, flawlessly. 

Pitchingonto the technical side of this software, many users claim that after their content was being reviewed by Ginger they actually didn’t need to proofread or verify it afterwards. This claim however is more generously accepted by the developers as they claim when their software is done checking your content and have made dedicated amends, you won’t need a human reviewer whatsoever. It is a strong claim and somewhat tested to be accurate in its essence, many reviewers on the internet direct it as a “bold” move because not many tools have had the courage to say so about their editing tools.

Like Grammarly, Ginger provides you with a dedicated layout while editing your document in which all the highlighted text refers to the content that needs to be corrected or refined. You can select a particular highlighted region by clicking with your mouse or select an “Approve all” button from the dashboard to edit your document thoroughly considering all the artefacts at once such as grammar, sentence structure, layout and or spellings.

Ginger brings the users with the comfort of choosing almost 65 languages and working with whichever they please. You can rephrase your text into any particular language or according to the different automated suggestions provided by the tool. Rest assured while working with multiple languages or writing/editing layout the reasoning, meaning and uniqueness of all your sentences will flow in a smooth and continuous stream. Here you can understand as to why you won’t need a human reviewer after Ginger is done with your document.

Like the ProWritingAid it also provides with a built-in plagiarism checking tool that will evaluate the overall uniqueness of your text and what kind of changes need to be done to make your document free from plagiarism.On account of grammar, you will be notified with a glimmering window by the side of each highlighted section as to why this correction was necessary or the nature of grammar-based blunder that you made. This will provide you with a deep insight about your writing style while improving your grammar as well. 

Ginger technologies do feel the need to improve your overall experience travelling further with them and that is why has incorporated a “text reader” that will make your pronunciation as well as an understanding of various difficult words a whole lot better. This is like nailing the competition on two ends; improving your pronunciation of words and scoring the best with your writing efficiency.

Last but not least Ginger will allow you to link up your account with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices simultaneously. This means you won’t have to purchase the software differently for each of your device just take it to any particular device by putting in your credentials. On the bright side of things it also support various browser extensions for the users to work with. 

All of these features and many more are available to you at a very generous price than the grammarly. Get off your seat now and make your dream purchase with this amazing editing software.


  • Ultimate support up to 65 different languages
  • Improves word accuracy with ultimate suggestions to improve the content
  • Editing and grammar checking available with free version


  • Browser integrations only available to the paid users
  • No money back guarantee

3. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is one of the latest installments among online editing tools and services, it is striving hard to provide with decent text editing and crafting services to the users over a budget thus classifying itself as a better Grammarly alternative than the majority.

Every editing tool that you might come around including grammarly has a certain relish of a library of words that is loaded onto the database against which a specify text or document has to be checked and refined. The WhiteSmoke is no different however it takes the game to the next level by providing the users with a community-maintained library of words instead of ordinary interjections of the words chosen by specific masses. This provides you with an edge to work with an upgraded selection of words to improve the understanding of your content along with your vocabulary as well. 

It also uses a Statistical machine translation platform you will get your content with a high level of accuracy not only over the grammar or spellings but also your choice of words. Since a community based library of words is involved in the editing of your content online your content will be checked against your all time submissions. This practice allows this tool to make sure that more uniqueness can be imparted to your content including choice of the words, punctuation, grammar and sentence errors as well. 

The smart algorithm does remember your particular writing style all the way till you finish off your content thus allowing you to flow with a persistent tone throughout. There are multiple sentence structures that are used by various editing platforms but WhiteSmoke is among selected few that provide the users with the luxury of keeping up with 16 different sentence structures to nail their writing. 

To mention a few honorary inclusions it helps you with incomplete sentences, sentence fragments, double negatives, dangling modifiers, capitalization as well as the incorrect punctuation. It will also help to oversee even the tiniest of details included in the sentence body and let you edit them according to a designated sentence structure already fixated for you by the WhiteSmoke. 

If there were any geographical restrictions that you were facing while writing in multiple languages then you will be relieved to know that WhiteSmoke offers the content writing in a whole lot of 55 languages. Choose whatever language you prefer and you will get to witness the same pattern of editing all the way through, another sophisticated approach used by the WhiteSmoke. 

This is where Grammarly falls short on tricks as it only supports the English language thus snatching your chance away at learning or practicing with a new language.The WhiteSmoke is compatible with a variety of dedicated platforms, to name a few we have; Windows, iOS, Android and many other web browsers including Chrome, Firefox and the Edge as well. The free version doesn’t come with a grammar checking tools along with a few more cut-outs on the side that is why you will have to buy a premium version.


  • Supports 55 languages
  • Allows for effective translation in multiple languages
  • Ensures consistent flow in your content


  • No extensions with MS Word
  • Grammar checking tools not included in the free package

3. PaperRater

On a quest to find the Grammarly alternative we stumble across the PaperRater, an accomplished editing tool present online that allows the users to do a lot of things for far too less especially when grammarly is out of the equation.

For a majority of people the price factor is motivation enough to hop onto a quest of find alternative of popular or famous software/tools, that is why the users who lack the extensive financial support will support the theory and will generously demonstrate how the PaperRater is working in their favor. You get just more than the average editing options, tools and layouts including other influential features for the price you are going to pay. 

All the alternatives that we are discussing here have some aspects or features resonating with grammarly one way or the other. However, difference arises in aspects of the pricing, features provided by the software as well as the sophistication of the editing comprehended by the software. 

PaperRater has an integral algorithm working behind the curtains to provide the users with a decent array of editing and layout settings to strengthen their writing skills. This algorithm is responsible to do all sorts of editing and including grammar related errors, spell checking and many more. Rest assured all the errors will be simulated and interpreted by the algorithm and highlighted for you to rectify them. On the bright note it provides sophisticated editing features including suggestive editing and eradicating numerous grammar related problems all along the content. 

All you have to do is paste your text onto the PaperRater dashboard or upload the contents via small upload button over your dashboard screen. Your document will be checked instantly and highlighted for multiple errors. 

PaperRater comes into 2 different packages such as the free/basic and premium package. You will be glad to know that you get plagiarism checker along your subscription of the software both on free as well as premium package, exciting isn’t it? 

Although a slight difference in both versions is that in free/basic package the plagiarism checker won’t reveal the similarity index or the duplicated content but only the plagiarized text. If you want a professional plagiarism checking services with similar index and other features then you will have to upgrade to the premium version of the software. 

PaperRater can be incorporated among various active tabs over your device such as writing messages or commenting over dedicated social channels. It can reveal the grammar related errors over there and you can correct it all with a few clicks thus making your interaction with others more professional and sophisticated. To help things along the PaperRater has provided with a free vocabulary builder along the premium package which can help the users to not only understand the meaning of various different/complex words. This will not only improve your writing but your speaking vocabulary as well.

This platform is a little difficult to operate and doesn’t offer a whole lot of integrations among editing and writing layouts. If the price is your only concern then you might find this amazing software as a suitable alternative to the grammarly.


  • Plagiarism checker included
  • Vocabulary building for the users
  • Free version supports a diverse amount of features


  • No browser extensions
  • UI is a little complex to be used by beginners

5. Hemingway app

Now the Hemingway app is more distinguishable from Grammarly in a variety of ways. Grammarly as a selling initiative for their software is interested in making sure there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in your content, the Hemingway app uses a slightly different approach.

It is more focused on providing the users with documents and texts with overall better content to ensure the effective engagement of the audience with your writing on the whole. It isn’t just admitted to focus on one single aspect of writing or editing being grammar and sentence structure. It strives for more difficult choices in the mix such as passive voices, complex words, adverbs and other parts of speech simultaneously for an impeccable content with native flow.

Grammarly provides the users with a single highlight often in red color to address something as incorrect or sections that need editing. Hemingway app on the other hand has color coded the entire thing, it places different color codes to different problems such as for grammar and spelling mistakes. This way you can grab a better understanding of what is going on with your text and what specific type of errors you are rectifying over a particular time period.

In order to turn things around the app try to make particular suggestions in the most sophisticated way possible and allows the user to choose from a particular array of different sentence structures that compliments their content best.

There is a highly comparable feature which this app shares with grammarly and that is providing with a readability score at the end of each document. This score will determine the fate of your content such as how well it will be received by your audience, what changes need to be done or what particular impact will your content leave over your audience, will they be amazed or readily attached to it or not?

One of the most appreciable advantage of the Hemingway app is that it provides you with an on the go experience, you can upload, edit and transform your text anywhere and anytime. You can even publish your work onto the WordPress or medium directly without any hassle and on the bright side of things can save your work in multiple available formats such as Pdf, Docx and many others for the sake of the convenience. Grammarly do offer one or two features listed above but not as a complete package which is what Hemingway app is trying to accomplish here. This is what makes the Hemingway app a strong grammarly alternative in 2019.

It doesn’t provide with any mobile or browser integrations to the users however it allows you to edit your document directly over at user’s dashboard after it has been checked for grammar and other possible errors. Grammarly on the other hand doesn’t offer the same luxury to the users. If you are interested in getting your work all done at one platform and then publish it straight away, then there is no better grammarly alternative than this.        


  • Includes the extensions for WordPress and Medium
  • Increases the content readability score
  • Complete formatting of the document is included in the package


  • Spelling errors can be easily passed by this tool
  • No browser extensions are supported 

6. After the deadline

When it comes to using the free version of the editing software then you can’t rely on Grammarly completely, it does provide with a free version but soon after the trial is over you will need to buy the premium version to avail the best of the features. But this isn’t the same with the After the deadline tool as it provides the users with free interaction all the way through. This is the best grammarly alternative for the users from whom paying every month a dedicated amount has been the problem all along.

The main focus is imparted to the use of the words all through the content, it often criticizes using its particular algorithm over the choice of certain words throughout the document. After highlighting such dedicated selection it does make sure whether writer intentionally wanted to put down specific words to impart particular meaning or was it unintentional? Having such intelligent algorithm working behind the curtain for you allows for consistency of sentence structure, the choice of words and a bold narrative all the way through. 

This application/tool is best for the writers who are still trying to get a strong command over the English language, unlike grammarly it does teach the importance of certain words, phrases and layout their original meaning to the users. Having an instant glance over all such mistakes allow the users to keep in mind the very mistakes they have made all the way through while trying not to repeat them again.

This software is flexible enough, not only in its usage but also concerning the availability or medium at which it can be used. After the deadline is a web based editing tool that is only available online and that is why there is no need to download it onto any systems or drives whatsoever. You can access it while using any particular browser such as Chrome or Firefox and then upload or copy/paste your text and edit everything on a decent platform online. 

It also takes into account the libraries of popular web interfaces such as academic, research, online blogs, and shared/guest posts on the internet along with many other layouts of the publishing platforms. Using this array of data can help to build a strong foundation for your content and can be cross checked for which particular area it needs to be edited and submitted.

It is compatible with almost any particular device or the operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android and many others. The one thing which separates it from almost every other online grammar checking software including Grammarly is that it is available for free through and through, you won’t have to pay anything, not ever, just hover to the official website of the After the deadline and start making your documents free from any grammatical mistakes or errors. Although there lies a giant difference within Grammarly and After the deadline which is that it doesn’t offer plagiarism support. Well, for an editing tool which is available free of cost the features offered are pretty much decent.


  • Offers to improve the readability and flow of the content
  • Sophisticated algorithm for detecting otherwise less observable grammatical errors
  • Extensive features available to the registered users


  • Limited features for free version of the tool
  • Limited browser extensions for selected browsers only

7. Slick Write – Free Grammarly Alternative

Slick write is one of the most renowned software on the internet, the main reason for such fame is the popularity among the SEO professionals. Although the tool/software itself is designed to support the various needs of writers, novelists, journalists, students and SEO professionals alike but it tips the scale slightly more onto the side of the SEO writing. It is a proofreader plus editor that helps the users to effectively proofread their document and edit it for various grammar mistakes and stylistic syntax of the text all along. 

It can be used for all sorts of writing purposes and is a great initiative when it comes to writing plus editing on one single platform. This is what makes this tool an amazing grammarly alternative, on the bright side of things this energetically sophisticated tool can help to make your content more readable for your particular type of audience. 

As far as the search engine optimization based on content quality is concerned the slick write can come in real handy, it features a specific algorithm that can assess the quality of the content written and after adding particular keywords onto the right density in the content make it SEO friendly for multiple search engines on the internet. This is by far the most amazing trait a user can entertain themselves with considering editing tools on the internet.

Apart from all the feature listed above the slick write provides its users with a more competitive and elegant feature that involves highlight all the grammatical errors made by the user into a fraction of percentages. This will provide you with a clear idea with things such as where do you stand with your content and what can you do to improve it nonetheless. To shift or tamper the writer’s block a very common term among the writer community the slick write provides them with word association tools which can predict a generous number of words in a line or sentence and associate them with one and the other. A great help for the new young and aspiring writers out there seeking professional help, Grammarly here on the other hand doesn’t provide much appreciable help.

 Apart from listing the key statistics for a document the slick write is also engaged into providing a graphical breakdown of multiple sentences into multiple arrays of parts of speech. For instance we have the vocabulary mistakes highlighted as green, contextual mistakes as blue, grammar mistakes as red and spelling or mistakes considering word alignment as yellow. This is an impressive demonstration of key errors made by a user in their document so that in the long run they will surely learn a great deal from such exposures. Furthermore, it comes with a sentence breakdown chart that shows multiple varieties of sentences used in the document in percentage value so that the user can interpret the final tone of their document before submitting it anywhere.


  • Free usage throughout the session
  • Compatible with various operating systems including Linux
  • SEO writing along with key statistics of the complete document


  • Lack browser integrations or add-ons
  • Pretty average grammar checking compared to other alternatives

8. OnlineCorrections

As it can be easily comprehended by the name the OnlineCorrections is a free online grammar tool which is designed to keep in mind the particular needs of the users such as writing professionals, students as well as academic scholars as well. It is used to check multiple documents or texts for their grammar, editing and stylist errors and having a detailed overview of the syllables, vocabulary, sentence structure, adverbs and other parts of speech which altogether can help you to come up with a decent and acceptable document.

Like Grammarly it only supports editing, proofreading in English language and lacks the support of other languages thus depraving multiple options from the aspiring writers out there. It can’t be stated as one of the most decent and appreciable grammarly alternatives out there and there are multiple reasons to support the claim. 

First of all it is a simple tool with merely acceptable UI (User Interface), the users will have to manually add/upload their writing onto the dashboard and then click the check button and it will highlight all the mistakes in the document. The mistakes will be including a decent share of grammar, stylist mistakes in the content, sentence structure, vocabulary and whatnot. But it is just that; highlighting an array of mistakes in a document into a bunch of different colors. 

Unlike Grammarly it doesn’t provide the facility of auto-correction of the entire document, the users will have to do the correction by themselves. Once you are done with the correction of the errors highlighted by OnlineCorrections, you will then again have to check your document and deal with the errors that arise next, thus on goes the rat race. This is one of the most debilitating factor when considering OnlineCorrections as a grammarly alternative.

Although on the bright side of things, it does a remarkable job highlighting or pointing out various mistakes in the text body but still you will have to deal with them on your own. Various errors that it can separate for you include; spelling, grammar, spacing, word duplication, sentence fragment and concerning other parts of the speech. It also provides with alternative words to the users to improve the overall content of the text. Dealing only with English written text, OnlineCorrections supports all the variants including British, American, Australian and South African English.

On the effects of securing the online privacy of the users it does a remarkable job which grammarly doesn’t unless asked to do it. It involves the deletion of the complete text or uploaded document from their databases a full of half an hour after it has been checked for possible mistakes in the document.


  • Completely free in terms of the usage
  • Easy to use design including other intuitive features
  • Effective algorithm for efficient catching of grammatical mistakes within text body


  • Lacks offline support
  • Auto correction not available whatsoever

9. Jetpack

Jetpack originally is a web plugin powered by the WordPress association, the plugin can be installed with one discreet click from the WP enterprises. Jetpack brings onto the table the use of various modules which on the whole makes the hosting of your personalized WordPress webisode more easy and fun, not only it can be turned into a manageable enterprise but also can have a strict overview over grammar and spelling checking of the content that you put onto your website.

It is not, for the sake of the fact a separate editing tool such as grammarly and thus can barely be incorporated into a grammarly alternative tool. But still one of its module serves a same purpose on the whole which is the correction/editing of the text but with an overall twist. First of all to avail the service you will have to turn on the grammar/spelling checking module by going into settings of the Jetpack plugin.

Once you have turned it on you can configure it for practical assessment of the customized grammar checking including a particular array of items to select from such as spelling errors, parts of speech, vocabulary, sentence structure, stylistic approach of the content along with the layout of your content that you use over WordPress. This sophisticated approach allows you to eradicate tons of grammar mistakes along with neutralizing poor writing styles that are more difficult to spot by ordinary grammar checking tools and software.

One of the most intelligent hallmarks of the Jetpack plugin is that it won’t bother you during writing of the content over your WordPress hosted site only until after you have completed the document. After you are done with the writing only click the checker icon over your dashboard. It will only take a couple of the seconds and after some time the complete information regarding the possible grammatical errors in your document along with other writing misconducts will be highlighted in front of you. 

After that you can move onto the next phase of the editing which involves the assessment or correction of such various errors within your text body, instead of brainstorming and burning a considerable amount of time over the task you can simply take advantage of the recommendations listed by the Jetpack. The sophistication of the error analysis might not be on spot such as of the grammarly but still it does a pretty impressive job among rectifying the errors in your document before publishing it on your WordPress site. When the highlighted text appears over your screen you can simply edit it by clicking over it and from a pop-up select the most relevant integration to that word which best compliments your content.


  • Pretty decent and only plugin online that supports grammar checking and editing
  • Consistent updates to cover for your latest grammar needs
  • Free integration of grammar editing module with Jetpack plugin


  • Lacks intuitive UI for better perception of errors
  • Doesn’t include dedicated web extensions

10. Grammarlookup.com

The Grammarlookup.com is a grammar checking website that also help to proofread the content you provide in form of text or document. All you have to do is to visit this esteemed website and once you reach there, upload or copy/paste your text to get it checked online within seconds. The tool uses a sophisticated array of algorithm that doesn’t only focus on catching critical grammar errors but also provide with a deep insight into the overall meaning of the text.

The original purpose for this website was to help the students and educators to learn English language and sharpen their writing skills through and through. With the help of digital vocabulary of words and highlighted pointing of the grammatical errors the task of editing becomes really easy and straightforward. 

It is a pretty sophisticated grammarly alternativeonly if you are interested in improving your overall command on the English language, but if you are looking for something a bit more serious such as shaping sentences to complimenting your whole content or improving the stylist of your text. This is all about keeping it straightforward and simple, the UI (user interface) is pretty easy and sophisticated to use. Complete layout of the can be arranged or customized as per your will or according to the requirement of the document.

The critical thinking methodology adapted by Grammarlookup.com is really fascinating, it process each and every word of the listed document and once editing for grammar is concluded, it starts to provide with other suggestions to improve the document. Such suggestions include the complete perception of sentences and paragraphs and addition/deletion of certain words and vocabulary to adjust the tone of every sentence with the overall impact of the whole document. A huge help to the academic or research oriented personnel.

Although all such features might not be enough to give grammarly a hard time, but being absolutely free the Grammarlookup.com does qualify as a strong competitor and a decent alternative for students and people interested in editing and proofreading.


  • Completely free editing tool
  • Critical thinking for the absolute perfection of general tone of the document
  • Easy access to plenty of editing tools and other lucrative features


  • Lacks an intuitive design
  • Can’t be used while offline 

11. SentenceCheckup.com

If you haven’t had any success previously while looking for the best grammar editor or checker than can take its toll on grammarly as well then SentenceCheckup.com might be it for you. When talking about the best grammarly alternatives the SentenceCheckup.com is bound to come by, however it is extremely functional and an easy alternative than grammarly to use for grammar editing and proofreading of your content. 

On the bright side of things, you won’t have to register for the service at all, all you have to do is to visit the official website and then from there start checking grammar, vocabulary, stylist of your content along with sentence structure as well. You can copy/paste the complete text into the checking column or upload the document entirely onto the SentenceCheckup.com and give it a go. Within a matter of seconds the finished results will summon up over your screen with highlighted text indicating all the grammatical errors that you have made throughout the content.

Unlike grammarly there is no auto-correct feature available for the users of the SentenceCheckup.com, so onto the breeziest side of things you will have to correct all the mistakes on your own. After you have corrected all such mistakes previously highlighted by the tool, you can again check the refined version of the content only to see that all the mistakes have been now rectified. If errors in grammar or spelling still arises then you will simply have to check and edit them again.

Word suggestions are also provided to the users but as the things go by these suggestions might not align with the root structure of your content. The algorithm used by SentenceCheckup.com is sophisticated enough to highlight grammar mistakes but not smart enough to interpret the overall meaning or specific the flow of your content that is why the suggestive words might not align with the tone of your content. Still you get to use this amazing grammarly alternative free of cost and is available only on the internet. So, there is no need to register or fall into all the paperwork, it is simply using the service without agreeing to any terms or conditions thus preserving your privacy over the online channels.

Multiple English language variants are available over SentenceCheckup.com for you to choose from, such as for the time being you can choose the British version and or the American version as per your requirements concerning the type or nature of the content or the tone in which it needs to be written. On a closing note, the SentenceCheckup.com can help you to identify various words used throughout the content, separating the unique ones and the ones used too often. Later on you can change the words used excessively with their alternative words to ensure a perfect flow of your content through and through.


  • Free to use
  • Distinguished word library for learners
  • Multiple English language variants including both British and American 


  • Lack up to date features for professional proofreading
  • Doesn’t come with extensions for web browsers

12. 1Checker

1checker is an online software used by thousands of users for the spell and grammar checking for their respective documents and texts. One of the most immersive quality of 1checker is that it is available for free, students, scholars, educators and freelancers can facilitate themselves from this amazing service accordingly. It can be considered as a good alternative for MS Word but not so much as a grammarly alternative. The reason behind this statement is that MS Word does a bad job while taking into account the usage of grammar, parts of speech and detecting the spelling mistakes accordingly. That is why 1checker is used by plenty of users as a MS Word alternative.

When trying to gain access to the service, you will be asked to make an account online for 1checker and then proceed with grammar checking and proofreading of your text. Once you do that you will have 2 options, either upload your document online or copy/paste your text into the checking column and then clicking the check button. It won’t take much longer for 1checker to assess your document and once it is done you will have plenty of mistakes highlighted for you in different color codes. From there on you can start to make amends to your document as per your requirements.

A food for thought is that the checking Algorithm used by this tool is not of any particular standard, it does a poor job in assessing the document in terms of making suggestions or presenting the user with dedicated words to make their text shine before an audience. If you were trying to use the tool for a mere fun of getting hand of English language and thus improving your writing quality then this tool isn’t cut out for you. You simply need to look for other alternatives. But on the bright side of things if your only intention was to check the grammar and overall build of your document regarding spelling errors, style review, vocabulary level, and for the proofreading of the text you entered then this is just the right tool for you.

Don’t get too comfortable with the service as it isn’t as efficient as a human proofreader, once you have proofread the document from 1checker you need to ask for the professional services of a human proofreader or yourself to make further amends down the road. Because the software only use the human proofreading skills in a mechanical manner that doesn’t deliver the best possible services at the end. The most astounding deal that you can get out of it is the free use of the service for grammar editing and proofreading. After you are done with the editing of your document it will be erased from the database within 30 minutes or so thus validating your right to privacy.


  • Free to use
  • Extensive word vocabulary to choose from
  • Best alternative to MS Word


  • Lacks automated editing
  • No web extensions available

13. Typely

Among this game of finding the best grammarly alternatives out there you might have stumbled across Typely more often than any other editing tool. The main reason for this is because it is free and available online where you can check the grammar score of your text and make certain amends in spite of the editing of the document. One of the key benefits of working with Typely is that it doesn’t ask for any commitments much less any type of paper work to start using the service. All you have to do is reach the official website and start checking your content free, although you must have an active internet connection to begin the search otherwise it just won’t work.

Any professional or aspiring writer out there who wants to make the best of their writing can use the Typely free of cost and consistently improve their writing on the go. You can easily filter your content using the Typely software, make amends in terms of the grammatical tenses, parts of speech and spelling errors before you feel satisfied to submit or publish your work elsewhere. The working algorithm of this incredible tool is a little different than the gramamrly, there is no need to fret this change is more in your favor than you are willing to give credit for. 

While grammarly starts to throw consistent red flags over your way in terms of even the slightest grammatical errors made by you, the Typely however doesn’t. It works over a more sophisticated algorithm which doesn’t throw unnecessary red flags or grammar related errors over your way but have a deep reasoning mechanism which alerts you with the most technical grammar mistakes or spelling errors. Other than this it also features a humble approach to suggestive reasoning and suggest multiple words, vocabulary inclusions and better sentence structure to support the overall flow of your content.

Rest assured you will be able to promptly increase the engagement of your audience with your content and increase your readability score as well. The main thing separating it from grammarly is the free subscription to the grammar checking and proofreading services. Although on the bright side of things you can have an instant extension installed over your browser e.g. chrome and Firefox to have an easy access to the software whenever you want. 

The Typely only provides the users with a limited array of the features and the main reason is the free use of the service by the users. If you feel content with the limited use of features making you bound only to check grammar and proofread your work before publishing it anywhere then Typely is an amazing choice for you and it is completely free for you to sue.  


  • Easy to use and overall free service
  • Sophisticated algorithm with potential to alarm only at critical grammar mistakes
  • No paperwork or commitments


  • Extremely limited features concerning grammar and vocabulary settings
  • Automatic editing not supported

14. Reverso

Reverse is more of a translation assistant, it can translate any word or phrase that you can put down for it to translate and the translation facility is extended to multiple languages other than the English alone. A list of languages supported by the Reverso can be found on the official website although for the sake of mentioning it translates to Spanish, German, French, Italian as well as other multiple languages. It is an amazing tool when it comes to learning the art of other languages apart from English and hoping to get a sophisticated grip or command over them. 

The tool doesn’t only help to translate in multiple languages but also provide with the dedicated support to do so. For example, it would provide with pronunciation instructions and particular examples to make the user go through a specific word or phrase. Breaking down the complete sentences into fractions for the sake of the user to understand the meaning completely is among one of the many hallmarks of this amazing software. Anyone out therewho is interested to speak as professionally and natively as a native speaker of a particular language does should seek the services of the Reverso.

On the bright side of things one can also assess the Reverso as one of the Grammarly alternative, because apart from providing the dedicate translation services to the users it is also engaged into providing them with grammar editing and the proofreading services as well. If you need to make sure that the content which you have just crafted lacks the professional outreach to be presented to a native then you can always refine it using Reverso grammar editing tools. All you have to do is copy/paste the passage or the foreign content that you have written over the dashboard and click over the check button. 

Reverso will present you with the highlighted and dictated version of your content yet to be edited, you can make amends as you please, choosing certain words over the others through the suggested column to make your content shine and standout from the rest. Reverso can also help you to do a remarkable job in terms of publishing your content in a foreign language and your content without any doubt will imitate as written or presented by a native, this is how accurate this software is.

It is a highly competitive software and is very well usable to not only the students and educators but also to the professionals from different walks of life such as businessman, tourists and or random people visiting a country or freelancers in search for a better command over the foreign language in which they are assigned work. 

It is not that hard working with Reverso, all you have to do is write in your native language and it will transfer the entire text into the foreign language which you would have selected from the drop down menu. The sentence structure, choice of words and otherwise parts of speech among both variants would be absolutely perfect with a particular flow to your overall content.  


  • Provides with offline access
  • Flashcards to enhance the retention of information
  • Best grammar editing in an automated fashion


  • No availability of extensions for dedicated browsers
  • Limited features regarding proofreading and grammar editing

15. Unicheck

One of the most appreciated tasks of the Unicheck software is to provide plagiarism checking services to the users. The tool itself is more recognized for the eradication of plagiarized content from the document than it is for the grammar editing and proofreading. So, you might be wondering why it is among the list of tools or software that can be a better grammarly alternative? The answer to this question is that it is an alternative because it provides an additional service that grammarly doesn’t and that is the online plagiarism checker.

One of the most sophisticated aspects of this tool checker is that it can accept various file formats and simultaneous files to check for plagiarism. Once the plagiarism is reported, it will highlight the texts which registered as the plagiarized content, the user can then make amends to change the text or revise the whole content and check again for any possible source of the plagiarism. To check the integrity of material online you can use the google add-ons of version of the Unicheck and verily check a piece of content as plagiarized or not, it can also help you to identify the similarity index of various passages and sentences to make sure whether you can use them in your content or not.

Unicheck is blazingly fast and provides you with accurate results over a matter of the seconds, all you have to do is add the text over to the dashboard or upload your document and it will check it abruptly for any possible clues of plagiarized content, references and citations or the links from which the data seems to be taken. The software can differentiate over the plagiarized text within a matter of seconds, in fact, the overall algorithm is so sophisticated and powerful that even the slightest of trick such as text swapping and shuffling can be abruptly detected by the Unicheck. 

With the help of the Unicheck you can ensure the ultimate reliability of the work you are going to publish, and the safety of your privacy. Once you have availed the service for checking the plagiarism of your content the text will be automatically removed after some time to ensure that no privacy leaks takes place. You can improve the grammar as well as the vocabulary of your content through free grammar checking and proofreading services with the Unicheck. It brings into account the ultimate internet database that brings the best of the word selection and grammar editing for you to select from. Rest assured when you will be done with your content there will be no errors either grammar wise or any plagiarized content whatsoever. 


  • High performing plagiarism checker
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • 24/5 customer support


  • Doesn’t come laced with latest grammar checking tools and integrations
  • Limited features with free version


Now, it’s your turn to choose the most suitable yet best Grammarly alternative for your blog and content writing projects. You can pick the perfect tool either free or paid. However, I recommend ProWritingAid because it’s the only tool which is closely relevant to Grammarly in term of functionalities and features.

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