15 Ways Guest Blogging Can Help You Succeed and Grow Your Business

15 Ways Guest Blogging Can Help You Succeed

Like most challenges you face, building your blog through guest blogging requires some serious time investment and responsibility.

Guest blogging is a way to gain readership for your own blogs. Suppose you’re a health instructor, and you began a blog; however, nobody’s going to it or purchasing your items and administrations.

You can’t comprehend why – your blog posts are loaded with great degree helpful tips for busy mothers, representatives who need to travel all the time and for the individuals who don’t have the inspiration to get fit.

Your guest posts demonstrate your mastery as a fitness coach, and this helps give credibility to your blog.

In some scenarios, with proper utilization, you can cultivate your email list. When your guest post distributed, you additionally get the opportunity to have your author bio written in at the end of the post. You can use it to link back to your landing page as well.

Lastly, it can be added to your advertising plan. Here is a list of effective ways you can achieve success via guest blogging.

15 Ways to Achieve Desired Goals through Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging Succeed Tips

1. Determine What Group Or Niche You Need To Target

So before you hop in, there are a couple of things to consider:

Are you hoping to compose on a blog in your field? On the other hand, would you say you are hoping to compose an article on a blog that your clients read?

You can either compose for blogs showcasing marketing, for small businesses, or both. It’s up to you to decide what can be better for you in the long run.

2. Use Google To Discover Leading Blogs

The first and most evident spot to search for a guest blogging opportunity is, of course, Google.

When you know the type of blog you need to target, just Google the name of your field of expertise alongside a blog which accepts guest posts. Use keywords like “write for us” to know which blogs are accepting guest posts.

3. Ensure The Blog Has A Connected Audience

In case you’re looking to guest-blog to drive activity to your own web page and grow your email list, then you’re better of writing for blogs which have a high rate of comments and shares.

It doesn’t always matter if a blog is big or well known; you have to see if your target audience is regularly active and constantly engaged.

4. Ensure Your Intended Interest Group Peruses the Blog

The greatest blog on the planet will do you truly no great if your clients don’t read it. Make sure you tabulate the demographics of the blog’s audience to guarantee your targeted ones read it.

5. Pick A Subject In Lieu Of What Has Proven To Be Effective

Once you find a relevant blog to write for, read the past few months’ worth of posts. This will help you give a general feel of what your audience wants to read more.

The posts with the most remarks, comments, and shares are likely to get the most results, and according to the blog manager, are the best kind. Modification of a similar successful blog post will build up the odds of yours being acknowledged.

6. Outline Your Guest Blog

A brief plan will give me an idea of how I want the post to be developed, what it will incorporate, and how it will be of advantage to the blog’s readers.

You roughly need half an hour to create a look you want. It should be enough time to gather your thoughts.

7. Long Lists

A post containing a long list is successful in the sense that it attracts the readers and keeps them in awe.

But the quality of the post should not be compromised. The way I have assembled this list is a rundown of how this post can be more effective. I could have easily combined a few points to make one, with a longer description.

However, most people are only interested in surfing through a blog to see if they find a blog title interesting enough to go through it. Long lists will keep your audience interested, and you should be to the point, or your customers who don’t like to read will get bored.

8. Assess Other Individuals

Another sort of post you can compose is to examine other individuals and how differently they do things. This would not only give you new ideas to craft creative posts also increase your experience.

9. Personal Stories Or Case Studies

Writing personal stories or case studies is probably the best way to let the world know your story. It will also help the growth of your email list and promote your products or services.

When you let your feelings go, people who have gone through similar experiences will totally understand how you feel. You can then understand your customers in an individual way as well.

10. Personalize Your Landing Pages

Neil Patel, the co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar and a very popular guest blogger, explains in his post, The Real Secret to 1,000 Blog Subscribers in 60 Days or Less, how, by personalizing a landing page of a specific forum, he witnessed up to 10% increase in registrations.

For example, rather than sending the readers of your posts to a nonspecific landing page or a URL of your homepage, send your users to a page that specifically mentions which website they’re coming from where you used it.

11. Give Applicable And Valuable Offers

I believe that linking offers related to the posts you publish have a far better chance of securing more email subscribers.

For example, suppose I’m writing a post titled “X Lessons for Social Media Executives”. I could either send the majority of my readers to a no specific landing page, or I could divert them to an article which discusses social media marketing tools at length.

12. Increase Your Twitter Following

Guest blogging is a great approach to develop your Twitter followers. Around 200 million users send out the same number of microblogs every day. This proves that Twitter is an effective channel of communication.

When you guest blog on a well-known blog, you can ascertain that it will get a ton of tweets and retweets. After your guest post is published, copy your URL from the post into search.twitter.com.

Follow each person who is tweeting about your post. A large majority will certainly follow you back; it’s kind of like an unspoken rule of Twitter.

It’s a great way to keep tabs on your posts. It is the sort of social confirmation and recognition.

13. Use Your Connections

The relationships you build through guest blogging are very important to maintain. If a popular blogger with a large fan following tweets about your post, you can be sure there will be far more retweets, likes, and shares than the ones you would’ve dragged in alone.

14. Public Remarks and Criticism

When you read about people commenting on how helpful they found your article, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world.

But obviously, there’ll be people who disagree. They don’t care how much time and heart you poured into your article and will be quick to point out mistakes.

Fortunately, a great many people are going to love your work. It’s because a popular blogger will never risk her reputation by posting an article of substandard quality. She has a name to maintain. So you can be sure if published, that the work you produced is good.

15. Guest Blogging Necessitates Commitment

If you want to be a successful guest blogger, you have to be efficient and consistent. It’s a lot of work for little reward. It has all the risks of a proper business. So if you don’t like to write, then it’s not for you.

Guest blogging isn’t easy, and it’s certainly not a way to get rich quick, contrary to what people seem to think. It requires you to pour your sweat and blood, but if you’re consistent, you’ll surely reap the rewards.

That pretty much covers what you need to know to be successful in guest blogging. I certainly hope that after reading this article, you pretty much know the mindset of popular blogs and how they operate.

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