Panda Planner Review 2024 - Should I Pick Pro or Classic?

2024’s Panda Planner Review: Stay Organized and Improve Productivity

No matter what kind of lifestyle you have, being organized and achieving your goals is always the priority of every successful person. You can have the alternative for everything but when it comes to managing time, nothing is of much help. Once it passes it can’t be readdressed nor you can take advantage of it in any sense. However, Panda Planner can greatly help in this regard and help you manage your daily tasks.

Being a businessman, you are always hurling towards this meeting or that presentation, and in the heat of the moment, you are likely to leave many things unplanned behind. If you are a teacher, you need a proper medium where you can organize for the next day and plan for events to come. Even if you are just a simple 9 to 5 worker you need to organize your working days, come up with a schedule and plan things in asymmetric layout.

Doing so you can have a better chance of achieving your short-term goals and speeding up to winding up your long-term goals for life. As appealing as it may sound, it is not that easy to account for each and everything and build a powerful daily goals chart. Now you might have tried a variety of organizers or day planners or even paid a bunch of money in the process, but honestly was it worth it?

Take your hand up and place it over your heart and ask “Was it worth it?” You’ll be surprised at the honest answer your heart gives to you which is No, it wasn’t. Because every tool or planner you try is always coming short on stuff, maybe it helps with day planning but doesn’t account for miscellaneous actions that need to be processed along with your daily tab.

OR it is just too overwhelming to use, instructions are complex and even nothing from the above you aren’t achieving your goals using the current planner for your day to day activities. Don’t wither because we have today for you a master planner that will help you to achieve your goals, set your priorities and stay organized all day long.

Here I would like to mention one thing, as both variants Classic and Pro comes with the same features but different days duration (3 and 6 months), I will review both products altogether. However, going to throw some light on the classic panner to help you know what’s the main difference between these two.

Panda Planner Classic Review

Panda Planner Classic is quite similar to the Pro variant; there are minor differences such as sections placement and space to write your tasks and reports. The layout of sections in the classic version is divided into two pages whereas Pro provides all sections on one page because of a large dimension. In simple words, you can say the Classic planner is good for starters to learn how to utilize it. When they get familiar with it, they can optin for a Pro planner which concedes more days as well as writing diversity. Other than that, there is not any significant difference except the prices of both products.

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Panda Planner Pro Review 2024

Panda Planner Pro is an undated daily planner with the help of which you can boost your day and set priorities for yourself even some short goals that help you circumventing the bigger ones. It is designed by a team of scientists specializing in behavioral sciences and is bound to increase productivity and offer happiness to the users. The updated version on the whole planner is the real deal, it doesn’t have any dates or numbered pages that means you can do so according to your own preferences.

You can also have access to free eBooks and a money-back guarantee as well. The founder of the Panda Planner had one motive while trying to come up with this planner, to help the people suffering from depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses. Not only this planner proved to be a beacon of hope for himself but also engaged various people into self-betterment and effective growth while achieving their goals.

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Brief Analogy of the Panda Planner

Now you might be thinking that what different you are going to get with the Panda Planner, what could be the element of surprise here? For your convenience, we bring you the complete analogy of the Panda Planner with any other regular day planner you have ever used. Following are the specifics to look into;

  1. It is made up of natural materials featuring high quality paper with a rustic and natural feel to it, something you don’t very often find in other alternatives.
  2. You get to enjoy the updated calendar which allows you to personalize the time period for 3 to 6 months and you can fill all the dates as you please. Whereas plenty of other organizers come with auto-filled dates which is really annoying.
  3. The whole page is divided into consecutive parts/outlines that provide more room to breathe and place your ideas as you see fit. Unlike other organizers that only give you a calculated space which is clearly not enough to go with.
  4. It is being used by a variety of bloggers, organized coworkers and other significant people sharing different professional status and everyone seems to like the overall idea compared to other alternatives which they have used at some point in their lives.
  5. On Amazon, it shares a classic 4500 five-star reviews with genuine depiction of how the user felt after using the product. On the contrary, you don’t get such fine and nice ratings for other organizers or planners with such consistency.
  6. Using a scientific strategy to come up with a motivating and mood lifting planner is the real game and for such a pricing tag, it’s a nice investment into achieving your daily goals. It also provides with refund guarantee something a whole bunch of competitors not trying to offer. So, what’s to lose right?

Easier Management with Panda Planner

For the sake of convenience of the users and helping them to achieve their goals in a timely fashion, the Panda Planner is crunched down into 3 consecutive timelines.

There is the daily (day) tab, weekly and of course the monthly tab. If you had your experience with the other similar planners, then you will come to a consensus that none of them offered this partially divided timeline for the users. Months were dangled into weeks and weeks divided into the days, just that. But with the Panda Planner, professional users can have their own peace of mind; aligning activities, going through the days, calculating goals, itinerating their priorities and achieving them accordingly. Similar goes for weekly and eventually, the monthly goals.

Everything is so much individualized and personalized to offer a Zen-type feeling to the users where instead of panicking and going low on space, user can be confident, focused and prepared to attend to all the added tasks in a timely manner thus giving them a boost of self-achievement.

We will be starting directly from the day section of the Panda Planner Pro and Classic.

Panda Planner Day Section

From the first glance over the day section, you can’t do anything but bedazzle over the sophistication and scientific strategy the brand has brought to the end-user. The everyday page is further broken down into further components for the sake of ease for the user.

At the top of the page, you can write the date and day, the good thing is that the planner is customized so you won’t have to worry about organizing everything from scratch. Then, there is a small section that allows you to write 3 things you are certainly grateful for which is actually a self-recognizing strategy that boosts confidence and a feeling of self-care for the user.

Panda Planner Pro Daily

Moreover, you have another section where you can add 3 most important things that you are looking forward to accomplishing on that very day. The focus panel focuses on your primary components of life you need to work hard on including all the exercises that you want to do. The day page also allows the users to add their priorities and projects so that they have a clear understanding of their goals and what materials they will need in order to achieve them.

On the very opposite side of the day page, you are provided with a column where you can schedule your daily appointments in a timely succession, so you don’t miss out on anything. Below is the space for adding notes; a task list column is also provided. At the very bottom, there is some free space where you can add the achievements of the day and opportunities that were entertained or missed for self-evaluation.

Panda Planner Weekly Section

The weekly section focuses on the accomplishment of the goals over the week. So, when you reach the end of the week, you clearly know what goals you have accomplished and what still requires your absolute attention and focus. Every weekly page contains a section where you can add your top 5 wins over the time period of the ongoing week. The spots where you can add certain notes or guidelines on how to improve over a habit or achieving a particular goal are reduced in number.

The very reason is that you have been improving over the days, reaching your current stage and that is why you don’t need the extra boxes to fill in the guidelines or tips. This section itself is divided into 4 individual sections such as personal, work, family/friends and relationships.

Planner Pro Weekly

In the end, you get the looking forward to section where you have the goals/priorities that you are still catching up to, after giving proper time to yourself, work, family/friends and attending to your relationships as well. This section corresponds to the habits that you are focused on developing; these could be personal, community-based or work-related. There is a little space at the bottom of the page to add something new that you will like to learn and a passion project to keep you going for extra miles.

On the opposite side of the page, you will find a room to record the current projects, their status and add personal goals that need attention this week. This will provide you with proper insight about how your last week was? What were the setbacks and roadblocks you faced in achieving your goals and how you overcame them? Catching up to your last week will help you better plan your next one while keeping your morale and momentum high for whatever that is coming.

Panda Planner Monthly Section

The monthly section of the Panda Planner Pro is a real treat; it is like before executing a masterplan having a final long look at it from a wall. The monthly pages provide a classic calendar overview that helps in scheduling events and keeping track of monthly progress for your goals.

The bottom left of the page provides the user with space where you can add certain things or distractions that have been hindering your progress. This way, you can avoid them and boost your confidence in achieving your goals while avoiding the hiccups along the way.

Pro Monthly

While the bottom right offers the complete stats of this month’s wins and the insights you gained from experience. You are also provided with a small column on the right-hand side for taking notes.

The monthly setout with Panda Planner will help your insight to get mature and increase self-acceptance and extreme focus as well.

Panda Planner Pros and Cons Review


The positives are too much to count however we will be adding as much as we can, depending on our test drive with this amazing planner;

  • Based on scientific research to increase focus, achieve goals and layout priorities in an orderly fashion.
  • It is great for the overall attributes and qualities you will be getting out of this package. Plus, on the bright side, it comes with Money-back guarantee
  • It helps the users to achieve their goals in a timely succession, getting ahold of the day, succeeding in the week and finally touching the zenith for self-growth over the month.
  • Easy to use; with no extra complicated instructions and extremely personalize-able items for all types and nature of people.
  • Extremely luxurious finesse with top-notch leather, attention to detailing and undated planner for a perfect start into a self-improvement journey.
  • Lightweight, very easy to carry around and on the bright side comes laced with a one-time choice of 6 legendary eBooks and a video series to have you started right away.
  • Extra space to provide roomfor all of your thoughts, additional goals and extra measured space for the addition of helpful notes.


  • Might not be suitable for users affiliated with electronic means of planning for themselves via apps, cellular or computer devices.
  • Needs consistency to develop a habit of actually using the Panda Planner.
  • Only available in a handful of color options or page sizes, definitely not a get-go option for people in the habit of modifying or changing their gadget right in the middle of using it for achieving their goals.

Benefits of Using Panda Planner Classic and Pro

With the help of this planner, you have the liberty to go the extra mile and sort out your days, get together your weeks and plan your months ahead of time. Here are the most amazing advantages anyone can savour from both versions (Pro and Classic) of Panda Planner;

  1. Get More Done in a Limited Array of Time

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the exhausting daily routine and can’t find the proper medium to pull yourself out of it, then it’s is the real deal for you. Panda Planner is strategically designed to pull you out of the lacking aspects of the modern life that derives all the passion away from your life and replace it with increased focus, unaltered passion and taking control back of your daily life routines. You can set your goals according to your priorities and see all the tasks through at your own pace, thus accomplishing more in a limited time fragment.

  1. Using Scientific Methods for Greater Good

As discussed earlier, the whole concept behind the planner was to help the people suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. It embarks on a clinically tested scientific method that helps the people going through such unfortunate events to navigate through every day of their lives, gaining their self-respect back and showing compassion not only for themselves but those standing beside them through this.

The Planner Pro and Classic are also recommended for people suffering from cancer or other traumatic injuries as it provides them with means to boost their self-acceptance and indulge in daily tasks and goals to achieve for a brighter and happy future.

  1. Extra Bonus + Money Back Guarantee

How often does it happen that someone gets a money-back guarantee over their purchase for a new planner? Not very often! Take advantage of the situation here with Panda Planner Pro and Classic and enjoy the ride, if it is something not up to your expectations, you can always return it and ask for your money back.

On the contrary, if you like it, then you can keep on using it to navigate through your days and weeks and plan yourself the best working schedule to be on the spot with every presentation or meeting. What can you lose?

Panda Planner Bonus Freebies

This is not just it, all Panda Planner products get you another expressive bonus that will make your day. On every purchase of this amazing planner, you’ll get upto 11 informational eBooks will be included in your package at no additional fees.

If self-helping wasn’t enough, now you have the support of the most cherished authors and their hard-earned life lessons for you to grab some insight. Soaking in all that knowledge can help you achieve your goals seamlessly & boost your overall recovery.

  1. Selfhelp Along with a Streak of Daily Improvement Tasks

The Panda Planner is an all in one deal, unlike other planners, it just doesn’t leave you stranded with a bunch of easy options and without any navigation. The whole package is in itself a navigating link through which you can set out your goals, pursue them in real-time, and calculate the momentum at which you are achieving them.

It is an all in one self-improvement planner that helps you to set out your priorities and see through them in a timely succession. You can plan your daily life around it, layout your meetings, presentations or other work-related to-dos here and then go about fishing up, it is like the perfect scheduling partner for anyone.

You can also track your achievements actively on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Add notes to the side where you want to point out the errors you have made or more effective strategies to achieve your goals.

  1. Made out of 100% Environment-Friendly Components

For those wondering about the elements of the planner, it is completely 100% made out of environmentally-friendly materials. The quality of the leather along with the paper is just phenomenal; it gives you a classic feel, zero ink flow over the paper and extra finesse over the outer leather colossal to provide with a more comfortable and soft experience while handling.

What Can Be Improved of Panda Planner Classic and Pro?

  1. No Personalization

Both Panda Planner Classic and Pro variants don’t offer any personalization for the users, as it comes in a classic color for the cover, and the internal of the planner also stays the same. This can come out as a little shock to some of the users who are used to personalizing their planner’s cover according to their likeness.

  1. No Tabs

It doesn’t offer with no tabs to navigate through your stuff, the availability of adding notes is no good if you can’t find that crucial data everything in a required amount of time. If it could have some tabs, the navigation could become so much more amazing and flawless.

  1. Lasts 90 Days (Classic Version)

This right here can be a major concern to the users habituated of using a 6 month or a whole year planner for themselves. As the Panda Planner Classic only lasts about 90 days and that means you will need about 4 planners to get through a whole year, which is a little expensive. On the other hand, if you invest a little bit more and buy Panda Planner Pro, it can be used for 180 days or 6 months hence you’ll only need 2 planners for the entire year.

The Final Verdict of Panda Planner Review

The overall concept of the planner is thrilling enough as the day starts with remembering all the blessings that you have into focusing over your goals and learning new and exciting things along with developing good habits. This changes your perspective of the day and makes you play along with the schedule that you have constructed for yourself while maintaining an even streak of your goal accomplishments.

Another amazing aspect about Panda Planner is that the days, weeks and months are separated and houses in 3 distinct sections of the planner instead of being infused into a single section that is overwhelming to navigate through. If anyone is looking forward to improving themselves and learning self-acceptance, then Panda Planner is the right choice for you. I hope you’d like this review and it helped you decide whether you invest in this planner if it worths a try.

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