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7 Tips to Increase Productivity You Need to Know

To becoming a successful blogger, the key quality is that one must be productive, even if you are working part time then you must be capable enough to be productive within the available time to you.

The most important thing about being a successful blogger is that you must be able to put consistent efforts with quality content so that your desired results can appear.

Although for beginner bloggers, this work can be more interesting but with time it starts becoming more difficult. If you are searching for some tips or tools to increase productivity as a Blogger, then following seven guidelines will be very helpful for you.

7 Awesome Tips to Increase Productivity as a Blogger

1# Value Your Work

Before you start writing something new always thinks that why you are doing this and what you want to achieve. If you are staying at home type blogger then surely you might be trying to meet your expenses while spending more quality time with aging parent or little kids.

Value your Work

You are free to be your own boss, set proper time schedules and be passionate about whatever you do. You must stay motivated and always try your best to develop quality content; your thought processing will get reflected by your words in the blog, so it is always good to stay positive and work for something good.

2# Plan Proper Schedules

If you are working for your living then failures are not meant for you, you have to put more and more efforts to achieve your target. There can be so many days that will never allow you to touch your keyboard, or you may not find time to sit down and develop a new creation. Some days bring lots of tiredness or some leads to sickness, but all you need to do is always remember that rising sun is calling you for new goals.

Make Schedules for Productivity Improvement

The hardest part for a blogger is to manage his/her time in writing quality content; you don’t need to wait for the right topic to put your efforts rather you have to work with high moral for each topic that comes your way and write something new every time. To avoid most of the downfalls in your work, it’s good to set specific time schedule for each day.

Your writing should be most enjoyable part of your work routine and always try to write on the similar time schedule so that your concentration gets organized accordingly. If you work from 9 AM to 4 PM every day, then dedicate your time right for this schedule and follow it strictly.

Sticking to the planned schedules is the key to success in any field of life, and it also help to increase productivity and performance.

“One look at an email can rob you of 15 minutes of focus. One call on your cell phone, one tweet, one instant message can destroy your schedule, forcing you to move meetings, or blow off really important things, like love, and friendship.” – Jacqueline Leo

3# Progressive Goals

One of the most powerful ways of becoming a productive blogger is to set more progressive and attainable goals. These goals motivate you toward your personal achievements but before setting these goals make sure that you are very much clear about how much time you can spend for blogging as per day to day routine.

Increase Productivity to Acheive Goals

Once you’re able to set your goals, then start working hard and commit to achieving your desired success. You can initialize your objectives on monthly, weekly as well as the daily basis. After all these facts, it is very much important to become more realistic about your goals because if you set extraordinary goals and are not able to make efforts accordingly then also your productivity get decreased.

4# Take a Break from Social Media

Writing demands more focus and you might be aware of the fact that most of the things around us try to distract us more and more. In case if you are a stay at home type blogger then you probably have more distractions in your routine life. But after all these usual distortions the most addictive one is social media visits as they waste most of our time without providing any positive outcome.

Set fix time limit for checking your emails, Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels because they work as addiction in your life. Never spend time on updating some useless statuses on Facebook and stop yourself from getting lost in the comment section.

You can also set timers for such activities and then soon come back to your work schedule in order to achieve productivity improvement. In my experience, it’s best to check your social accounts twice a day. You can schedule any time that suits you.

5# Re-designing of Surrounding Environment

When you do your job in the office, it naturally leads to more productivity because the whole environment is set to be positive and work oriented. But if you work from home then most of the time you may love to lie on your bed and then work hard to make tuning with your keyboard.

The second one is really tough so always try to improve the atmosphere around you. It is always good to sit on a chair and palace your laptop on the table to stay focused on your work, it will naturally lead to the increment in your productivity as a blogger, web developer or graphic designer.

blogging productivity improvment tips

Dedicate a specific space for your work and try to choose a quiet and well positioned workspace so that distractions can stay far away from you. It is good to take some break from your television, tablet, phone as well as family members and friends when you sit for writing something new.

6# Take Short Breaks

It’s really hard to write for long hours as your kind may demand some re-freshing activities to regain its natural pace. All productivity improvement techniques say that you must take a short break after a few hours of work so that you can feel fresher.

Take a Break to Improve productivity

It is good to collect new ideas for your blog or next task so that it can be a useful blog. But remember that you must set proper schedule for these breaks also because taking unnecessary breaks within very short time duration will again lead to a decrease in the overall outcome.

7# Stop Procrastinating

Here is the last tip for all success oriented bloggers and that is to leave your habit of procrastinating; one must always try to follow the right path by avoiding all adverse circumstances. Remember that there is no right time now to start something good, the perfect time is simply right now so always take instant decisions for what you want to achieve and how you are going to organize your routine to succeed in your goals.

The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work today. – Elbert Hubbard

Stop Using Social Media Too Much

Never blame other things or conditions for your fewer outcomes rather improve your efforts and try to work hard for your desired goals. Stop doing useless things if you want to make your dreams true otherwise success never comes without doing nothing.

Strategic schedule planning for completing daily tasks is one of the essential keys to staying productive, and it will also help to increase productivity. Though it’s difficult to stick to planned schedules because there many distracting factors when we work from home as a blogger or else. But when you or someone got success to stay stick with a scheduled task, then there are high chances their dreams come true.

I am also trying to stick with daily tasks and schedules, but it feels quite hard at the start. Staying productive in blogging is imperative to provide valuable and new stuff to your readers, without sharing new stuff your blog will die day by day. Also, readers love blogs publish fresh content daily or at least weekly basis. So, you should follow these tips to achieve daily goals and share the tactics you use for improving productivity in the comments section.

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