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21 Blogging Myths You Should Know Before Starting a Blog

A couple of years ago when I jumped in blogging, bought MyTipsHub, I had thoughts like it’s effortless to generate revenue with a blog. All you have to do is publish some blog posts, apply for Google Adsense and place advertisements. That’s it.

The funny (I realized after some time) thing in my mind was everyone would visit my blog, will click on Adsense ads and I will make huge money, yes huge. 🙂

The funniest thing was, there is no concern about traffic. But I was wrong; money isn’t the only reason for blogging. Readership, visitors and also engagement in building a better blog is also substantial.

One of the most common blogging myth bloggers think is they will can money just by placing advertisements in various places on their blog.

But, only this practice cannot make significant money, you must have thousands of visitors for making money and driving (organic) traffic is the hardest downside of blogging.

Today’s post I am going to share common blogging misconceptions from my perspective and personal experience. There are many blogging myths that you may have heard, but they are not true.

There is no such thing as the dark side of blogging, but it also exists. These blogging truths are often neglected, however, if you are looking to start a new blog consider them.

21 Blogging Myths You Should Know Before Starting a Blog

1. Blogging is a Cup of Cake

When I started blogging one common thing in my mind was, Blogging is very easy. It’s easy to create great blog posts that readers like and share. But it is not when you have no experience with articles writing.

In blogging you must know graphic designing for creating post images, should be enough proficient in English, Technical knowledge How-Now, etc.

Blogging is a cup of cake when you have passion for learning new things everyday. Otherwise, it’s a tough job to manage a blog individually, and chances are you will leave it soon.

2. Publish Stuff Every Day

Another creepy blogging myth, bloggers think they can grow traffic by publishing new blog posts every day. But the truth is publishing posts every day cannot drive traffic when they’re not providing any benefits or value to readers. Why will someone read a useless article?

So, publish less/more there’s no matter, but always try to provide content that helps readers to learn something new or worth reading.

3. You Must Be an SEO Expert

I have seen many bloggers insist you should be an expert in SEO for driving traffic from Search Engines, but the truth is, there is no need for being an expert in SEO. Are you personally involved in learning SEO? Then it’s good otherwise learn basics.

Why because contents make a difference, you should know basic and some advanced level skills in this zone and believe me your articles will be rocking in Search Engine Results. When you share valuable contents, users and search engines will love you.

4. Bloggers Only Manage Their Blog

Blogging is a profession, but it is also a hobby. Most of the bloggers have initiated a blog as a part-time job or work. Many bloggers have full-time job and profession, and they have a busy schedule.

It is unlikely that they would be free during office hours. Blogging is something that requires 2 to 3 hours minimum every day.

ShoutMeLoud and BloggingCage owners started their blogging journey as a hobby. Both were doing this as a part-time job, and now they are known as top bloggers in the blogging business.

5. Starting a New Blog is Expensive

When I started my first .com blog, I thought it would cost a few hundred bucks to start a blog, but it’s not. You can make your free blogspot blog and can register a domain name that will cost you only $12 per year.

Other than that, you can start like a PRO by hosting your blog on your web hosting account instead of relying on a free platform. Don’t have a lot of money to buy a premium hosting plan? Well, I already shared some of the best yet cheap hosting providers for WordPress and other popular CMS platforms

There are many bloggers out there who will tell you how wrong is this myth. Many blog designers use the magnificent templates that are available on WordPress for free or are very cheap to build.

Many online services where you can make a customized template include Pipdig, which is offering services to make customized blogging templates.

6. Just Write and Publish it Instantly

Many people are confused that it requires a lot of time and energy in building and writing for your blog. They ask when do bloggers find the time to write posts.

The simple answer to this question is making it work during free time. Blogging truths revealed makes the starting of the blog even easier.

Many bloggers write a series of posts on the weekend and schedule them for the upcoming days. Even if you are going on a holiday, you can schedule later posts easily.

This is what many YouTubers do as well. It is not necessary that the post is written and published on the same day.

7. Blogging Community People are Always Nice

The blogging community is a good way to be a part of the biggest social community. Many people don’t understand the fact that why bloggers need to share their lives or blog about it, and they consider it offensive as to why there is a need to monetize everything on the blog.

People tend to be mean when they find out ads and marketing on a blog. Since online people can be anonymous, but many people online always cross the line and become rude.

8. Blog Posts Only Take a Few Minutes

That can be the case for some articles; however, the majority of posts requires a lot of time. There is research, supporting data, then finding perfect pictures and making it SEO friendly involved. It takes time to proofread the paragraphs and typing mistakes.

It requires a lot of effort for correcting your mistake in your writing. But as they all say it, practice makes you better and more natural.

9. You Need Expensive Camera or Equipment For the Blog:

If you have beauty, photography, fashion or such visual blogs, then the camera does make a difference. To run a successful blog can lead up to the camera after a year or so, But if you have started a new one, then stick to quality pictures taken from your Android or iPhone.

One of the blogging truths is the content is very important and preferred over the quality of pictures. The pictures should speak with the content.

10. More Posts More it Brings Traffic

I was also wrong in this as many new bloggers too, but it’s not 100% true. Bloggers think if their blog has a bunch of blog posts, they will get more traffic. But the question is, Are they provide any information or value to readers or just a filling space of your blog?

Thin content cannot help you drive traffic, sales, engagement, and also may cause of Google Penalties. So, you should avoid sharing useless and creepy contents.

Internet users want fresh and helpful stuff until you provide they will like to visit your blog. Otherwise, there’s a big no.

11. Social Media is Waste of Time

Social media network plays a vital role in improving search ranking and traffic too. You should invest a significant amount of time for content marketing.

Don’t only rely on Organic traffic; social media can also boost traffic. Always share your content on social sites especially on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

12. The Advertisement is Best Way to Make Money via Blog

Newbie bloggers often think ads are the best way to earn money, But the reality is there are a number of ways for making money via blogs. Affiliate marketing is the best choice for generating meaningful revenue. You can publish sponsored posts and product reviews for extra bucks.

So, don’t ever rely on one revenue generating way, use advertisements, and affiliate marketing together for best results. I still remember when I start blogging, Google Adsense was the only way of making money in my mind 🙂

13. Writing Expertise Need for a Successful Blogger

You should be expert in article writing but if you aren’t then what? Hmm.. then nothing and it’s entirely wrong. The considerable main thing is you must know how to convey your thoughts/voice in front of your readers.

Always avoid difficult words or sentences because there is not always a master-degree passed person reading your articles, sometimes users like me also read your article. [I’m not good in English 🙁 , so please write in simple English because I want to read your articles for learning new stuff.]

14. Bloggers Love Free Gifts and Treats

This blogging myth is actually not true. Many people think that blogging is about getting free gifts that are contradicting the primary objective of blogging. A blog is like writing a diary for the people and yourself. Bloggers might start a new blog just to be a side activity and for the enjoyment of it.

For other successful and popular bloggers, blogging is a full-time work that they do honestly. Their real success comes from excellent reviews and comments from the people.

There is a need to build and nurture healthy relationships with Public Relations as the blog should be promoted. If there is a sense of positivity being promoted, it is not about receiving but giving.

15.  Bloggers Can Work with Almost any Brand in any Niche

Blogging is an industry itself with massive campaigns for marketing. Bloggers are being asked to review, help, giveaways, participate in campaigns to advertise all types of brands whether it is related to their blog or not. This is also one of the common blogging myths.

Many bloggers never accept such offers, besides why would any blogger want to promote a shampoo brand on a technical mobile blog? Such offers do not interest the readers and might be a loss to blogger.

16. You Need a “Blogging” Category

Find your niche and differentiate yourself to all other blogs. A blog doesn’t have to be specified only on one topic.

If you are thinking to pigeon-hole yourself, there is absolutely no need to do that or ever put yourself in a box. Many bloggers love to write about all types of categories.

Even the blogging awards that have been introduced are covering a great area of topics. For new bloggers, they must know that their blog is dependent on them only.

17. It’s All About Marketing and Numbers

This is partially correct. A successful blog is all about followers, referrals, and traffic. And this traffic is a result of proper digital marketing. However, this might not be the case for all.

Blogging is also about speaking to people who follow your blog. It is about building a relationship with readers, friendships, letters, tweets, emails which are called as quality engagement. It is also about writing honestly, not hastily.

Growing a right number of audience is also the result of inspiring people there with your writing skills. Sharing your ideas and yourself with all over the world requires a lot of courage.

If you ever happened to meet a successful blogger, you will know that it is not only about the numbers when it comes to blogging.

18. Blogging is the Easiest Way to Making Money


No, it’s not as I thought. You need to do hard work with smart strategies to make your blog stand out among thousands of other blogs.

When you have enough traffic, especially organic, your blog will be turned into a money-making machine. The essential things are readers trust, readership, and traffic.

19. High Traffic = More Money

Well, another common blogging myth is, more traffic more it will make money for you. Let me ask you one question, you have placed an advertisement banner on your site, but no one is clicking on it then how you’ll make money.

In the same way, you added affiliate links in your blog post but no one buying product via these thinks, in both scenario how you will make money.

So, getting traffic is not the key to generating revenue, you need targeted traffic/users who really interested in buying products. So, to come up this situation keywords research is the better way to get targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is the door of more engagement, sales, and shares too.

20. Affiliate Marketing is Easy

Affiliate marketing is one of the lucrative ways for earning a healthy amount of money, and there’s no doubt about it. But getting affiliate sales is not an easy job when you have a new site.

To make this job easy you should build credibility, readership, and trust. It took me more than 1 year to get my first affiliate sale.

When you successfully gain credibility, readers will buy your recommended products without any hesitation. Always remember, Never recommend useless and creepy products; otherwise, you will lose your credibility you build in years]

21. Handling WordPress is Easy

Though WordPress is very handy, flexible and adorable content management system but sometimes some weird issues happened that put bloggers in trouble.

A few months ago I had faced such type of problems; I published a blog post, but it did not appear on the homepage. When I clicked on the post category, it was showing there, but not on the homepage.

Then my first impression was what the heck is this buddy, after checking the site completely for looking any incorrect configuration, I was still in the problem. By the way, it happened due to the wrong cache settings.

Also, many other issues can by happened such as White Screen of Death, WordPress Site not updating homepage as I describe above, CSS minification failure, etc.

You should be aware of some technical knowledge for managing wordpress site or hire someone. Don’t worry such problems not occur more often.

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Final Thoughts

These blogging myths based on my personal experience and thoughts, and I think a new blogger often think in the way as I had. But the truth is there is a lot of hard work and patience required for building a successful blog and it demands time.

If you want to build an active community, readership, and engagement, you should share useful posts, How to’s and tutorials. Realize your readers that you care about them when they start trusting you; you’ll start gaining credibility.

Making money through a blog is not an easy job when you have a new blog. As a blogger, generally we claim that we don’t need money, but money is essentials for living. Every single human being needs money for better living. It’s not mean you start recommending useless products.

I hope this article will help you decide before jumping into blogging.

Would you like to share blogging myths you had before starting or Am I missed anything? Don’t be shy share your thoughts in the below comments zone.

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