How to Register Your Domain Name in Five Easy Steps?

So, you landed here at this page to learn how to buy a domain name with easy steps? If yes then you are at the right place and keep reading. I am pretty sure you want to register your brand domain name, Am I right? Domain Name is an important and essential part of any online business because it represents your business and visibility in front of potential customers.

Also, this approach let them help to know who you are, products you’re selling, what you are sharing and much more information as they need. It is also important to take your business to the top level in the market or else if you want to compete your competitors to get more customers, subscribers, and sales.

So, you must register a domain name for your online business to make it more genuine and unique brand. If you are a blogger and using sub-domain such as or, I would highly recommend you to buy a domain name and point it to your blog. Choosing TLD domains(.com, .net) makes your blog more unique, professional and branded. One more important thing user/readers like TLD domain instead of long ugly sub-domains. It will also help to increase your search ranking dramatically because search engines love TLD domain instead of ugly long sub-domains.(most of the time)

Buying a Domain Name is not a tough job because there are several best domain name registrars available on the net. Where you can pick your domain (if available) and buy from 0.99$ to 15$ for the whole year, is it too much costly? Of course not. I highly recommend NameCheap for domain name registration. But If you’re looking for reliable hosting then BlueHost is one of the best wordpress hosting services. You’ll get a free domain name with the purchase of hosting plan.

You may think why I recommend above registrars though there are hundreds of other domain registrars available then why only these? Well, your question is valid and you have the rights to ask this. After all, you are going to spend some bucks to buy a domain and you should know where you are spending money and why.

The main reason is, I researched and found that these companies are reliable, flexible, cheapest, and their support is also great. Though there are many other registrars available having an excellent reputation but I recommend only both places. Are you interest to know more best domain registrars? Then visit the following article.

The above article will help to understand which domain registrars are best for buying and registering your domain. Before ordering and picking a domain name for your brand, here are some must following key points that you should follow.

Things to Consider Before Registering A Domain Name

Here is the list of some most important factors before registering your domain name that you must know;

  • Always try to pick a shorter domain if possible
  • Choose easy to remember and easy to speak domain name
  • Easy to write, read, and remember
  • Your domain name should be related to your niche (from SEO perspective)
  • Always pick a unique name that represents your brand name or products
  • Don’t use hyphens, numbers, and digits, because it distracts users to remember domain name
  • Don’t ever replace letters such as “s” with “z” (e.g; softwarez, bloggingtipx, coolzsoft etc.).

So, These are some basic ideas and tips you should consider before choosing a domain name. However, here is a complete and in-depth guideline I would highly suggest to read about choosing the best domain name for your niche site.

Let’s come back on the track and learn how to buy a domain name at the low price with easy steps for your business or blogging website. Here I will go for NameCheap because it is one of the most affordable domain registrars as I mentioned before.

How to Buy a Domain Name with Five Easy Steps

Step 1. In this tutorial, I choose for registering my domain.

Step 2. Type your desired domain name and click on search button. After searching, it will show you whether your domain name is available or domain name

If your site name already registered by someone, simply try another one. NameCheap domain search panel also shows you domain name suggestions related to your typed keywords. You can select any name that you like and available for registration.Domain Related Suggestions

When you find your desired name click on Add to Cart button.


Step 3. Now click on View Cart Button located a the right side of browser domain name Cart NameCheap

And confirm your order.



Step 4. After that NameCheap required Sign In into your account to complete the purchase, if you already have an account of NameCheap then simply Sign In into your account. Otherwise, Sigh up for a new account and fill up all the necessary field that required for Sign Up. You can easily register your account without any problem. After creating your new account just Sign In now.


Step 5. Now at this step, there are 3 payment options available such as PayPal, Credit Card and Account Funds for paying the fee of the newly purchased domain name. You can select anyone that suits your situation. Also, you can set up the auto-renewal option for different services that you are going to buy from NameCheap before expiring at this step.Payment-Method

Now choose and fill up payment method credentials. After paying and confirming your payment to NameCheap, they will send you a notification of domain buying confirmation and payment transaction information to your email address that you have registered there.


Congratulation, You have successfully purchased your domain name and now take your time to setup it with web hosting account. Looking for best wordpress hosting but confused to decide which one is best? Feel free to go for BlueHost, their services are awesome you will never regret on this. After buying web hosting, installing WordPress is like a piece of cake. Bluehost provides One-Click WordPress installation option.

Need any help regarding buying a domain name and installing WordPress? Feel free to contact me or leave your message in the comments section. The domain buying procedure for any domain name registrar is same as explained above. There might be some variations in different companies but after reading this article, you can buy domain names from any registrar without facing any hurdle.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the whole procedure of buy domain name and installing wordpress, just give me a chance, I will set up everything up for you free of cost.

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Muhammad Imran

Muhammad Imran is an enthusiast blogger and engineering graduate. He has good skills in WordPress and Blogspot, Blogging Tips, SEO, Make Money Online, Computer tips and also Creating tutorials. He loves to share inspiring and creative ideas with online community related to blogging.

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Hi! I’ve been reading a bunch of your posts. Let me start by saying I have NO idea what I’m doing 🙂
So. I need to buy domain name, WordPress, and web hosting?
I like bluehost, but need to know if it will support a lot of data…. potentially a few thousand staying logged in, and adding data daily. I’m needing to start small, but don’t want to limit it. I appreciate your smart yet down to earth interactions. Thank you for your direction– I’ll make sure to follow your links so you get credit!!!!!!

    Muhammad Imran

    You can check on BlueHost’s website data storage limit and bandwidth Donna. For huge data, you can also go for VPS or Dedicated server but as a starter I Would like to recommend you should go with “Basic plan” by BlueHost.

Bella Branson

Great Post 🙂 Purchasing domains that are already owned can be more beneficial. Sure, it’s an investment, but that is exactly how you should look at it.

Sarah Anderson

Buying a domain sounds a lot easier than I would have thought. I thought there would be loads of steps and processes before you are able to get one, but no, it’s check it and buy it. Luckily it would seem that I can get myself a site fairly easily.

    Muhammad Imran

    Hello Sarah, yeah registering a domain name is not a rocket science. You just need to know basics, I published this guide for absolute beginners who just jumped in blogging.
    Would you like to tell which was the first registrar you choose for buying your first domain name?


I thought the cheapest one was Godaddy? with coupons off course… I heard the coupons works if you pay with CC, is that true?

    Muhammad Imran

    Agreed with you Lukas. Godaddy really cheapest domain registrar than NameCheap but the problem is, it is cheaper for the first year and after passing one year you need to pay around 15$/year for your domain. That is why I recommend NameCheap instead of Godaddy. And I don’t think so because you need to pay money to merchant/registrar and it’s your choice from which way you prefer to pay, it may a CC or PayPal.
    I hope it will help you, please don’t hesitate to need any help.


What an awesome guide on buying domain name in lowest price, I am new to world blogging and was looking for this beginner information. As you mention NameCheap is best, please tell me what about iPage or 1and1 who offered domain at very lowest prices.

    Muhammad Imran

    @Michel thank you for leaving your kind words. Well, both iPage and 1and1 webhosting are best places to buy domain name. But I recommend NameCheap because their domain renewal fees are lowest as compared to others as I know. If you want to buy domain name + webhosting package at lowest price then iPage is the best choice, it will cost you only 24$/year.


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