10 Tricks and Tips Beginners Should Know for Better Blogging

10 Tips Beginners Should Know for Effective Blogging

Bloggers, always try to write a helpful blog post for readers. The primary purpose of blogging is to help others, not filling your blog space. Nowadays creating a blog is very easy if compared to the past. Just go to any reliable domain registrar for buying a domain, web hosting, and setting up your blog is simple.

After installing a platform like WordPress or Joomla, you need to install some useful WordPress plugins if you use WordPress. But maintaining a blog is not easy, you need to write great articles for getting readers’ attention and engagement.

So, I thought to write an article for beginner bloggers to show them how they can make a strong readership blog. Here I will show some essential and effective blogging tips for beginners bloggers.

10 Tips Beginner Bloggers Should Know for Effective Blogging

1. Write Contents that Really Worth Sharing

Always try to create unique content that helps users to solve their problems or if someone reads your articles they should get some useful information.

Don’t try to make content that only fill your blog space. Your primary purpose of blogging is to help readers if no one is getting benefits by reading your stuff then what is the purpose of your blogging?. For great readership, you must create unique, useful, and helpful content.

Use simple sentences in your blog posts, it will help users to understand what you are talking about. Complicated words and sentences can make trouble for users who don’t know English very well. Your blogging purpose is helping others not troubling someone.

2. Niche Blogging

Choose those topics or niche in which you are an expert or you can write great posts. If you select a topic in which you are not an expert, or you don’t know how it works, then it is guaranteed you cannot write a useful post.

For example, you are an expert in Android apps developing then how you can write a post on iOS apps development. It’s quite straight-forward 🙂

3. Use Attractive Infographics

To make your blog posts more useful you should use some images if they make some sense otherwise don’t. Images must be relevant to the post, and they help readers to understand what you want to say.

The term Infographic also used for images in blogging. Before using any image into your blog posts make sure it is not copyrighted, otherwise, always mention image source. Compress images before uploading, it helps to decrease site loading time and always optimize images SEO friendly by adding ALT Tag. Here you can learn

Compress images before uploading, it helps to decrease site loading time and always optimize images SEO friendly by adding ALT Tag. Here you can learn How to Add ALT Tag in Images.

4. Blog Design and Structure

Blog design performs an important role to build great readership, massive traffic, and user satisfaction. A clean and simple blog structure helps users and also search engines to understand your blog easily.

You must choose your blog theme or layout S.E.O friendly (Search Engine Optimization) and easy to understand for visitors. Your blog navigation must be simple.

Must Read:  Best Blogger Templates Collection for Blogspot

5. SEO to Drive Traffic

SEO is the most important factor for any site or blog to enhance search visibility in SERP and traffic also. You must know how to do proper search engine optimization, without SEO it is impossible to rank high in search engines. There are many

There are many free SEO learning sites available where you can learn basic SEO without paying a penny. You should use different sources to drive more traffic. Here different sources mean use various social sites, forums, communities, and other similar ways, these methods will assist you to boost up your blog traffic.

You must join some blogs that have the same niche as yours, this will help you to increase your online presence.

6. Website Loading Time – First 3 seconds are Important

Blog speed is also essential for any blog to get higher ranking in the search engines as Google defines (Loading speed of a website is one ranking factor out of 200 other Google factors). If your blog takes too much time to load it is pretty sure visitors will leave your blog within seconds and may never come back. As many

As many experts say the first 3 seconds for loading any site are important, in this short time visitors determine they stay or leave a site. So use better, reliable and faster web hosting to make the site faster.

Bluehost and SiteGround are the recommended shared web hosting for blogs and personal websites. Bluehost hosting is also recommended by WordPress developers.

7. Social Networks

Use social networking sites to explore your blog posts. It will help you to get more blog clicks, more visitors, more page views, and decrease in bounce rate.

Nowadays social sites play a vital role in getting good traffic. You can increase your blog visitors by following someone on social sites. Let me explain how it works. If you follow someone and say to him/her, please follow me back.

Now if you have shared something on the social network then you can get one more post impression by this new follower. It’s not guaranteed that others will follow you or not, but you can take the first step by the following someone maybe they follow you back.

Take the First Step and Follow others = Others follow you (May or May not)

8. Freebies

Make stuff for free of cost for users to enhance traffic, you can make video tutorials for helping users problems. Tutorials also help users to learn something new in the easiest way.

Free wallpapers, softwares, resources and other stuff can play a vital role for great readership. If possible offer premium stuff for free. If you give paid or premium stuff freely, visitors will love you and remember you for a long time.

9. Blog Readers and Users are King

It is your responsibility to respect readers who read your blog, their comments, thoughts, and feedbacks are very important for your blog life. Always reply to visitors’ comments as soon as possible with fully respected words and show his/her value for you.

If you appreciate readers, they will respect you. Sometimes users’ feedback are rude in comments. Don’t feel sad or angry, take a long breath and think why users’ feedback/response is bad if you have done a mistake or say something wrong in blog post simply excuse and never do that mistake again.

You should reply polite words because your rough words can destroy your loyal readers. Readers or visitors are the life of any blog and they have the power of making any blog famous, without readers, your blog is like a graveyard.

Selection of a Web Hosting

At the beginning of your blogging journey, choose a small hosting plan to save some money. Because In the beginning, your blog traffic will be small it may increase after passing sometime. If your blog has great and unique content, then traffic increases day by day.

After getting high traffic, you can go for other plans like premium plus or dedicated hosting plans. You can choose affordable WordPress hosting plans at Bluehost and SiteGround. These two hosts are suitable for a WordPress blog.

(One of the most common mistakes is made by beginner bloggers is they go for cheapest hosting and in return their blog takes too much time for loading. So, please choose good hosting for your new site or blog)

The above beginner tips are essential for beginners, and they should know about these basic tips. These tips help you to create great blog posts and also active readership. If you have any question regarding blogging tips and tricks then feel free to write in the comment section.

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