How to Add Alt Tag in Images by SEO Friendly Images Plugin

How to Add ALT Tag in WordPress Images?

SEO is all about optimizing website for better search engine ranking and also enhancing visibility in SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). When we talk about images, It is important to optimize your images for proper SEO. You can do this by adding Alt Tag into images. Alt Tag plays a vital role in displaying your blog images in image search results. Google crawlers and robots cannot understand images without providing Alt Tag in images. Search crawlers and robots work by reading text and contents, they understand images by their Alt tags.

How to Add ALT Tag into Images?

One easy and simple way for adding Alt Tag in images, at the time of uploading new images in wordpress blog there is an option for adding alt tag. If an image is already uploaded then simply click on image and select edit button, windows will be appear where you will get an option for adding Alt tag. This is manual option and some bit boring when adding too many images.

If you want to do this task automatically then there are many wordpress plugins available in wordpress plugins library. I mean to say you just upload pictures and click on “Insert into post” button, wordpress plugin automatically insert ALT Tag. One of the best plugin is “SEO Friendly Images” by Vladimir Prelovac to insert alternative tag text in images. Search this plugin by going to your site WordPress Dashboard>Plugins>Add New, install and activate it. Before using this plugin you need to configure it properly. Here I will show you proper setting to take out maximum SEO benefits.

I recommend the below settings:

Always name properly images before uploading in wordpress. For example; an image of BlueHost web hosting company such as a banner you should name it something like “BlueHost Web Hosting” this practice is SEO friendly. Dont use just “hosting” as a name. Though it is quite related to image but not defining exact information about the image.

Use %name for Alt attribute

Use %title for Title attribute

SEO Friendly Images Setting

Now update settings & you have done it 🙂

If your wordpress blog have too many images and you never add Alt tags, then this plugin will help you a lot. Just install and configure it, It will handle all images perfectly.If you are blogger then we highly suggest you to use SEO Smart Links plugin for easy internal linking. This plugin will help you to find out quick linking within your blog while writing posts.

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