How to Setup Professional Email Address with Own Domain?

How to Create a Professional Email Address with Your Domain Name?

Great you have just bought your own domain name, web hosting and also installed wordpress site to jump into the blogging journey. So, what’s next? you probably say crafting killer contents, spreading them to social media, networking with other bloggers etc. But have you considered to set up a professional email address using your own domain name?

What? not yet.

Excuse me for being rude but do you know how bad it is not using a professional looking business email address? If you’re business/company your potential customers will go away due to this crappy mistake. Usually, when customers see [email protected], [email protected] as your official mailing address instead of  [email protected]they think this business is not serious about business and professionalism. And that thing insists them to go away. Customers get confused about the company who is not using professional email address either it’s trustworthy or not.

Setting up a professional email address is not a big deal and you can use your branded email with Google Gmail service easily. After little tweaks, Gmail can be used for sending and receiving emails through branded email. In this post, I will be sharing how to setup your own professional email address.

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Before going ahead, I would like to share why you should use your brand named email;

  • It looks more professional
  • It shows professionalism of any business
  • Customers credibility
  • Brand name recognition
  • Easy to remember
  • Spams reducing

Create Professional Email Address with Own Domain Name?

For creating a branded email address, you must have access to your web hosting control panel. Login to your hosting cPanel.Login-to-Hosting-Panel

After login to web hosting control panel, look for Mail section and click on Email Accounts.Hosting-Email-Accounts

Here type your email address for example; [email protected] or something else you like and insert password which will use to access the mailbox. You should choose minimum eight characters for the password to make it stronger including uppercase, lowercase, number and symbols. You can also use Generate Password button to create a strong password. The last step is configuring mailbox storage space, choose as per your use. Now hit the Create Account button.Create-Professional-Email-Address-and-Choose-Storage

After hitting create button, a success notification will appear. Congrats, you have successfully setup your own branded email address. Though this is not a big deal but sometimes beginner stuck in this process and that is why I crafted this beginner guide.

After reading this article, I hope you can easily create your professional email address within few minutes. But if you have any problem don’t hesitate to speak in below comments section. I am always right there to help you with pleasure.

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