Top Pingdom Alternatives 2019: Which One is Worth Using?

Best Pingdom Alternatives 2019: Which One is Worth Using?

You might agree with me that Pingdom is one of the leading website monitoring tools to analyze server errors, uptime, site loading time, and real-time user monitoring.

And it’s little bit hard for new bloggers and webmasters to afford expensive services in the beginning of their blogging journey. So, here I will share some Pingdom alternatives for taking the same benefits (just like Pingdom) without paying a single penny or fewer fees .

Monitoring your websites and server accessibility is the most critical factor to run a smooth blog and online business. It’s even more important for eCommerce businesses.

Can you manually monitor your website for a whole day, month or year? Of course not.

It’s annoying, frustrating and time consuming. As a site owner, we have to do a lot of other things, Am I right?

But you can automate the process by using uptime monitoring tools. You can analyze, monitor and check statistics of your sites. Some of these tools even send you alerts, so you can take necessary steps to fix the problem without losing sales or traffic.

Before sharing alternatives to Pingdom, let me explain the criteria of how I picked these tools. I suggest you should consider checking following features before choosing any tool especially paid.

2019's Best Pingdom Alternatives to Monitor Your Website's Uptime

1. UptimeRobot


UptimeRobot is one of the best and my favorite tool to track website uptime with multiple ways such as Ping, Keyword, HTTP, HTTPs, and Port. You can either enter your site address or use a specific keyword to monitor on a page. However, Port method can be used to analyze POP, SMTP, DNS and any service which uses a particular port for normal operation.

It is a freemium service and quite a good Pingdom alternative when it comes to tracking server performance without paying any fees. They don’t offer other services like Real User Monitoring, Transaction Monitoring, etc. So, if you’re a general user who doesn’t need such functionalities then feel free to choose UptimeRobot.

The free account enables you to check with 5 minutes interval, 60 days of history log, and 50 websites check with a single account. They notify you via emails whenever their bot failed to get the normal response like 200-ok or 404 not found.

Paid account can monitor for every 1 minute, email alerts and 10 SMS alerts, 50 URLs, and the whole one year historical data to analyze the overall server performance. You can buy 50 more SMS credits at the cost of $15. Furthermore, paid subscription available on the monthly or yearly basis with 20% discount.

There are multiple ways to contact the customer support such as emails and phone call. They don’t have live chat, but support team is fast enough to reply promptly. And live chat in such services isn’t a big issue. You can create a free account under a minute or buy paid plan using Visa Card, Master Card, PayPal, or AMEX.

  • Free account requires no credit card
  • 1 minute interval
  • With a free account, you can monitor 50 URLs
  • Easy to use, clean dashboard, and easy configuration
  • Like many others tools listed below, you can also install mobile app to stay connected with your UptimeRobot account all the time
  • One of the great tools to monitor uptime
  • Conditional notification feature for custom alerts
ServiceUptime pingdom alternative

Service Uptime is a free/paid tool similar to Pingdom to track your websites with 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes time span. As a free user, you get all the features which are essential to get most accurate results with every 30 or 60 minutes monitoring via 10 locations. A free account allows basic features and limited functionalities which are suitable for small websites.

You will have to buy paid plan for less time interval such as 1~3 minute, additional node locations, SMS alerts, and much more. ServiceUptime can help you track hosting servers, Web pages, IMAP, POP3, ping, link check, download servers, DNS services and lookup, MySQL as well as custom servers. All of these features available for both free and premium accounts.

Premium packages start from $4.95 per month with up to 10 websites, SMS/email alerting, and 3 minute time interval. For more resources, you can select “Advance” and “Professional” packages at the cost of $9.95 and $52.95 respectively.

Their dashboard is very handy, designed flawlessly, and user friendly to view every statistics of your site. It keeps historical data which can be used to decide if a web host worth using or not. They also send you detailed monthly reports via email including a custom company logo. Professionals or developers can send these reports to their clients.

  • Serving since 2005 and provides all the necessary features 
  • They are managing over 100,000 users
  • Top alternative to Pingdom at good price
  • Variety of time interval options
  • Users can add more than one alert contact
  • Support all the primary protocols
  • Historical reports
  • Highly affordable and cost effective service

It is not only a uptime checking tool but offers a bunch of other features at the very reasonable price, but you can create a free account as well and avail some basic benefits. Site24x7 track through more than 60 locations worldwide and suitable for various services such as HTTP, DNS, SSL, TCP Port, Ping, POP, IMAP and SMTP, performance analyzer, transaction tracking, and real user monitoring.

You can track your website through multiple locations even from a private network. It is also usable for keeping an eye on SSL certificates to verify if it’s properly working. Webmasters can use this tool for other purposes as well like server monitoring, Failover cluster tracking, Windows log, Docker monitoring, VMware hosts, Linux and FreeBSD servers and much more.

Site24x7 is more than a uptime checker and a perfect place for developers and advanced users to avail numerous features at one place. Whenever their system detects any error or downtime, it will alert you right on your dashboard and send email as well as SMS to help you take instantaneous actions. For foolproof alerts, they check from 3 different locations for most accurate results.

The very basic plan called “Standard” start at $9/month. It allows 10 sites, 5 network interfaces, 1-minute checking frequency, 8 testing locations and best for websites having up to 100,000 monthly visitors. It also includes 50 SMS/voice credits per month for instant notifications. You get regular customer support in “Standard” plan. They offer 30-day free trial with all the premium features to help the users try their services before buying.

  • HTTP and HTTPS monitoring through 60+ locations
  • DNS, Ping, FTP, and TCP port checking
  • POP, IMAP, and SMTP tracking
  • SSL certificate monitoring
  • Website performance analyzing and speed testing
  • iOS and Android applications for easy access to your account
  • Web transaction and mail server tracking
  • Various alerting ways such as email, SMS, and Voice
Status-Cake best alternative to Pingdom

StatusCake is also most trusted and Pingdom free alternative. They have an enormous 75000+ customer base and served Internet giant names such as Microsoft, Nasa, Chargify, NHS, Netflix, Google, EA, GoDaddy, TalkTalk, Disney, and AMA, etc.

It is a freemium tool and as a free user, you can check with 5 minutes interval. Whenever your sites go down, they send instant emails to notify you, and there is no limit for emails. It means you will be notified each and every time in case of any issue at zero fees.

The best part is it can be integrated with 3rd party applications as well to get most out of it. Though, a free version allows basic monitoring, limited features and suitable for small business. They have more than 100 nodes located around the world in 40 countries to provide most reliable data than any other service.

However, premium subscriptions include unique functionalities such as 1-minute frequency, 25 monthly SMS alerts, and tracking through multiple locations. It also allows SSL analysis, virus scanning after every hour, and Linux based server monitoring. For webmasters and bloggers who can’t afford downtime, should subscribe to paid plan.

Customer support is available via Live chat, email, Twitter, and Facebook. StatusCake’s staff is always there to help you 24/7 anytime and has an excellent reputation by real users. They only allow credit and debit cards as a payment gateways to purchase paid plans.

  • Highly accurate error detection with zero negative results
  • 100+ servers in 40 countries and 6 continents
  • Customer support is upvoted as 8/10 by real users
  • Numerous ways for warning alerts
  • No hidden charges
  • Trusted by big names; NASA and Netflix, etc.
  • Solid 75k+ customer base
SiteUptime similar to pingdom

SiteUptime provides free and paid account with advanced features and checks your website through 8 locations from 5 continents with every 2-minute interval. To double verify whether your site is down or not, they perform multiple tests to render accurate alerts via email, phone, and SMS.

In case of downtime, it sends an instant alert to notify you within seconds so you can fix the issue before your visitors face any problem. It is a free alternative to Pingdom for inspecting following protocols; HTTP, SSL, FTP, DNS, Ping, and custom TCP ports with 2, 5, 15, 30, and 60 minutes differences.

You can also detect problems in your email hosting server POP3 and SMTP with SiteUptime. With a free account, you’re allowed to add 1 websites with 30-minute check, 8 different locations, and email notifications. Users can access to uptime reports for insights to keep an eye on their hosts performance.

Premium plan includes advanced features; 3 monitors, 2 min. time interval, DNS tracking, API access, SMS and call alerts at the price of just $10 per month. Paid users can set up more than one alert contacts and download statistics as well. However, locations remain the same (8) in both versions, free and paid.

  • Different 8 monitoring locations
  • Affordable plans with great features
  • HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SSL, Ping, and Port tracking
  • Custom port tracking
  • Detailed monthly uptime reports
  • Email, SMS, and Call alert for multiple contacts
  • API access same as Pingdom
Monitis pingdom alternative

Monitis is another best tool used by 200,000 users and big names such as TeamViewer, ApcoaParking, Skyscanner, and AVIS. It helps the users monitor if all of their websites, servers, databases, and apps are working smoothly. Same as Pingdom, it also has various features such as Transaction monitoring, website load time checking, server uptime, web stress tester and much more.

You can even use it for app monitoring with Monitis plugin architecture available for MSSQL, MySQL, JMX/Java, etc. Their flexible and easy to use API also can be integrated with your own system to get maximum benefits.

They don’t offer free account however you can avail 15 days free trial to check if its worth your money. The best part is you can create a custom plan as per your need where you can choose how many sites you want to monitor, server numbers, applications you want to track and load tests to perform each month. This significantly decreases monthly cost because many companies provide features which a general user like a blogger doesn’t use.

Monitis by default check your web portal's uptime for every 1 minute via 3 different servers. However, you can increase servers to maximum 30. Same goes with other metrics like transactions and page load tests, everything can be customized and set up as per your requirement. It offer much more flexibility than Pingdom.

  • Used by more than 200k users globally
  • User friendly and detailed dashboard
  • It stores 2 years of old data
  • 30 locations to get better results
  • Checks for every one minute
  • Instantaneous error alerts

Pingometer is an excellent Pingdom alternative tool with convenient and easy to use features which is why used by many giant names like AMD, American Red Cross, Oracle, McCafee, Virgin, Cisco, VMWare, and Virgin, etc. They have thousands of users worldwide to check their web-portals with 100% accuracy. For reliable results, they double verify outage with multiple checks. They offer a simple yet powerful control panel to analyse all of your monitors with in-depth statistics.

You can track HTTP/HTTPS protocols, RUM, DNS, POP3, SMTP, TCP, UDP, and Transactions monitoring for 24/7 with 1 to 30 minutes frequency. Whenever it detects any issue you get notified via SMS, Twitter, Emails, phone calls, and web hooks. You can also specify alerting contacts to send downtime notifications to other team members.

They have more than 12 monitoring locations in Brazil, France, Australia, Germany, Luxembourg, Japan, Netherland, the United States, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. You are allowed to choose any location with a preferable time interval. Tech geeks can use their API to build custom applications and integrate Pingometer with many 3rd party tools such as Cachet, StatusPage, Slack, PagerDuty, and Twitter.

There are 4 paid and one free package available which includes different resources. In free account, you're allowed to track one site via one location. The first premium plan named as “Small” which enables you checking 5 sites with 1-3- minute from 3 locations at the cost of $9/month. But it doesn’t allow multiple contacts alerting and SSL certificate checking.

For those features, you’ll have to subscribe to higher plans. You can buy via MasterCard, Visa, JCB, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club. Need any help regarding your account or technical issues? Well, 24/7 live chat and email support team always there to help you.

  • 12+ worldwide locations with numerous alerting ways
  • 1 to 30 minute time interval
  • Foolproof accuracy with multiple checks
  • API access to get maximum benefits
  • Various monitoring protocols
  • Historical reports for uptime, response time, headers, status codes and much more...

How I Picked Listed Pingdom Alternatives?

Time Interval

You must check the monitoring interval time before subscribing to any service. Always choose the lowest time interval tool such 30 seconds or 1 minute. For bigger sites, it’s recommend going with 30 seconds frequency because a minor downtime can significantly affect the site traffic, sales, and leads as well.

However, for medium or small websites you can use 1 minute to 10 minutes check. Don’t ever use a service which monitors with more than that time. There are many services that only offer 30 to 60 minutes interval (free tools). I don’t use and recommend higher time span.

In my cheap WordPress web hosting tests, I found that a low-cost web host provides 99.9% uptime and our site usually face 1~7 minutes downtime. So, choosing a service which checks after 30 or 60 minutes isn’t a wise choice.

Number of Monitors

How many sites a single account can monitor is another essential point. If you’re running multiple websites then must double check this feature before buying any paid uptime monitoring tool.

Let’s assume, if a service allow only one website for uptime monitoring and you want to analyze multiple sites then you’ll have to create separate accounts. And checking all the sites by visiting each account separately is time consuming and frustrating.

As a free user, some companies restrict and allow limited websites tracking. It is recommended to choose a service like Pingdom which offers multiple sites monitoring such as Uptime Robot.

Ways to Alert

Are they offer SMS, Phone, or Email alerting? Many tools notify you even through Twitter as well as Skype. In case of an incident, it’s critical to get informed as soon as possible. And SMS alerting is the best and instant way to get informed about site issues.

However, having various alerting ways is always better than a single one. So, multiple webmasters who manage a single website will be informed to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Uptime Checking Ways

How many protocols it has to check the uptime of your site? Is it offer Ping, URL, HTTP(s), or keyword monitoring?

The best thing about uptime checking services is you can monitor a very specific word on a website. For example, you can monitor an individual page for a particular keyword. If it gets removed by the site owner, you’ll get an alert. It’s the best option to monitor your backlinks with anchor text.

Status Reports

I would like to choose a company which retains daily, weekly, or monthly reports about server statistics. So, I can check it anytime to monitor the overall performance of my hosting server. With the help of server response time, you can analyze the website speed.

It is very handy feature to find the fast web hosting with maximum uptime. How? You can examine response time and server sustainability to pick the best web host. Pretty simple?

Conclusion - Which Alternative to Pigdom Should You Choose?

No doubt Pingdom is a great tool to get various functionalities at one place, but as mentioned above its a little bit expensive. Except uptime monitoring, many bloggers don’t need features like transaction monitoring and stress loads, etc. So, for uptime checking, you can use above tools. For great results, it is recommended to use premium service instead of relying on free.

I hope this article will help you find the right tool to maintain your websites and blogs. If you know any best Pingdom alternative that should be listed here, please let me know in the comments section and do let me know which service you’re using or going to use.

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