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6 Productivity Tips and Tools for Bloggers in 2024

Blogging may be easy for people who post occasionally and are not interested in turning their blog into a source of reliable information, influence, and authority in a particular niche. If on the other hand, you really want people to read what you write, then you have to publish content as frequently as possible but keep in mind quality over quantity.

Sometimes blogging can make bloggers lazy as I am 🙂 because you’re not working under any boss. You’re the only person responsible for your activities and tasks. In this article, you’re going to learn some of the best productivity tips which can help to achieve your daily tasks as well as blog growth.

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Blogging productivity is not that difficult to explain: you set up a posting schedule and stick to it. You pick popular topics and write content that attracts massive attention, traffic, shares and engagement. Then, you respond to readers comments and engage new visitors to subscribe. In practice, those goals are not as simple as they seem.

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Here is the good news: you can always become a more productive blogger if you follow the right strategy. We’ll help you succeed with some quick, simple productivity tips and great tools that will support you in the mission of increasing blogging productivity.

6 Blogging Productivity Tips and Tools for Bloggers

3 Tips for becoming a Productive Blogging Guru

1. Offer Something NEW

How is that a productivity tip? That’s an easy question to answer: if you don’t have something new to offer to your audience, then you can’t expect to attract many readers. Even when you choose evergreen topics or an issue that all competitive bloggers are covering, you have to offer something different.

When a reader finishes reading your piece, he wants to get the impression that he learned something new, found the solution to a problem, or simply had fun. The only way to achieve these goals is by offering something that your competitors are not offering. Offer an ebook that solves readers problem or some type of guide book.

2. Don’t Think about Saving Time. Think about Saving Energy!

When you focused on boosting your blogging productivity, you mostly think about saving time as much as possible. Thus, you start avoiding social events, exercise less, don’t get fresh air every day, and you don’t want to waste time in cooking. Maybe you can spend a week under this “high-productivity” regimen, but you’ll find yourself exhausted sooner or later. Then, you would have to take a few days off in order to recharge your energy.

You need to change your approach. Save your energy! Observe your productivity levels and find out when you do your best work. Arrange your schedule in a way that works for you, but make sure to leave some time for energizing activities. Get healthy sleep, eat healthy meals, and exercise!

3. Arrange the Writing Process in Stages

First, you have to conduct research. Take your time to dig the most authoritative resources and think of a unique approach to your piece. Then, pick the topic that would attract your audience or related to your niche. These pre-writing stages may take an entire day if you’re working on a complex piece. That’s okay; don’t push yourself to do more work than you’re capable of.

A brainstorming stage will help you develop unique arguments and concepts for your piece. Then, you can write the post in accordance with the plan you have. Don’t forget the editing and proofreading stages before hitting the blog post publish button or the final publication. Here are some of the best proofreading tools which can help to make your articles error-free.

3 Productivity Boosting Tools

Now that you’re aware of the practices that will help you preserve your energy and write effective blog posts, you only need some tools that will support you on the way.

1. MindManager

First of all, you need mind mapping software that will help you connect the dots between all ideas in your head. MindManager is a great tool, which you can use for creating visually appealing mind maps and collaborating with other bloggers. This is also a project management tool, which you can use for scheduling tasks within the team. If you have an entire team working on your blog, MindManager is the perfect tool that will connect you. If not, you can still use its brainstorming, event planning, and project management features.

2. Assignment Masters

What happens when you can’t deal with all the tasks on your schedule? You still need to publish a post when your audience expects, so you have to get the piece ready no matter what. Here is a possible solution: you can hire an expert writer to assist you. Assignment Masters connects you with talented writers and editors. Speaking of editing, this is the perfect tool to use for polishing out your content before publication. That will save you a lot of time, and you’ll start producing content of greater quality. It’s what productivity is all about.

3. WriteRoom

Distraction-free writing is the ultimate key in blogging productivity tips. Try this software and launch yourself into a clean writing environment that leaves you alone with your words. WriteRoom is a MAC OS-based software that helps you write content in distracting free full-screen environment.

Do you really want to become a more productive blogger? It’s time to do something about it! Try the above blogging productivity tips and tools, and tell us about the results you achieve. Are you using any productivity tools or tips to maintain your blog and daily task, do let me know in the comments section below.

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