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How to Increase Your Productivity as A Blogger

In the 21st century, blogging has become a profession and career to many people. Gone are the days where formal employment was considered to be the only credible and secure source of income. Top bloggers today amass millions of dollars annually from their blogs and guest blogging. It is a passion that many people have turned into a lucrative venture. However, many shortcomings come with it. It requires a lot of time and patience to succeed at it.

In order to be a productive blogger and improve productivity, you will have to manage different elements of blogging. But how do you manage to create engaging content, guest blogging, interacting with your followers and find time for other activities in life? Well, it’s not easy and you will have to do more than just being good at creating content. Here are a few points to be productive or to increase productivity as a blogger.

Ways to Increase Your Productivity as a Blogger

Time saving

There are never enough hours in a day, especially for busy people like bloggers. Every minute spent can never be recovered and every minute saved is equally productive for a blogger. But how do you save time as a blogger with busy schedules all week round? The answer lies in utilizing timer saving tools like;

  • Trello: It allows you to organize your tasks well to avoid mix-ups and forgetting to carry out other tasks.
  • Evernote: It is considered to be one of the best notes taking tool. It enables a blogger to make short notes –that can be used later on in the content thus saving time for research.
  • Squirly: Bloggers are always tasked with producing SEO articles and contents that can rank highly in the search engine. But how to do it without investing more time? Squirly is a tool dedicated to helping bloggers create new contents and posts that are SEO friendly thus saving formatting time. You can also use Yoast wp plugin for this task which is also recommended by experts.

These are a number of tools that can be utilized by bloggers to save time while creating new posts. However, you should be on the lookout as a blogger for new and trending tools that can be utilized to save time as well.

Blog management

Blogger should be effective in managing all aspects of his/her blog. These include marketing and outreaching. Thanks to technology advancement, new innovative tools pop up each and every time that can help bloggers exhaustively manage their blogs with ease. These tools have been integrated to merge all the outreach and marketing needs of a blogger.

One such tool is MozBar which is a page management tool that presents the site owner all the useful metrics such as Domain authority, page authority, backlinks and spam score, within an arm’s length. It is compatible with both Firefox and Chrome which is an added advantage to users. The other useful tools include Google Docs, Buzz Stream, and NinjaOutreach among others.


This is the core element that quantifies a blogger. A good blogger will be determined by his/her content. The content should be engaging, stimulate emotions, capture the reader’s attention and even persuade the reader to take action.

To achieve this, you will have to do away with the traditional pen and paper writing and adopt the more advanced means and tools of creating content. In some cases, a blogger will require help on the specific niche which he/she is not so familiar with. The tools to be utilized include;

  • Grammarly: This is one of my essential blogging tools, it helps to write an error-free article. Grammarly underlines every misspelled word, or wrong used words as well as enhance vocabulary. It also has the ability to check plagiarism with upto 8 billion web pages. Available for both free and premium users, so you should try it.
  • ProWritingAid: This tool highlights the mistakes, both grammar and spelling, found in a post. The writer will then have an opportunity to edit them before publishing on the blog. What’s more, this tool not only highlights possible mistakes in a post but also advises the blogger on how to improve the content.
  • A-Writer: As said earlier, it is of utter important for a blogger to outsource content for niches he/she is not familiar with. A-Writer is a platform for professionals who deal with niche specific orders and deliver customized writing that fits the requester. It is an excellent tool that should be utilized by all bloggers to get quality content in the shortest period of time at a low cost.


More often, bloggers get stuck when writing a post. This is a devastating experience. But what do you do to brainstorm and continue being productive? The best thing is to sit back and ask yourself what the readers want.

A blogger can accomplish this by doing a thorough keyword research using an array of modern tools such as HubSpot keyword tool and Google AdWords Keyword tool.

Both are free and user friendly to use and require little knowledge. With these tools at hand, blog writers can easily brainstorm the keywords and utilize them in content creation to satisfy the reader’s needs.

Social management

Blogging has everything to do with social media for getting more visitors and sales too. Modern marketing strategies target social media platforms for customers.

The same way, social networks are the biggest resource of readers when it comes to blogging. It is, therefore, paramount to keep in touch with these platforms more often in order to get inspiration and at the same time get ideas of what the readers want.

This can easily be done by use of tools that have been designed for social media posts and blogging in general. One such tool is DrumUp, which gives suggestions and recommendations for social media posts on the virtue of what is trending. The Buffer is another one for managing and scheduling social media publishing of your blog posts as well as others too.

Visual management

The blogging industry is highly competitive. It, therefore, requires the blogger to improve visually his/her blog to have a cutting edge over the competitors and remain productive. Numerous tools on the internet today are created to serve this purpose.

One of the oldest yet highly effective is Photogrid. This is a tool that users can use to create appealing graphics more quickly and share them on social media. The other one is Canva, which allows the blogger to customize and personalize images for the readers liking.

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This is a guest post written by Amy Cowen, is a freelance writer at Aussiewriter and contributor to different blogs who focuses mostly on technology, tools and all the latest trends which are interesting for content marketing specialists and networking enthusiasts.

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