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15 Reasons Why You Should Submit Site to Google Search Console

When it comes to managing websites, it is necessary to monitor all activities and statistics of your sites such as server errors, site up/downtime, crawling issues, malware detection and indexing status. However, there are many free tools available that are used to monitoring server up/downtime of your all websites. As well as you should submit your site in google search console to keep in touch with most common issues of your sites such as sitemap issues, crawl and server errors, HTML structure improvement, duplicate content problems and so on.

Why Submite Site to Google Search Console

It’s essential to submit your site’s sitemap and also website in Google Search Console or Google Webmaster Tool(formerly). Why? because it helps search engine bots and spiders to crawl your site more precisely. If your site is content based and sharing articles then Google search console’s “Search Analytics” feature help you figure out the keywords that are driving organic traffic to your blog. So, on that analytic results base, it’s easier to find which type of content your readers/visitors are looking for. It is one feature, but there are more others available that help to maintain site health, SEO etc.

15 Reasons Why You Should Submit Website to Google Search Console

There are following points I think every blogger and site owner must/should know about why they must verify their sites in search console (Google Webmaster Tools):

  1. It helps bloggers to monitor site search engine visibility.
  2. On which keywords their sites are ranking for.
  3. Helps to improve site crawling and indexing.
  4. You can monitor “404 Not Found” pages and redirect them to existing one.
  5. To monitor whether site is crawlable by spiders/robots or not.
  6. Is their site are mobile friendly. You can check it by visiting Console Dashboard> Search Traffic> Mobile Usability.
  7. Is there any issue need to be fixed? Such as HTML improvements.
  8. Figuring out “404 Not Found” pages as well as other HTTP errors.
  9. Monitoring site hacks and malware detection.
  10. You can also find which keywords are driving organic traffic via Google.
  11. Can find the inbound links to your site and numbers of total links.
  12. You can submit the sitemap to Google, which helps in improving indexing and crawling procedure.
  13. Finally submitting sitemap in GSC, help search robots to improve crawling and indexing procedure.
  14. Robots.txt tester helps webmasters to address “Whether their site’s robots.txt file is correctly configured or not?”
  15. Finally “Fetch as Google” is the best way of rapidly indexing your latest posts in the Google search engine’s database.

There are also other features available, but I point out the most useful reasons that are essential for any blogger. And he/she should take maximum benefits from them. Monitoring site statistics on a daily basis is frustrating you can use SEMRush (My Favorite SEO Tool) and setup it’s Site Audit function to address your site SEO errors. And to keep an eye on Up/Downtime Pingdom and UptimeRobot are the best tools.

So, these are some key points I think you should know and the importance of submission in Google search console(webmaster tools). It is also essential to verify your site in other search engines too like Bing/Yahoo, Yandex, Alexa, etc. But Google is crucial because most of the sites are getting 80% of organic traffic through Google.

Make your site search engine friendly and search engines will love your site. I hope this article will help you under why Google search console site submission is important. Do share this article on social media and let me know which features of search console you think are the best for managing your site in the comment section below.

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