How to Download APK Files from Google Play to Your PC Directly?

How to Download APK Files from Google Play to Your PC Directly?

Google Play is a giant online apps store for downloading/installing Android apps and games in Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can install any application from this platform easily on your Android smartphone or tablet, but sometimes it’s very difficult to install your required stuff directly from google play due to slow internet speed, required app is not suitable for your device, bandwidth limits or data charges, etc.

In such situations, most users think they never can install their required app into their smartphones. But it’s not the game dear 🙂

You can install any app which Google Play Store suggests that it’s not suitable for your smartphone. You can install, but there is no guarantee that it’ll work too.

how to download apk files from google play

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Why I Download APK Files in Computer?

The most common reasons for downloading APK files are;

  • Installing heavy apps or games like Asphalt8, Nova, etc. in the smartphone is not an easy task and time consuming, you can download these apps easily in the computer.
  • You do not have an internet connection, low internet speed, high data charges, and bandwidth limits.
  • Sometimes Google banned some applications in the playstore, but unluckily you need them, but if you have apk files you can easily install these apps.
  • You can share APK files with your friends or with your other Android devices without any problem.
  • Sometimes play store is not recommending some applications for your device but you know that your device can handle these apps, then this is the alternative way for installation.
  • Installing apps from playstore repeatedly is a headache. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Applications are not available in your country then you can use this method.

How to Download APK Files in Computer?

Now we are going to tell you “How to download APK files from Google Play to PC”. From this method, you can download your favorite or required apps to your PC and then transfer these files to your Android devices via USB cable or by other means.

We will use APK Downloader tool by Evozi developers.

So, Let’s start!

  1. Open Play Store in the web browser, search for your required application or game. For example, we want to download “Pocket” application.
  2. Copy the entire URL address of required app.(in our case Pocket).Copy app url from google play store
  3. Go to APK Downloader and past URL address in the box.Apk downloader
  4. Click on “Generate Download Link”. It will take a few seconds to generate downloading link depend on the size of the application.
  5. And now click on “Click Here to Download”, your downloading will start to download apk files

That’s all :), but if you are facing any trouble with this method write in the comments section, I will try to help you ASAP.


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