Bluehost Review 2024: Should You Buy This Web Hosting?

Bluehost Review 2024: Should You Buy This Web Hosting?

Before starting this BlueHost review, Let’s take a quick overview of the company.

BlueHost is one of the oldest and famous WordPress hosting companies founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton.

With hosting more than 2 million domains and an estimated amount of 15,000 to 20,000 new customers every month, they are growing day by day.

In 2010, Endurance International Group acquired it. The company has more than 700 employees.

BlueHost offers a broad range of features like unlimited web space, unlimited transfer, MySQL, PHP, Perl, SSH, Free site builder, and much more.

No doubt that they offer quality services at a very affordable price. If we go through the list of the top 20 largest web hosting companies, It is one of them.

If we do not go into the depth features, we can simply describe some of the eye-catching company features:

  • 24/7 Highly supportive response behavior
  • Simple, easy, and understandable scripts with 1-click install
  • Fast and secure servers
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Higher storage space for starter plans
  • Recommended Hosting by

Dynamic Frequency Scaling

In 2009, BlueHost introduced a new feature to all of its customers called CPU Throttling which is also known as dynamic frequency scaling. CPU Throttling: it is a process to reduce the CPU usage so that to prevent the processor from getting overheated and damaged. In short, it is a resource optimization method. However, regarding Hosting, it is a bit different process.

When there are too many users at one time on a shared server means that when too much use of CPU resources simultaneously, the CPU will freeze your account CPU usage. At this particular time, your website will extremely slow down and will only be released when the hosting company staff thinks; it is the right time.

So far, according to my information, BlueHost and Hostmonster implementing the CPU throttling. They implemented this feature due to the massive database quarries because they use too many resources and so that other people face the problems.

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Performance Reliability

Although BlueHost has downtimes (every host face), but they are very sensitive in such cases and always provide you the reason for problems and downtime. But don’t worry, their downtimes are small in numbers and rare. However, the most important factor for a website owner is speed. So overall performance is quite impressive and you can’t say they are not good in this business. You can make your site faster and speedy by picking the Bluehost hosting.

Customer Support

Customer support service is considered the backbone of any online or offline business. An excellent customer support service creates the loyalty and goodwill of the company among its clients. From my experience, I will give 9.0/10 to their support.

The customer support team is well trained, friendly and 24/7 approachable. In the case of any problem major to minor you can contact them by a variety of means like by sending the support ticket, over the phone, live chat or join the BlueHost community.

Unlimited Space and Bandwidth

The hosting storage space is limited to 50 GB SSD for starter plans. But their Plus/Pro plans offer unlimited web space and bandwidth. As I contact their live chat, they said, their starter plans can easily handle 25k visitors per day. So, if you are a starter or medium business then shared hosting starter plans are best for you.

If you’re looking for more speed, performance, and control on your web server, then VPS and Dedicated hosting servers are perfect for you. In my experience, BlueHost servers are quite fast and load your site within 2~3 seconds.

In short, you will get 50 GB SSD web space, unmetered bandwidth, 25 sub-domains, 100 email accounts, and 5 parked domains, at the price of $3.95/month. Isn’t it make sense to choose their services?

Easy to Use Control Panel

Let’s say that you purchase a cheap hosting but its control panel is difficult to understand then you’ll need to invest significant time to understand the panel. The time that you should use for building your actual website, now you wasted it in familiarizing the cPanel.

The cPanel of BlueHost is very easy to manage and administer. You can install different types of scripts like WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, and many others very easily. You can create email IDs related to your domain name.

There are many more features in Cpanel like creating and managing the database, emails forwarding, FTP public account, etc. Ultimately I can say on the basis of my experience that the panel is very user friendly.

Backup Facility

It is an important feature of BlueHost. Usually, users while purchasing the web hosting check everything but neglect the backup service. So I recommend users just go through the backup policy before buying any hosting service.

So here BlueHost got another plus point. It automatically creates the backups on the daily, weekly and monthly basis of your entire account and you can restore it with a few clicks. BlueHost also offers Pro Backup service. In case, you are running a small website then you don’t need to use it. Otherwise having a bigger website you should go for Pro Backup to make your site risk free.

[Note: HostGator charges a specific amount on restoring an automated backup while BH does not charge any fee on restoring.]

Security Measures

Security is an important aspect when you are working over the internet. Lack of security protocols can be very harmful as the hackers attack your website, or there can be some other problems that will infect your site due to lack of security. So you need to be careful.

BlueHost offers secure servers even for its shared hosting users. The company updates the security protocols on a routine basis. They offer different ways to ensure that your website is secure by providing SiteLock site scanning.

BlueHost Web Hosting Plans Review

BlueHost offers different hosting plans like Starter, Plus, Business Pro (for the shared hosting), and five different levels of hosting services such as Shared, Cloud, VPS, WordPress Managed, and Dedicated Hosting.

Now let’s talk about the hosting plans and prices. Their hosting packages are affordable and the price they demand is reasonable. You can get some exclusive discounts from my provided link to get your desired hosting plan and free domain name at the lowest price.

Shared Hosting Plans

Shared web hosting is highly affordable, cheap and the best solution for starters and small blogs/sites. One who cannot afford expensive web host shared hosting is the best solution for his/her. Check out BlueHost shared hosting plans;

Shared Plans BlueHost Review

BlueHost Plus hosting plan is the most popular packages and has more features than the first one as it supports unlimited websites and storage.

Managed WP Hosting Plans

Managed WordPress hosting specially designed for WP-powered sites. Though you can buy shared hosting for wordpress powered websites but wordpress managed hosting is perfect for high traffic and the lowest loading time sites. Take a look at their managed wordpress hosting plans;

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Cloud Hosting Plans

They also offer affordable cloud hosting plans, which is much faster than shared hosting plans. You can go for this if want to make your site blazingly fast. Here are Cloud hosting plans;

Cloud strorage

VPS Hosting Plans

Want to get maximum control on your hosting server or have a high-traffic site? Then you can buy BlueHost’s VPS server hosting plan. Take a look at their VPS hosting plans.

VPS Web Hosting

Dedicated Hosting Plans

Dedicated hosting built for businesses or sites having millions of page views and visitors per month. With dedicated hosting, you can install any script on your web server. Here is BlueHost’s Dedicated hosting packages details.

Dedicated Plans

Click and Updated Prices

When you search the reviews about the BH, you find many positive and negative things about the company. As you know that nobody is perfect so this is also applicable to BlueHost. I described the features and Pros of BlueHost above. Here are some Cons you should consider before going for bluehost Hosting.

Things to Consider Before Buying BlueHost Web Hosting

I have found some key points that everyone should consider before buying hosting from BH. And I think you must read.

Renewal Rates:

The renewal prices are higher than the first-time purchasing because they offer the highest discount for the new customers. Not only BlueHost, very well-known hosting companies such as A2 Hosting and Hostgator also provide such kinds of discounts for first-time purchases to attract more clients. Actually, in simple words, we can say it is the norm in the hosting industry.

You can get a big discount and save huge money by purchasing hosting plans for an extended period such as 2~3 years. And at the time of renewal, signup for a new account so with this approach, you will again get a significant discount. However, BlueHost’s renewal rates are competitive, and anyone can easily afford it.

Limited User:

As I describe above about the CPU throttling, your website will slow down when a high amount of users at a time surfs your site. If you are running a small website then, no need to worry but in the case of a massive amount of traffic it may be a problem.

This issue could be overcome by shifting to another plan that can handle more users at a time. I reached out to BH support to confirm that how many visitors shared hosting can handle per day, and they said their shared hosting could easily handle 25K visits a day.

Site Migration:

Many hosting companies do it for free such as HostGator, WPEngine but BlueHost demands a fee of $149.99 for site migration. It could be a problem when you haven’t possessed enough technical skills, but I can help you migrate your wordpress site from one web host to another freely.


I have personally used BlueHost to host MyTipsHub. Their Cpanel is very simple and easy to use, even newbies can easily understand it. You can activate CloudFlare within the Cpanel. Create sub-domains and email accounts within a minute.

So, Is it recommended to use BlueHost? Of course. I highly recommend it.

Moreover, their 1-click installers help the new and intermediate website owners to manage the site easily. The live technical support is proactive and connects with you within a few minutes (usually 1~5 minutes).

Click and Signup Bluehost

I hope this Bluehost review will help you know thing’s that are essential before buying hosting from them. I would highly recommend BlueHost Hosting for one looking for good server speed, uptime, affordable price, and live chat support.

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