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10 Best SquareSpace Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

Despite the fact that SquareSpace is an excellent yet affordable hosted website builder to create almost all kind of sites including eCommerce, blogging, portfolio, and business but there are still some cons that urge users to look for a better SquareSpace alternative.

Though they provide beginner’s friendly solutions for non-developer customers to set up and design custom online properties empowered by modern technologies, but each product comes with certain pros and cons.

What is SquareSpace?

SquareSpace was started back in 2003 by Anthony Casalena, offering SaaS (software as a service) alongside hosting to create websites using built-in templates or from scratches with the help of drag and drop builder tool.

They have one of the most intuitive and beginner’s friendly control panels using which one can customize any existing layout or create a new one just by dragging and dropping the desired element on the wanted place of your web pages; it’s that simple.

The company now also provides marketing tools including analytics, email marketing, SEO, social media integration, and exclusive in-house analytics dashboard to analyze your audience.

You can also register a domain name with affordable renewal fees with DNS management and free WHOIS privacy.

The best part is free SSL certificate also included to help you not only protect customers’ data but also rank above the competition in search engine results.

There is a wide range of pre-made templates to choose from according to your website nature which means you don’t have to hire any third party developer. That said, the store owner can pick the most suitable template that best fits their business model, modify colors, sections, and gallery in a matter of a few minutes.

Each layout supports different screen sizes as each one has responsive design and loads flawlessly. There is much more to check:

Why SquareSpace Alternatives?

Major Squarespace Pros and Cons?


There is a long list of advantages of using SquareSpace as a platform to build your online cCommerce store including:

  • Beginner’s friendly set up process as it takes only a few minutes to create your store
  • It doesn’t require any advanced technical skills, thanks to drag and drop builder
  • Modern templates design, crafted by expert coders by keeping in mind mobile responsiveness
  • Allow access to Google fonts as well as Typekit fonts alongside Getty images
  • Availability of round the clock customer support through live chat and email
  • The powerful drag-and-drop builder offers extensive customization
  • A broad range of stunning templates designed by professional designers
  • Quite affordable as the primary plan starts at $12/month (annual basis)
  • Free domain registration along with a yearly subscription
  • Free SSL certificate with 2048-bit keys encryption


  • Some customers may find their pricing a bit expensive
  • Though they have a friendly control panel, still there is some room needs further improvements
  • Very limited payment gateway options
  • They don’t support third party apps/extensions
  • The migration process is not a piece of cake
  • It doesn’t support multilingual websites

10 Best Squarespace Alternatives of 2024


Shopify top alternative to squarespace

Coming with many customizable templates, Shopify helps you set up your online store in a matter of minutes. Regardless of your branding requirements, there is something for everyone! Shopify was created to help those with limited design and technical skills come up with convincing stores just like the experts.

In the process, it ends up saving you a lot, seeing how this is crucial to growing businesses. If you are already familiar with CSS and HTML, you will be pleased to know that you can achieve much more customization.

As a hosted Squarespace alternative service, customers do not have to worry about software installation and paying for web hosting services separately. All activities needed to run your store happen outside your purview, handled by Shopify experts.

There are many additional apps that add personalization to any store by conforming to whatever products and services the store owner offers. Furthermore, there are many free tools and free stock images available adding more usability and value to your invested money.

All you need is an internet connection and a web browser. To date, Shopify has successfully run over 600,000 stores, with more than a million active users. There are over $46 billion generated in sales, speaking of the huge traffic frequenting this eCommerce service provider already handled.

Prospects of financial difficulties are rare, thanks to Shopify’s large user-base and strong market position. One can integrate their Shopify with site built on other platforms like WordPress and Wix making it a great alternative to SquareSpace.

With Shopify, customers receive professional reporting and advanced reporting tools for generating customized reports. A staff account is invaluable since it allows you to add other administrators who can help manage your store.

The most expensive plan, Advanced Shopify, comes with real-time carrier shipping, much to the joy of your shoppers. Rather than pay for plans monthly, Shopify has annual and biennial payment options. So far, it’s known as the perfect website builder software for eCommerce stores, blogging, and enterprises.

  • Plans: $29~$299/mo


BigCommerce top squarespace alternative

If you glance at the five leading online store builders, BigCommerce will most certainly feature. As a SaaS (software as a service), customers do not own it, but rather rent it on a monthly basis to sell products and services.

Customizable templates are in place to help you make the experience as personal for your prospective buyers as possible. There are numerous tools that one can utilize to outdo their competition and record higher sales. For those with minimal web skills, this results in more profit and leads.

The customers having development skills can even modify CSS and HTML for a custom shop layout, adding more to the already existing infrastructure. As is with running any business, there is the risk that changing of features may result in the shutting down of client stores. However, this store builder boasts of hosting some of the largest brands in the world such as Travelpro, Gibson Guitars, and Toyota.

As you get started, one can select any of the 7 free templates to start off your store even with limited funds. In the age where time of the essence, this product’s automated image optimization uses Akamai Image Manager to ensure your product images load instantly when clicked on. One can freely integrate with email marketing services such as Interspire, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and iContact.

Customers can select from BigCommerce Standard, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans. Across all the plans, you won’t be required to part with a transaction fee for every purchase made. Instead, the company charges you for credit card transaction fees.

On the downside, there is a limit placed for annual sales on each plan. In the Standard plan, this is $50,000, Pro and Plus are limited to $150,000 and $400,000 respectively. If you select the highest plan, this limit is negotiable, with some hitting $1 million.

  • Plans: $29.95~$249.95/mo

3dcart – Affordable Top Squarespace Alternative

3dcart homepage

3dcart is another feature-rich platform like SquareSpace builder packed with invaluable features for both small and large merchants. It is laden with a range of pricing options, accommodating everyone without squeezing the budget too tight.

This platform is indeed an excellent option every budding merchant can make use of. There are over 22,000 customers who enjoy the ever-widening pool of classic themes. As the name suggests, all products or services are displayed in engaging 3D.

Each plan is billed on a monthly basis, giving small businesses time to build revenue until they wish to enlist for lengthier plans. Whenever an issue with your store arises, customer support is at your back and call no matter the time of day.

When clients opt for annual plans, they receive no less than 10% discount. Unlike other similar services, 3dcart does not discriminate against customers based on their plan when they need help.

The startup plan is the lowest in the tier, after which your business can upgrade to the Basic package. Plus, Pro, and Enterprise top the list in that order, with the highest allowing for unlimited staff users.

Since all the features in 3dcart are out of the box, all business types are accommodated with incredible ease. Being cloud based, you never have to worry about losing vital information.

With this SquareSpace alternative, you can make use of more than 100 payment gateways to settle your monthly or annual fees, with the option of maintaining your anonymity. There are many avenues in which customers can use to ask for help, some being webinars, knowledgebase, E-University, support tickets, and 3dcart answers.

Add-ons and integrations are abundant, with the merchants’ needs being fully covered. There are numerous options such as dropshipping, social media, advertisement, channel management, order management, and so much more.

  • Plans: $19~$229/mo


Volusion eCommerce software

For eCommerce owners who wish to enjoy full web hosting solutions, Volusion offers a comprehensive toolkit to help you stay ahead of your competition. Features are tunned towards the operational core of eCommerce, focusing on customer and inventory management.

With over 250 permanent staff, Volusion is now managing over 30,000 online stores. The product has developed from the initial V1 software, now running on the new V2 with even more speed and accuracy.

Factoring in simplicity, Volusion is worth your money and offers an easy way to get started in this competitive sphere.

During the 14-day free trial period, clients can test the platform without exposing themselves to any financial risk. Soon after, one has the liberty to choose from several price tiers, with each offering a different set of features and allowances. If you outgrow the Personal plan, the least in the tier, it is time to move on to the Professional plan.

Ultimately, every Volusion customer hopes to rise up the ranks and reach Business plan requirements. All these packages have many things in common such as analytics and sitewide security. Besides this, there are built-in SEO tools and free, responsive themes to liven up your store and rank it high. The 99.9% uptime makes it one of the best SquareSpace alternatives.

They recently redesigned its user interface (UI) and update the software to enhance usability as well as user-friendliness. There is still room to add more functionality and improve the conversion of prospective buyers. Small businesses will find all the features necessary to turn them into resounding success stories.

Customers can make use of instant search and discount options to locate products and create promotion codes. Showcasing products is possible through the creation of detailed videos, images, and product pages. Merchants have even more intuitive features to work with.

  • Plans: $15~$135/mo

Wix – Cheapest Squarespace alternative

Wix.com free squarespace alternative

If you are interested in setting up your online store in record time and with minimal input, Wix is the place to go. The interface is not only powerful and slick but also intuitive and engaging at every turn.

There are outstanding features such as mobile apps, title animations, cool video backgrounds, and online storage for all your website assets. Customers are also allowed to have 3rd party widgets on their websites as well as enhanced blogging features.

With the new Wix Code feature, programmers and novices alike can now build dynamic web pages to entice prospective buyers. To get started, Wix only requires you to submit your email address and follow the simple prompts.

Paid accounts are the best to go for, seeing as they have a custom favicon, a web store, no Wix promotions, and custom URL. When the account is set up, you can let Wix generate your site automatically through its Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) just by providing basic information about your website.

Compared to Squarespace, there are 15 levels from which Wix users can choose from, each with a different set of features. For instance, by typing out what your store will be selling, Wix will bring up many suitable templates for your picking.

There are hundreds of more templates which you can pay for and get an even better experience similar to squarespace. Template previews show how the site will look on desktops and smartphones. No doubt, Wix is a tough SquareSpace competitor because of advanced features and advanced functionalities to create your online entities.

A one-minute introductory video that explains all you need to know about establishing your small business with this company. The attractive and modern templates are embedded with many ingenious features to make navigation an utter breeze.

You can also access the app store easily after receiving suggestions on what your site requires. Editing the templates is probably the most straightforward task of all, thanks to intuitive website builder software. There is more freedom as to where products can be placed, unlike in other store builders.

  • Plans: $4.50~$24.50/mo

BigCartel – Free Squarespace alternative platform (Up to 5 products)

BigCartel alternative to squarespace

BigCartel is the best alternative to Squarespace which is suitable for authors, painters, bakers, crafter, photographers, and anyone else who wishes to benefit from their artistry. It is the company’s obligation to support independent enthusiasts who truly believe in what they do.

The easy-to-access format used is essential in helping novices set up in no time and showcase their products. Its founder was trying to sell brand merchandise in 2005, never knowing how big it would grow.

Since then, Big Cartel has served over a million artists sell products and services online. Ease of use and simplicity in design are its key features, helping maintain focus on the art being offered. Merchants find it extremely easy to add products, manage orders, create discounts, and take stock of inventory.

This, however, comes at a cost to you; those selling large quantities cannot have their needs met by this online store builder. When starting out, some merchants grow big and have to look for other options when volumes become too much.

Similar to Squarespace plans, they also offer 4 packages. The pricing structure here is based on the number of products offered by a store owner. Those with less than five products, for instance, are not obligated to pay any monthly charges.

Platinum, Diamond, and Titanium plans require the listing of at least 25, 100, and 300 products respectively. Every paid package has similar extra features that include discount codes, 5 images per product, inventory tracking, and custom URL option.

You are not required to fulfill any software or hardware requirements beyond your computer interface. The setup process is straightforward, meaning that your business will be up and running in a few moments.

As an administrator, one can use mobile devices to track the progress of their store from anywhere. When maintaining your site, it will instantly bring up the ‘under construction’ page, doing your buyer’s due diligence.

  • Plans: $0~$29.99/mo



Yet another best alternative for Squarespace, this website builder software has proved excellent in creating fully-functional online shops with the capacity to expand. eCommerce has now been made intricately simple through smart and user-friendly options.

Merchants get to create their personalized stores, extensive customization and responsive themes. It is a mobile-friendly platform whose shopping experience is succinct, to say the least. You are at liberty to customize the shopping menus to suit your target audience.

When one cannot organize their products in the available categories, Shopaccino allows for the creation of different variants, add-ons, and other options.

The inventory manager will instantly alert you whenever you are running low on specific products, avoiding embarrassing situations. Buyers with different currencies are all welcome, with the tax management system ensuring no laws are broken. It also comes with enhanced SEO capabilities to help you rank higher in SERP.

SSL certificate ensures full data encryption of confidentials of each user to avoid sensitive data leakage. Just like Squarespace, the company is SSL certified and also provide SSL’s at very affordable rates for your domains. Google Analytics, advertising ROI, and other parameters are used to determine how well your store is doing.

During the course of store management, an audit trail helps keep track of all actions performed in case later reference is deemed necessary. It also comes with a Facebook store geared towards earning more.

Unlike Squarespace, Shopaccino is backed with cloud servers hosting, regular backups, and other features to deliver beyond expectation experience.

The pricing plans are flexible, allowing merchants of all shades to set up shop and focus on growing right away. This software supports web-based, Mac, and Windows devices with English language support.

Merchants can either select monthly or annual payments depending on their cash flow. Small, medium and large businesses all have a place here. Customers have reported an enjoyable experience, stating that active customer support helps sort issues in minutes.

  • Plans: $20~$100/mo

Zoey – Best Squarespace Alternative for Enterprises and Large Businesses

zoey builder like squarespace

Taking note of growing customer concerns, Zoey is dedicated to making the business scaling process as easy as possible, it’s suitable for big stores and enterprises. Here, users get to enjoy more freedom with lesser transaction fees, giving them room to grow their business exponentially.

This billed, premium service has all the perks of excellence and exceptional functionality. For instance, the drag and drop editor is a first, saving user’s incredible amounts of time. You won’t have to worry about accidentally touching source code lines; it is smart enough to rectify such errors.

Support reps are on hand to help with any editor issues, acknowledging the importance of maintaining reliability. There are many free responsive themes for you to work with, giving your site a stylish and modern look in an instant. The themes here are solely targeted on niches, a concept that has seen merchants reap big. From this starting point, one can customize selected layouts in any number of ways.

Just like Squarespace, the Zoey system has built-in discounts as a key feature, helping you access flexible discounts after achieving your targets.

Existing customers can be enticed with gift cards from which they can subsidize costs or accumulate to earn shopping vouchers. Their secure hosting is not only fast but also reliable even when a couple of servers are down. All transactions are totally secure, with the checkout running through all websites.

Since some select plans offer you content delivery networks, they consequently speed up your site, earning you more conversions.

With Zoey, you will never feel as if another platform is cutting in, thanks to the nifty migration tools. All the work is pretty much done on your behalf; all you have to do is present a niche and products you would like to deal in.

Customers here are not obligated to part with any transaction fees. As the business expands, you won’t worry about how much you lose. Plus, PCI compliance, HTTPS sitewide, 24/7 monitoring, and latest back-end technologies make it an exceptional choice for big stores.

  • Plans: $399~$899/mo

LemonStand (Closed)

LemonStand Website Builder Tool

The full-featured eCommerce platform by LemonStand offers all new prospects a free 14-day trial to test every aspect of its functionality. From the dashboard, one can easily adjust all the main parameters without requiring support assistance.

For advanced users, full access to customizable checkouts, API, design customizations, and more, is allowed. By first giving you eCommerce features that may be of interest to you, you will enable to adjust specific preferences later.

From LemonStand’s pricing model, one can quickly figure out that it is suited for growing businesses that already have pre-built customer bases. If you are bothered about customizing all parts of your eCommerce shop, this service provider is the best to go for.

As the store grows, LemonStand allows you to modify all aspects which directly impact sales. For long term use, you will need help from one of the knowledgeable developers.

There are numerous features that attract customers to LemonStand, chief among them being scalable hosting. All the store-front designs are primed to accommodate mobile devices; this is the leading source of revenue generation in most instances.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments are accepted, extending your anonymity even further. Through this SquareSpace alternative, thousands of store owners have sold wholesale and digital products including their subscriptions.

SEO features are highly advanced, a move which sees clients’ pages rank highly in search engines. The email templates sent out to clients can also be customized; this has been known to increase conversions exponentially.

There are unlimited options for product categories and variants, giving your clients the best versatility; they never have to go looking elsewhere. Through automated inventory management, you will be made aware when stocks are running out, giving you ample time to get things in order.

  • Plans: $19~$199/mo

Magento – Self Hosted Free SquareSpace Alternative


Last but not least, this eCommerce platform boasts of having 240,000 users on board, arguably one of the most popular players in the industry among online store builder software. It has an expansive feature set that caters to all merchant and client needs.

Since its founding in 2007, it has offered consistently excellent services, with each upgrade bringing more money to the seller’s pocket. One can select between Magento Open Source or its other versions, Magento Commerce.

We will be focusing on Magento Open Source due to its numerous features and ease of use. For its powerful capabilities, Magento is clearly not meant for beginners but rather, tech-savvy users who know their way around. Newer users and small businesses are thus not advised to chose Magento as their first option – you must have advanced skills. Some of this business ends up in Zoey, their partner in eCommerce.

Each year, merchants transact over $100 billion, a true show of this product’s might and the great trust people have in it. Though one can easily download and opt to use it, you are not allowed to implement it freely.

Users are required to pay for payment processing, domain names, SSL certificates, add-ons, and web hosting plans. Those who have no experience in PHP coding have to outsource most tasks.

It’s an open-source platform, meaning that clients have to look for their own web hosting service once they download. Mid-size and large businesses stand to benefit the most from the superior features offered by Magento. There is so much energy, money, and time involved in setting up, but all are worthwhile and pays off in record time.

With so many features, you have a lot to sift through before settling on any. Magento includes SEO functionalities to help you optimize your website for high search engine ranking. If I say, WordPress is best for Blogging, and Magento for eCommerce stores then it won’t be wrong to some extent.

  • Plans: Free – Open Source


Before making any decision, think what are the most critical factors for your online store and then check thoroughly to pick the right alternative to Squarespace. Above mentioned companies are some of the top choices offering different features and functionalities to address the needs of a wide range of customers.

First, think which thing forces you to find other website builders and compare side-by-side, then select the right alternative to SquareSpace. For ultimate performance and usability alongside great features, choose Shopify as it’s the most famous platform among eCommerce businesses, small merchants, entrepreneurs, and individual store owners.

You can also go for WIX which is one of the affordable Squarespace alternative services listed here for budget-conscious users. It comes with an easy website builder to design your online entity with drag-and-drop. A 14-day free trial is also in place so users can test as well.

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